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An Important Message From The Silver News Surfer!

March 10, 2013 12:12 pm est

Dear Friends,

I’m glad you appreciate and have come to rely on my research reports, commentary and my new website. I want to be sure we are on the same page for a moment. I do not in any way, shape or form want these newsletters to be construed as cute, or even entertaining. I take this business very seriously and I want you to know that the only one reason I do this and take it to the max everyday is to raise awareness, fire warning flares and try to wake people up!

Where else can you go TODAY and have all of your questions answered and concerns addressed by an adviser who is professional, extremely knowledgeable and works harder than any other precious metals broker in his field or other financial fields for that matter? I’m here on Sunday because I care. I care about getting this message out and I care about earning your trust so that one day, I can earn your business! I am of the belief that we are getting close to something big happening, not just in the metals, but in the Global Financial system and this event is going to shock people worse than the 2008 shock!

When this event takes place, are going to want to scramble around and try to find silver and gold? If you are last minute Charlie… here is what you can expect. You will dial your fingers to the bone and get busy signals from bullion dealers and coin dealers because they will only deal with their own customers in this chaotic time and trust me, it will be chaotic time.

My suggestion would be to open an account somewhere so when the “Spit hits the fan” you have someone to place orders with who will take your call because you are an existing valued customer.

The choice is your and I would be honored to have your business.

Here is my promise and pledge to you: I will never be pushy to you, for I am a wealth of knowledge just trying to get my message out and help protect the people. I will never take your trust for granted, for trust is earned and not given. I will always put your needs and goals before my own, for that is the right thing to do according to my Christian beliefs and I will always give 100% to everything I do and everyone I work for, because that is just who I am. Is that the type of person you want working in your corner watching out for you and your families wealth? If so, please allow me the chance to talk with you.

Please enjoy today’s message…. 

I need to ask you a serious question today for you to understand what is going on. The gyration in the precious metals sector is simply propaganda and it is generated from the big banks, namely JPM. The swings in the metals are because of manipulated data coming out of the government and funneled through the MSM so lets take a look at it for a minute.

When the fudged unemployment numbers come out each Thursday, and we’ve added jobs, the metals market reacts negative because it gives traders a false sense that the FED with withdraw their easy monetary policies earlier than expected. Well, lets imagine for a moment that they did stop and lets pretend they stopped it tomorrow.

Here’s where you the investor need to pay attention…

If they stopped printing tomorrow, that means we can’t pay our bills right? I mean if you and your family were in debt up to your eyeballs and you were “counterfeiting” money in your basement to pay the bills and all of sudden you had a power outage and the printer stopped working and you couldn’t pay those bills, how would things look to you and your family… pretty bleak I’d guess right?

Its the same thing here guys, if the FED stopped the money printing scheme they’ve been doing for the past 4 plus years, this house of cards would come crashing down. That’s why when you hear people saying that the “next crisis” will be worse that 2008, they’re right. Peter Schiff once said that you can’t give a drug addict free crack for a few years and then all of a sudden stop. Once you have the drug, you continually need the drip until you go into Rehab (which I would recommend the FED does) or die. Perhaps one day they can start to ease out of it, but that day is  long way from now folks.

The USA used to be one of the largest producer nation in the world, then we became one of the largest debtor nations in the world!

If in 1923 our dollar was worth a dollar and now in 2013 its worth only 4 cents because of the velocity of money in the system…

How would stopping printing more money strengthen the dollar? We are still $16.5 TRILLION IN DEBT guys….It’s more likely to be $70+ TRILLION if you include unfunded liabilities! Come on guys! Get your calculator out and do the math! This is nothing more than mind games that they are playing with us, our money and the future of our generations

Gold and Silver, both in an up and down period, has always been the protector of wealth and purchasing power in any part of the world! So please, don’t fall for the propeganda that is going on.

I’ve said this before… Central banks are printing money for us and sending it out the front door, all the while bringing in gold for them through the backdoor. Has any government in any period ever allowed the American people to have the same advantages that they have? Absolutely not!

Do what they do and not what they say!!

Please click here and watch the video I posted… you’ll understand what I’m saying is truth.

Enjoy the balance of your weekend!