You Fear The Gold Market – Smart Money Accumulating Again

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  • When Average Investors Sell, Smart Money Says Thank You And Buys on The Dips! Here's Why...
February 21, 2013 8:53 pm est

Feb 21st 2013 4:00pm est 

Single technical indicators in and of themselves are completely useless. It is far more important to focus on the real fundamentals of a European and coming UK, U.S. and Japanese debt crises’, global currency wars and the real risk of recessions and a Depression. It is far more important to focus on the hard facts and the hard data on money supply growth rather than mere words of central bankers. Currencies globally continue to be debased. Less informed money is again selling gold or proclaiming the end of gold’s bull market. The smart money such as Marc Faber, Jim Rogers and those who predicted this crisis and have constantly advocated a long term allocation to gold bullion to hedge systemic and monetary risk, will accumulate again on this dip.

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