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3 Choice Ways to Create Generational Wealth and Protect Retirement Income

Silver Bullets
  • Looking at ways to Create Generational Wealth? One way is to get your kids and grandkids interested in collecting coins!
  • Did you include precious metals in your estate plan? The financial advisor working with your estate planner probably didn’t think about.
March 29, 2013 2:52 pm est


Your financial advisor probably isn’t thinking of adding precious metals to your estate plan – mostly because that’s outside his or her expertise; that’s why it’s so important to have more than one advisor. (See my report Top 3 Reasons You Should Work with a Precious Metals Advisor)


Portfolio Review Service

But that’s why I’m here – to help you preserve wealth and create generational wealth with investment strategies your other advisors just don’t have in their arsenal. In a few short weeks – during The Executive Lifestyle Summit, I’ll debut my portfolio checkup service in a big glitzy way. But today, I’m available to review your current estate plan with my team and tell you if your portfolio is diverse enough to defend your wealth against a rocky global economy and protect your next generation.   Hint: in today’s market, if it doesn’t include precious metals, it’s not leveraging 5000 years of intrinsic value and the liquidity/value combination only precious metals offer.


Here are 3 Choice Ways to Quickly and Easily Start Creating Generational Wealth with Precious Metals:


1. Get your children and grandchildren involved in investing with something fun like coins; they’ll be hooked for life.

Coin book helps create generational wealth

$1995 Silver Eagle Collector Book


Start creating a wealth mindset while your kids and grandkids are still young; my 8-year old nephew Christopher is already buying silver with his allowance and he plans to be rich when he grows up!


Silver Eagle Collector Books are a great start…while supplies last!  This one is only $1995.   The U.S. Mint has run out of these twice.   Click here to read an article I wrote   on the topic.






2. $25,000 and $50,000 Custom Estate Plan Bundles

Estate bundles include valuable combinations of silver and gold; contents may vary according to market price fluctuations at the time of purchase.   I can advise you on the best bundles to fit your estate planning goals or I can source coins you specify for your collection.



3. Start a Precious Metals Estate Planning Account

If you’ve already reached your other diversification goals, you can start investing more into various precious metals accounts, perhaps as a dowry for grands who will graduate from college in the next decade or two.**  There’s no limit to how much you can put into a precious metals account whereas the limit for a self-directed IRA is $5500 – $6500 per year.

** Ask me about accounts to help you reach other challenges you see on the horizon. For example, if you’re concerned about meeting rising healthcare expenses for aging parents or want to cover the concierge healthcare you’d like to enjoy when you retire, start a Healthcare Precious Metals Account.


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