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The Truth (And Dangers) Of The COMEX

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  • As The FED Defends QE - Jim Sinclair Says The Gold Market Will Now Be Released To The Upside.
  • Simple Mathematics: QE + Currency Wars + Inflation = Gold & Silver Rally
  • The Ugly Truth About The COMEX and The Hidden Dangers You NEED To Be Aware of - Be Smart - Be Informed!
February 27, 2013 12:23 pm est

Feb 27th 2013

Gold Will Now Be Released To The Upside – Jim Sinclair says the best sign here for us is that we didn’t get a Monday smash.  Also, the morning takedowns have been less enthusiastic.  So you would have to conclude that the morning takedowns are not being done by the major manipulators now.  That’s a reversal of a pattern and a reversal of a pattern means a reversal of the (gold) market. I think any time you’ve taken a hit like this you are going to have to chop your way out and that’s exactly what I think we’ve been doing so far this week.  But if the pattern now is reversed, and that will be very obvious next Monday morning, I think gold could shoot right back out of this hole and aggressively to the upside.”

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Bernanke Defends Asset Buying as Benefits Outweigh Risks – Bernanke, 59, repeated prior Fed statements that the asset purchases will continue unless the labor-market outlook shows “substantial improvement” from current levels. He also described the job market as being “generally weak.” “We do not see the potential costs of the increased risk- taking in some financial markets as outweighing the benefits of promoting a stronger economic recovery,” Bernanke said today in testimony to the Senate Banking Committee in Washington. “Inflation is currently subdued, and inflation expectations appear well anchored.”

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Gold & Silver Seem Poised for a Price Rally – The recent and ongoing creation of trillions of fiat dollars through multiple Quantitative Easing programs to provide a stimulus to the Economy which is being followed by the Currency Wars is a sure shot formula to achieve Hyperinflation. Although there are many warning signs, when hyperinflation finally strikes, it strikes suddenly, so it’s imperative to prepare before it’s too late. Investing in Gold and Silver earlier is the best way for individuals to protect their capital. There can be several hurdles imposed by Governments on owning or trading in Gold & Silver as Inflation accelerates to higher levels.

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Interview With Legendary Billionaire Jim Rogers – He Discusses Currency Debasement Around the World and How To Profit From It.

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Who is going to buy $3 trillion worth of US debt?  According to Stephen Leeb. There is an old saying, ‘You can always get out if you want to.  The question is, what’s the price?’  The price in this case will most likely be 20% interest rates and inflation that goes through the roof.  The Fed can fool some of the investors some of the time, but not all of them all of the time. I think the gold market is waking up to this.

There is no plan for getting out of this.  There can’t be a plan for getting out of this.  The reality is the Fed is getting deeper and deeper into trouble here.  So the Fed will continue doing what it’s doing, and that’s a recipe for some sort of Armageddon, meaning some sort of point where the Fed ultimately can’t sell their bonds.  At that point we will see massive inflation.  I hate to say it, but that’s where we are headed.

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The Truth About the COMEX – Trading precious metals over the COMEX entails numerous risks and is a tool used by the power elites to manipulate the gold market. We at Global Gold are therefore convinced that when it comes to gold, nothing comes close to holding the physical and unencumbered ownership of gold outside of the banking system. In this article we will provide an introduction on how trading on the COMEX works. How it is used to manipulate gold prices and explain why, due to its risk, investors should stay away from this type of “paper gold” market.

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