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A Guide to Understanding Why Every American Should Own Silver –

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February 6, 2013 2:27 pm est

Every American should own at least a little silver.  No weaseling around, no exceptions. In 1963, and the paper currency or the silver dollar bought four gallons of gas during the Kennedy administration.  The same $1 would have obtained five McDonald’s hamburgers (15 cents each) and two sodas (10 cents apiece).  Round up the 95-cent total to $1 to allow for sales tax.  What would Grandpa’s forgotten cash purchase today? The $1 FRN would buy a third of a gallon of gas.  Using the current retail price of $33 to $35 for a circulated Peace dollar as a guideline, let’s put a $30 wholesale price on the found coin, which would be sufficient for nine gallons of unleaded.  In this case, the purchasing power of the FRN dropped by 91.7 percent, while the silver $1 gained 1250 percent.

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