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Special Report: The Baby Boomer Dilemma

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January 21, 2013 1:16 pm est

How Do I Preserve Wealth and Create Generational Wealth?


This is an issue that is on a lot of peoples minds, but yet it’s a conversation that nobody wants to have.  The baby Boomer generation is getting crushed because of the lack of dividend returns and savings returns that they were counting on to live a comfortable and secure retirement.


No offense to this generation, but the fact is they are and will continue to be one of the biggest drains on the US economy and it’s future growth.  When you consider that 10,000 plus boomers are retiring everyday (and that number continues to increase)  the medical expenses they face are astronomical. If you step back for a moment and consider their social security payments, dividend and savings returns, you can clearly see why this is a struggling generation.


This is not the only problem the baby boomers are facing today, They are themselves trying to figure out how to pay for their rising medical bills, food costs, energy costs and also living longer. Each month they are coming up short financially… but how about leaving ANY generational wealth forward?


We know that we all want the best for our kinds and grandkids, but with the rising costs of these types of expenses and the US dollar losing purchasing power, what can be done to set some aside to leave as inherent wealth?


Jim Rogers, a world renowned billionaire wrote a very interesting piece last year and in it, he asked this… (an I advise you ask your self the same) “If I had to bury a box for my kids and grandkids to open after I die, would I rather stuff it with stock certificates, wads of cash, or bars of gold and silver? What will have the best chance of having the most value for my kids?


I make this statement time and time again to the people that I talk to: Silver & Gold have been around and used as money, wealth preservation and inherent wealth for 5,000 years and will continue until the end of time. To say you “some ounces” is not enough, this is an accumulation cycle that you should be aware of as a vehicle to accomplish your goals for both wealth preservation and inherent wealth for your family.


It’s my opinion that the baby boomers have received inaccurate and/or inadequate advice from financial planners for years on “how to plan” for the golden years. I say this because I can go back to 2001 and see that if you had invested just $100,000 in silver for example, you would be worth over $700,000 today.


If you consider that the average baby boomer just 12 years ago had approximately $500,000 in the stock market and if just half of those funds were allocated to a physical, hard assets such as silver, the $250,000 would be worth $1,750,000 and if they continued to accumulate and add to their holdings every month, every quarter or every year the way they did with their stocks, bonds and IRA’s, they would be multimillionaires today with no cares in the world related to their retirement and “where will the money come from” concerns that they have today. What can you say about that old stock portfolio in the same period of time?


People always say that hindsight is 20/20. If we look at where the financial system is today compared to where it was just 12 years ago, would you have considered alternative investment vehicles such as precious metals back then? I think you answer would be most definitely yes.


You see folks, if we look on the past as hindsight and today we are in the present with the knowledge we have access to today, that means that in another 12 years, today would be our hindsight.


I ask you to consider not making the same mistakes again. Let’s learn from our mistakes and adjust our thinking and more importantly, adjust our investment strategy and compliment your portfolio with a percentage allocated to physical gold & silver.


Please read the statistics on the baby boomers i’ve posted for you below and if you have ANY questions or need ANY FREE ADVICE, please feel free to call me or write me.


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