Why Should I Invest In Silver & Gold?

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  • The Major Benefits To Adding Silver & Gold To Your Portfolio...
February 12, 2013 1:07 pm est

Silver & Gold should be considered as a foundation asset within any long term savings or investment portfolio because it offers unique benefits not easily replicated via any other investment. The extraordinary diversity of sources of demand for silver & gold means its performance is more robust and stable in a range of market conditions than the vast majority of other assets. This insulation from prevailing cycles and trends offers investors insurance against unexpected and extreme movements in the value of other asset classes. Also, as one of the few financial assets that do not rely on an issuer’s promise to pay, silver & gold offers refuge from widespread default risk. Over time and across geography, silver & gold is a historically and statistically proven safe store of value and greater ease of access has made it increasingly relevant and compelling for contemporary investors seeking to protect their capital and preserve their wealth.