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Making A Call For A 50% Stock Market Correction…

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  • Calling for a 50% stock market correction...Find out how you can protect your assets here!
  • If there is no need for silver and everyone "seems" to be dumping it... Why has China's silver's imports climb 36% YoY?
  • If Gold's bull run is not over and it is just taking a rest, what should investors do now?
March 2, 2013 8:00 am est

It appears to me that with all the information flowing from the main stream media and government data that the economy is fixed and there is no longer any need to hold silver & gold as a hedge against debasing currencies, inflationary pressures or geo-political tensions… We can now close up shop and go get another job somewhere else – Great job Ben Bernanke, I knew you could do it! Oh wait! There are no other jobs! Unemployment is still at exceedingly high levels.

Obviously, that was sarcasm! I came in on Friday with the silver market bouncing of $28, down a full dollar in 2 days and had lots of voice mails, emails and phone calls. My first response was… here we go again! I’ve got to remind people of why they got involved with precious metals as a hedge again!

To my utter surprise and amazement, these phone calls were not complaining about the markets decline, there was excitement from people placing orders at a phenomenally low price! There were also a lot of compliments about how the “Silver News Surfer” is a great source of up to date information and how you truly appreciate the information and that this information allows you to make a more informed decision related to your silver & gold investments.

I couldn’t be happier that a large percentage of my readers are finally getting it! They’re waking up to what is actually going on and paying less attention to the mainstream media and more attention to the US Mint running out of silver, setting records of silver sales two months in a row, Central Banks across the globe printing more money than ever before in history, yet buying gold at record rates!

You seem to be more focused on what the fund managers are saying and what the millionaires and billionaires are doing and less on what the talking heads are reading from their teleprompters! Congratulations!

Put yourself in my shoes for a moment and you are the one brining this valuable information to thousands and thousands of people and they not only appreciate the work you do, but they actually understand more now than they did without your information… That is my reward folks!

As long as there is news to report, I will continue to bring it to you in a manner that you can understand without over complicating the issues and get to the heart of the matter. I truly appreciate your support!



I’m “making the call” for a market correction of 50% – or more!! So writes Chris Martenson ( in edited excerpts from his original article* entitled Warning: Stocks Likely to Crater from here.I don’t relish the job of constantly pointing out the risks to the equity markets but since few on Wall Street seem willing (or able) to do this, I’m “making the call” for a market correction, as enough variables have aligned to indicate a high likelihood of stocks heading downwards from here.

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China Silver Imports Climb 36% Y/Y To 152 Tons In January – “Although the base month is softer due to the Lunar New Year falling in January last year, this supports the signs of improvements seen at the end of last year and thus February data will be important in confirming the trend after seasonal adjustments. Palladium imports fell by 19% y/y but rose by 49% m/m to 62koz.” the Bank said.

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The Growing Risks To The Dollar – The United States’ current fiscal and monetary policies are unsustainable. The US government’s net debt as a share of GDP has doubled in the past five years, and the ratio is projected to be higher a decade from now, even if the economy has fully recovered and interest rates are in a normal range. An aging US population will cause social benefits to rise rapidly, pushing the debt to more than 100% of GDP and accelerating its rate of increase. Although the Federal Reserve and foreign creditors like China are now financing the increase, their willingness to do so is not unlimited.

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Gold’s Bull Run Not Over, it’s Just Taking a Break – (MarketWatch) — After five months of declines in gold prices, it’s still not time to call an end to gold’s bull run. After all, the factors that contributed to gold’s fifth straight monthly decline — central-bank monetary-policy cues, economic data, currency fluctuations, asset relocation, and emerging markets — are generally the same as they’ve been for gold’s more-than-decade-long bull run.

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The 5 Stages of Economic Collapse – Having given a lot of thought to both the differences and the similarities between Russia and the U.S. – the one that has collapsed already, and the one that is collapsing as I write this – I feel ready…to define five stages of collapse to serve as mental milestones as we gauge our own collapse-preparedness and see what can be done to improve it.

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