Are You About To Lose Your Life Savings In This Currency War?

Silver Bullets
  • There is a War Going On Right Now... How Does an Investor Prepare?
  • Hint: The Same Thing We Always Do In Times Of War. Buy Gold, Silver, Guns And Food Supplies!
February 20, 2013 1:33 pm est

Feb 20th 2013 8:30am est

You may not have even noticed, but the first shots have already been fired in the next World War. Only this time there are no tanks, fighter jets, nuclear subs, or missiles. And it’s not the North against South, or even East against West. It’s war by other means and it pits fiat currency against fiat currency in a multi-trillion dollar knock-down drag out between the world’s central bankers. At stake is nothing less than the value of your life savings. Its goal is to cheapen worldwide currencies-which could make every dollar you own worth even less. Thanks to horrible fiscal mismanagement, virtually every nation in the world now wants its own currency to become cheaper against those of other nations.

Welcome to the currency wars. Think of it as a race to the bottom. But where it stops nobody knows.

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