Greg McCoach Says: Take A Stand

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  • I realize these are trying times for all of us, but this is where you either get what is going on or you don’t
February 21, 2013 3:23 pm est

Feb 21st 2013 10:30am est 

Such is the case at the moment in the precious metals markets where some investors just can’t seem to make up their minds about the ultimate direction of gold and silver.  These types of investors seem influenced by the media hype that is currently bashing the precious metals in a big way.  In reality it’s more like an all out attack, no holds barred.

Powerful forces are at work to convince you that holding gold and silver investments is a waste of time.  The reality is that nothing could be further from the truth.

For anyone who is still vacillating with this concept and can’t decide what side of the fence you are on, just do whatever is going to allow you to sleep better at night.  If you are losing sleep over holding precious metals investments than by all means get rid of your positions so you are not so anxious.

Ultimately, I think you would be making a major mistake, but if you just can’t seem to grasp the magnitude of the problems especially when correlated with similar events throughout history then take your stand to sell and live with it, but quit whining about it.

I realize these are trying times for all of us, but this is where you either get what is going on or you don’t.  Those who truly understand what is coming make statements like the following from Jim Sinclair in italics below:

This reminds me of war (that I have seen and fought). This time it is not “terrorists” trying to kill us, it is the crooks and banksters under some evil guise not many understand. You do not have to hold MY hand. I will be standing when this is over no matter what. I will be here to see another day and fight another battle. Why? Because I am tired of these guys always winning. They are winning on the downside, and they will wine on the upside. I will be here on the upside.

I do not know the date, time, or place, so I don’t dare gamble on the downside. Time will give me the win on the upside… because I am here to fight the Bastards every day.

Don’t let the whiners get to you. You are not here for them. You are here for “We the People” who truly understand the demonic and ruthless nature of those Usurpers of Power.

I expect pressure applied now to force fear into people to lose all reason and logic and I will not sell. Gold prices will nevertheless soon rise to $3500 and beyond.

If you really want to hold onto your metals but lack confidence in what you are doing, then either get busy studying and reading all you can about the subject from good sources so you gain confidence or trust in someone that does get it and follow them to help you through these times.

To get you started here is a whopper of a statistic!

The Congressional Budget Office has released its latest report and it contains this rather distressing fact: the federal government is now borrowing 46 cents of every dollar spent in fiscal year 2013.  I have long been a critic of the fiscal policies of both parties, but it is astonishing that the American people have not thrown out the whole lot of these Democratic and Republican morons.  We look like an utter ship of fools as politicians allow the country to drift toward an unprecedented financial collapse.

By next year it is expected this 46 cent figure will be moving over 50 cents on every dollar and onwards to 60 cents within the next few years.  If you really understand what this means it should make holding precious metals a whole lot easier.  Historically when a government gets to borrow 60% of all the money they are spending each and every year, the collapse is not far behind.

Greg McCoach,

Mining Spectacular