Chairman Bernanke: Thumbs Up For Gold?

Silver Bullets
  • The FED Just Gave Silver & Gold Wings To Fly.... This is a Great Buy Signal!
February 27, 2013 1:08 pm est

Feb 27th 2013 8:15am est

“Just Like That, Safe Havens Are Back in Favor” – CNBC news, Feb 26, 2013.The Italian election results are in, and stocks have sold off hard. Silver looks very good here. I don’t use the 4,8,9 MACD, unless the 14,7,7 “stokeillator” is flashing a buy signal on the gold chart, which it is now! All lights are green for the metals, and all we need now, is for Chairman Bernanke to wave the starting flag, to begin the race higher.Let’s cheer for him to do so, today!

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