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Gold and Silver… A 10 Year Review

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  • The seasonal impact in the precious metals have had a direct impact on the rising prices in the precious metals year in and year out.
  • So as you can see from the historical data above, 9 times out of the past 11 years resulted in a bullish pattern surrounding the seasons for precious metals.
October 8, 2012 7:49 pm est

Dated 7/15/12

Today I wanted to share a special research report that I have been compiling for weeks now. It is directly related to the seasonality price influences of the precious metals markets that are coming upon us in the very near term.

Please be sure to click on the links throughout this report so you can see that my research is backed up by the facts.

Did you realize that for the past 11 years, that the seasonal impact in the precious metals have had a direct impact on the rising prices in the precious metals year in and year out?

Now to be fair, we must look at last year whereas the seasonality factors did not have much of an impact due to the cyclical correction, intervention and manipulation after gold & silver made all time highs in 2011.

If you go back to last years all time highs of $48.5, silver came down to $32.5 and on seasonality trends it made it all the way back up to $44. in late August only to get manipulated all the way down to $26. or so in September. My point is, in a free flowing market the season for the precious metals have had a significant impact on the price of gold & silver for 9 out of the past 11 years.

The season generally starts out with July being THE BEST TIME TO BUY GOLD & SILVER Click Here as the market is at it’s seasonally low period.

Shortly thereafter in early August, the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan kicks off which is a huge gift giving, wealth flashing event for this traditional culture each year Click Here.

After the Ramadan holiday comes one of the most influential time of year which is the Indian Wedding season. This festival is the most important by culture as you will see Click Here They tell 60 Minutes “No Gold, No Wedding!”

Following the India Wedding season of course comes the US Christmas Season which is also a large contributor of rising prices in gold and when you see ads like these Click Here you know there just might be something to the value and the true awe of a gold bar. I can’t find it, but I saw a story that said… As long as there is love and guilt, there will always be a demand for gold!

When our Christmas celebration is complete and the clocks turn to welcome in the new year, the most important and significant holiday of each year comes and that is the Chinese New Year and historically, if you notice, we always get a significant run up in both gold & silver like clockwork each year due to this traditional cultural event Click Here which is highly recognized by the massive wealth and the massive population not only in China, but the Chinese living here in the US.

So to recap, now that we are clear on the seasonalities of the gold & silver markets and their timing, Click Here lets move over to some hard numbers and historical data:


Silver % Gains Over the Last 11 Years. July thru December

Year     Low   High              % Gain

2001     4.10     4.87                   19%

2002     4.31     4.93                   15%

2003     4.80     6.74                   41%

2004     6.42     8.16                   28%

2005      6.63     9.93                  50%

2006     10.43    13.62                32%

2007     11.07    17.00                55%

2008     14.00   11.00                -21%

2009     13.49    19.44                44%

2010     18.00   32.00                 78%

2011     35.00   28.00                -20%

11 Year Average. % gain 30%

5 Year Average. % gain 28%

3 Year Average. % gain 34%


So as you can see from the historical data above, 9 times out of the past 11 years resulted in a bullish pattern surrounding the seasons for precious metals. Therefore, the evidence is too compelling to allow this to go un-noticed. Look at July through December. It doesn’t matter about the ups & downs, year over year, the seasonal strength is phenomenal.

f that were not enough evidence, look at the following links that support my theory… it’s not just me guessing this pattern, it’s a trend, and as I said before…. the trend is your friend!


Silver Seasonality Outlook From The Perth Mint

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Precious Metals Seasonal Charts

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Get Ready For Gold Bullion’s Season of Strength

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In closing: What I want you to take from this special report is that the seasonality impact for gold & silver is historically prominent this time of year, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, If the FED decides to initiate a 3rd round of QE by years end, this market will ABSOLUTELY EXPLODE!


But let me remind you… the entire bull market in gold & silver happened WITHOUT ANY FED EASING!


So, when Stephen Leeb, Chairman & Chief Investment Officer of Leeb Capital Management says silver will go to $60-$70 by years end easily Click Here I get what he is saying.


When Casey Research says “The table is set for a mania in precious metals Click Here I believe them.


When Billionaire investor Jim Rogers says “Get out of stocks & buy gold & silver Click Here I listen to him.


When Billionaire Eric Sprott says “I’m sticking with my call for $2,000 gold & $50 silver by years end Click Here I’m going to hang tight and keep accumulating whether the market goes up or down because I know gold & silver can never go to zero like an MF Global, PFG Best, Lehman Brothers or Bear Sterns.


When I had written about how gold & silver have blown away ANY other investment vehicle over the last 10 years (Dated 6/9/12) I wasn’t fabricating the data… it’s right there in black & white. I can’t link it up, so If you need another copy, just ask and I will send you one.


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what I think, it matters what you think and what your gut instincts are telling you.  Do you believe in paper investments that are subject to systemic and counter-party risks or do you believe in physical investments that have no systemic or counter-party risks? Paper or physical… Its just that simple!


It’s my view that ALL markets are manipulated today, but if I have to invest to keep my money working for me, I will take a manipulated, physical asset like gold or silver that has returned about 500% respectively over the past 10 years opposed to a manipulated paper market that has returned about 11% over the same period of time.


I hope you enjoyed this report and learned a lot, as that is my only goal with these reports! I already know this information… I just want to help you by keeping you informed, that’s why I’m here on a Sunday morning at 5:30am when your stock broker or financial planner is still at home fast asleep! The early bird catches the worm.


Continued Success!


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