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Gold Setting Up To Crush Hedge Fund Shorts

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  • What are the chances an investor can buy silver & gold cheaper in one year from now?
  • FED to meet this week to reassure investors QE will remain
  • War Drums -The U.S. is deploying 14 new ground-based missile interceptors
March 18, 2013 7:51 am est

The purpose of The Silver News Surfer and the research, commentary and recommendations that I put forth daily is to help educate the general public of the importance of having a properly diversified portfolio and the proper allocation in physical precious metals.

This is not only because I sell precious metals and would love to earn your business, it is mainly because the information that I have access to makes me feel obligated to share it with you and It would be selfish of me to keep to inside. Silver and gold should be part of your long term wealth preservation strategy, not to just make a quick buck.

I get the sense that people are becoming more aware that they should have an allocation to precious metals, so that leaves the big question… What is your biggest concern about having some or a percentage of hard assets such as the case of silver and gold in your portfolio today?

As you see day by day with the information I bring to you, there is so much evidence to support the recommendations that I make, so what is the root of your concerns? Please call or write, I would love to know so that I may address your concerns with my readers because I can virtually guarantee that the concerns in your mind are the same concerns others may have and they are just not asking.

Allow me to be your coach, your personal trainer if you will, a source of knowledge that can help guide you down the right path without stepping on any land mines.- It’s my distinct pleasure to serve you.

To Reassure Investors, Fed Stresses It Will Not End Stimulus

The Federal Reserve committee is due to meet this week and the consensus is that they will continue to print the $85 Billion per month and show no signs of easing up on the amount and time of QE. This as you well know is very favorable for the price of precious metals and I would recommend dollar cost averaging into silver and gold at this time.

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Is buying some gold and silver on your radar screen? This is the biggest question you should be asking yourself…After mulling over all that’s happening in the world today,“what chance does the average person have of buying gold and silver cheaper in the future than right now today?”

Do you thing next year that silver and gold will be cheaper than it is today? There are numerous reasons that support the case of why you should acquire at least 20% of your portfolio in precious metals and store them outside the banking system

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Gold Setting Up To Crush Hedge Fund Shorts – It is by listening to these seasoned traders, technicians and fund managers that can not only protect your wealth, but allow you to create generational wealth faster than you had thought possible.

A quick note over at the ever-sensational King World News has an excerpt from Dan Norcini that details the current state of the gold Commitment of Traders Report. I’ve been following Dan’s work for years now and believe him to be both highly insightful as well as very conservative in his calls on the gold and silver markets. So, when Dan states something is unique in his experience trading gold I stand up and listen.

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It is obvious that we believe investors should hold silver as part of their portfolios and for all the right reasons. The period of sharp capital appreciation in silver prices may be behind the market, at least for the next few years. Even so, owning some silver makes sense as a portfolio diversification move, as a capital preservation tool, and as a safe haven in times of uncertainty, currency debasement, geo-political tensions as well as inflation.

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The U.S. is deploying 14 new ground-based missile interceptors in Alaska to counter renewed nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Friday.

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