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February 20, 2013 12:39 pm est

Feb 20th 2013 7:30am est

Dear Readers~ Please do not get caught in the trap. Governments and Central Banks want you to believe that paper money has value and that’s what you should hold and not silver & gold. While some of this notion is true, in other words, we do need money to buy our things and pay our bills, however, the actual value of money is measured as a store of value and silver & gold are the only assets that are a true store of value.

“They” would like nothing more than for you to be “shaken out” of your silver & gold positions, but we must remember that “they” are the ones who are printing the money out the front door, basically giving it away while loading up on gold and brining it in the back door. If gold was not a store of value, then why are they buying it more today than in the last 50 years? Do they know something you don’t? In order to survive the consequences of their actions, we must ask ourselves some tough questions and then follow your instincts.

The questions I am asked everyday by investors are the same questions you should be asking yourself too… Here are the top 10.

1) Is the FED continuing to print money every month in the tune of $85 Billion? Yes!

2) When the Treasury actions off bonds, who is buying? Our own FED!

3) Is the FED printing money and sending it to other countries such as Europe and others? Yes!

4) With all this money being printed, is it fair to say that my dollars are losing purchasing power? Yes!

5) Are the consiquences  of money printing inflation? Yes!

6) Is there really a supply and demand imbalance with silver & gold? Yes!

7) Are the geo-political tensions high at this present time? Yes!

8) Does silver & gold have a track record of preserving purchasing power? Yes! 5,000 years.(click on the image of “how to create generational wealth and watch the video)

9) Does the government give us accurate data, or have they been know to “fudge” the numbers over the years to their benefit? You answer.

10) When silver & gold sell off like this, should I sell and run for cover, or buy more of an honest thing at lower prices? Buy!

At the end of the day, only you are responsible for your decisions, I can help guide you, give you solid advice and recommendations, but the rest is up to you. Those of you who do not have ANY silver & gold… you should be buying down here. I’m not saying sell the farm and buy all metals, I’m saying proper diversification is the key to financial success!

Happy Investing!