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The Valentines Day Massacre In Gold & Silver…

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  • How Will Gold Benefit An Investor In A Currency War?
  • Central Banks Sending A Clear Message... Gold IS Money...
  • Global Stock Markets are Careening Toward a 1987 Style Market Collapse - What Should I Do?
February 15, 2013 1:53 pm est

Feb 15th 2013 8:30am est

The valentine’s massacre in precious metals yesterday has a lot of people on edge. Who is right, who is wrong? The answer remains to be seen.

What should we focus on… the words or the actions of the Central Banks?  Remember, the Central Banks are printing more money today than ever before in the history of man kind and sending it out the front door – meanwhile, they are buying more gold now than they have in a half century and brining it in the back door…. Thus pulling the wool over your eyes telling you everything is a-ok.

Can seasoned market veterans like Kyle Bass, Larry Edelson, Charles Nenner, James Dines, Nouriel Roubini, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber and Jim Rickards be wrong when they predict War and unrest?

It really doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong. The potential of another economic meltdown and geopolitical crisis is upon us and with that, it certainly makes sense to hedge and protect yourself for the “just in case” events that these renowned economists are warning about.

It is my recommendation that when you see weakness in the gold & silver markets, it’s not time to panic and run for the exit signs, it’s your time to add to your positions to dollar cost average down and buy more of what is honest.

Here is the question of the day… There are four main elements that are favorable for the precious metals environment, ask yourself if any (one or all) of them are present today.

They are as follows….

1) Inflationary pressures

2) Supply and demand imbalance

3) Currency debasement

4) Geo-political tensions

As an avid researcher, I can see not only one exists today, but all are present and all at the same time, which to me looks like a perfect storm! In the measurement of time, 2008 is when the storm hit and now we are in the eye of the storm when it seems the storm has passed, but as you will see the back end of the storm will create the most damage.

Prepare – Protect – Preserve

RJO’s Senior Commodities Analyst Phillip Streible Says The Bottom is In for Gold & Silver – Phillip (who last month made silver his #1 commodities pick for 2013, stating that silver would explode to the upside in 2013 on a short covering rally) was back on Bloomberg TV, discussing how China’s hot inflation numbers might impact gold, silver, and copper.   Streible doesn’t expect higher than expected inflation numbers out of China to slow their stimulus whatsoever, and believes that copper, silver, gold, platinum, and palladium will all see substantial rallies due to China’s continued growth as well as unending QE. We’re not seeing silver drop below $30, we’re not seeing gold drop before $1650.  I think the support levels are in, I think we’re going to start to build to the upside, and I think that Quantitative Easing is going to be the fuel behind it.

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Is the Dollar Dying? Why US Currency Is in Danger -The U.S dollar is shrinking as a percentage of the world’s currency supply, raising concerns that the greenback is about to see its long run as the world’s premier denomination come to an end.

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The currency war is real and the game is on, also its what’s been driving gold higher. Legendary trader Yra Harris says, “Is gold in a bull market? Absolutely. Is gold a tired bull for the moment? Absolutely. . . . I think you’d be crazy to sell because there are so many variables of uncertainty.”

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How gold will benefit from a currency war – Talk of a so-called currency war has been heating up, and it might finally light a fire under gold, too.

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Global stock markets are careening toward a 1987 style market collapse.  Stock markets plunged in 1987, and the world is at risk of that situation developing once again, according to Zulauf.  Zulauf, founder of Zulauf Asset Management and 20+ year Barron’s Roundtable panelist, also said gold will head to new all-time highs during the coming market chaos.

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Central Bank Actions Send Investors a Clear Message – Gold Is Money – As investors, we should take note. After a couple decades of shunning gold as a useless relic, banks are re-fixing their sights on the yellow metal for many reasons. Central to these is the reality that gold represents the world’s true money. Whether we’re attempting to diversify our portfolios or hedge against inflationary fiscal policy, true money is one of the few tangible monetary investments backed up by its own intrinsic value. Carefully consider their reasons and whether you are sufficiently diversified.

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James Dines: Countries Are Now Printing Paper Without Limit – With Each New Piece To Chase Gold Higher -“What you don’t spend is your savings, that’s your capital. But when governments print too much paper, it dilutes your capital. It diminishes it and you lose. It’s expressed as higher prices. When more paper money chases the same goods and services, prices have to go up by the law of supply and demand. So I predict inflation ahead…How do you protect yourself from it?…The answer is to own hard assets, and that is what I call, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, maybe even land long-term-and especially coins, because you can move them.”

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Worried About Inflation? Hedge With Gold: The prospect of inflation in Japan as the yen weakens may prompt people to turn to gold as a currency hedge. The WSJ’s Clementine Wallop talks about what to expect from gold demand in India and China as well as Japan.

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