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Become Your Own Central Bank

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  • Focus on the value of Silver & Gold, not the price!
  • When it comes to Central Banks, do what they do, not what they say to do
  • The FED'S money printing scheme is going to make the purchasing power of our dollar deteriorate faster than we can imagine - Be Prepared!
March 26, 2013 8:24 am est

VIP Personal Note: 

My research this morning has led me to a direction of massive importance for all of you who can take a recommendation and take it seriously.

When we look at something in which we are contemplating on investing in, we tend to look at the price of that thing and judge it on the price. However, in times like these, we must look at the value of that thing and set aside the little voices in our head that say the price is too high, this is the case with silver and gold today and forward is my recommendation.

With all of the information regarding Cyprus bank raids and bank holidays, I would highly recommend sitting down today and looking at your Money Markets, CD’S and savings accounts first, because those accounts are only paying about 3/4 of a % and is actually costing you money to leave it in the bank.

With that noted, if it already costs you money because 3/4 of a % is less than the FED’S fake inflation target rate of 2% and there are massive systemic risks in the banking system today, let alone if we were to get our money frozen and stolen in the case of Cyprus… then doesn’t it make sense to use those funds and start a purchase strategy of silver and gold AND keep some cash on hand at home? Allow me to help you with a strategy to preserve your wealth, protect the purchasing power of your wealth and create generational wealth going forward… It’s much easier than you think!

Go to Home Depot and buy a safe and bolt it in your closet and use the studs in the back and on the floor to secure your safe –

Now, you have just become your own central bank!!!

And to help you with your strategy, Here is some GREAT NEWS! As you know, I was off last Saturday  and had a great time, but I also did a lot of reflecting in my down time of how I can help you more and serve you better and the answer came to me…

I have substantially lowered our fees on purchasing silver and gold!!!! (But I have left the fee’s the same for Platinum and Palladium.) I feel that when you call me and find out how much I have reduced our fee, you will think I’m nuts, but this is to benefit you in the short term and benefit my company with long a term business relationship!

Call or write to me – when writing, don’t forget to include your phone number so I can call you personally! My contact information is at the end of this report!

“Focus On Gold’s Value Rather Than Solely Its Price” Sometimes we stumble upon something and it seem to take the words right out of our mouth and this is one read worth every minute of your time.

 We must remind ourselves in such a confusing, uncertain time that we must focus on the value of silver and gold and not the price. If we look at the US dollar for example, we can see how much it has lost value over the past 13 years, whereas silver and gold has not only maintained it’s value, but has increased in value in multitudes.

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Say Goodbye to the Purchasing Power of the Dollar –What effect did this fast-and-loose money-printing bonanza have? The big banks were able to recapitalize their damaged balance sheets while continuing to pay themselves record bonuses. Commodities, priced around the globe in U.S. dollars, became much more costly as many more dollars competed for the same amount of real assets. And financial assets, like stocks and bonds, marched upwards, raised by the unrelenting rising tide of Fed liquidity. Notice however, that the economy itself did not fundamentally improve in the way the Fed had hoped it would.

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Currency Wars: ‘Race to Debase’ spurs central banks’ gold-buying spree – As strongly noted in so many other commentary’s I have written, we must open our eyes to “Do what they do and not what they say to do”.

Today, the Central Banks are the manipulators of the price of silver and gold so as to keep you scared and shaking in your boots and turn away from purchasing protection for your portfolio so they can gobble up the worlds supply of physical metal. If it’s good enough for the world’s Central Banks, then it’s good enough for me and it certainly should be good enough for you!

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Ted Butler – The Good, Bad and the Ugly. It has been alleged (and investors know it’s true) that the price of silver and gold is manipulated and Ted Butler is our biggest spokesperson in this field.

For some of you, this is you biggest reason for not wanting to put any money in the hard asset protection arena of silver and gold, yet you are more comfortable putting your trust and your life savings into the other manipulated market which is derivative based… the Dow, S&P 500 or Bonds.

If all markets are manipulated, I for one would rather have most of my eggs in a physical market than one that could collapse and leave me with NO VALUE, whereas hard assets will always have value.

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3 Reasons To Buy Gold And Silver – I think these are 3 good reasons and I also believe this guy is on the right track but he is on the wrong train.

His reasons for buying silver and gold as protection against the issues we face today are accurate, but the vehicle is not. If the financial system were to implode as so many believe it will, you need to be as far away from the stock market and paper derivatives as humanly possible.

I would recommend reading this piece for it’s intuitive content, but where he talks about SLV, GLD and metal related stocks, just replace the terms with physical metal… held outside the fragile banking system.

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