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FED Continues To Print – This is The US Style of Cyprus

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  • FED moves forward with the printing press... What this means for your wealth preservation strategy is clear... Get out of dollars and get into hard assets!
  • Cyprus banks to remain closed until next Tuesday... what would you do and are you prepared if that were to happen here at home?
  • Own things that the government can't print - Silver, gold and virtually all commodities!
March 21, 2013 8:02 am est

Recap In a nutshell – Either way you look at it… our savings are being confiscated through debasing our currency and inflation. It might not be Cyprus style, but it is being done!

Cyprus Banks to remain closed until next Tuesday and the FED reiterated yesterday that they intend to continue with their money printing ponzi scheme… I mean quantitative easing. Mr Chairman himself stated that Cyprus style “wealth haircuts” would be possible here in the US if the Cyprus event or another event in Europe were to become contagious and the people lose confidence in the US dollar. Also, the Geo-political tensions are high in N. Korea, Iran and the vast majority oif the middle east. 

What does all this have in common and why is it note worthy? The answer is quite simple… it confirms that this is the bottom for silver and gold. With information like this, your decision to start, add to or dollar cost average your silver and gold holdings should be clear… as stated by Matterhorn Asset Management yesterday… Get your money out of the banks NOW! Purchase physical silver and gold and store it outside the banking system!

If this is not enough of a screaming warning siren and a flashing green light to convert weak dollars into hard assets like silver and gold right now, I don’t know what is and I’m not sure what you are waiting for. I would like the opportunity to talk with you and help to make sense of it all. I’d like to help answer your questions and concerns as a trusted, knowledgeable precious metals adviser.

The bottom line is that precious metals have been time tested, proven beyond any reasonable doubt that silver and gold ARE the protector of wealth, THE hedge against inflation A store of value and ALWAYS provide generational wealth.

Hard assets or paper liabilities… the choice is yours to make. Allow me to guide you in making the right choices for you and your family.

May Health, Wealth and Success Be Yours!

200 Years Of The Dow/Gold Ratio Suggest Staggering Moves Dead Ahead – One of the more fascinating reminders of what may be to come for the remainder of this gold bull market, is the charted history of the dow/gold ratio. Below are two charts illustrating the upward potential in gold, which remains for the duration of this market.

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The Silver/Gold Ratio 1687-2011 -This 15:1 or 16:1 silver:gold ratio goes waaaay back, to Roman times and before. Even a tenth-ounce silver coin (roughly the U.S. silver dime) was quite valuable in those days, worth about $10 in today’s money. ($160 for a tenth-ounce gold coin and a 16:1 silver:gold ratio works out to $10.)

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‘Own things they can’t print.’  It’s a very important lesson.  If you happened to be a Cypriot, and you had your money in gold, silver, platinum or palladium, all of the events which took place over the last week would be extraordinary to witness, but not relevant to your financial position. – This lesson is true here at home as well.

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They’ll Steal Your Savings Too… Only a few years back, our government went to the brink of what Cyprus is being forced to handle now. We are too weak to do it again. With bank risk still untenable and banks getting bigger in spite of the Dodd-Frank rules, our savings may end up being stolen, too.

So when you look at Cyprus’ attempt to plunder its citizens’ savings, don’t dismiss it as some extremist method with a socialist tilt. It’s important to view it as it is: a desperate move. The way things are going here in the U.S., we may be one recession or banking crisis away from having our money stolen by thieves in a bureaucrats’ conference room.

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