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May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

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March 23, 2013 8:18 am est

Good Morning~

I wanted you to be aware that this will be the last Saturday report I will send, as I will be practicing what I preach, and that is… Living The Health, Wealth and Success Lifestyle!

I feel that even Monday through Friday, I still do more work than your “money manager, financial planner or stock broker” and with that, I need to be sure I am in tune with every aspect of life by doing some of the things that I enjoy, such as boating, traveling and connecting with other professionals who enjoy the Health, Wealth and Success lifestyle that is our devine birth-right!

I’ve recently formed a unique partnership with two very powerful individuals and the impact they’ve had on my life is so tremendous I want to share them and their information with you. It is my pleasure to introduce to you Dr. Sonya Young of and Mr. Mitch Steitz of This unique partnership will allow me to bring to you the exclusive Health, Wealth and Success lifestyle paradigm I’ll be promoting from now on.

I believe these two individuals hold the key components of the true essence of life that we can all benefit from and I feel were somewhat lacking in my own life; and I realized that If I am not doing good for me, then I can’t be any good to you!

Dr. Sonya Young teaches us the essentials of how to live a healthy, vibrant lifestyle, whereas famed Author and Success Coach Mitch Steitz teaches the principles and the foundation of “Character Based Leadership”. In this crazy world we live in today, we must find the time to…

                          Renew – Recharge – Replenish

Also, I have found that my highest readership is on Friday, so you can count on me to “go out with a bang” on my Friday reports and make it look and feel like a Saturday report with in-depth, week-end analysis, forecast and commentary.

                                 May Health, Wealth & Success Be Yours!

By the Numbers:

Silver started the week a $28.70 and ended at $28.86  It might not look like much of a move, but the important thing is the strong base it has formed over the last several trading sessions.

Gold started the week at $1,606 and ended at $1,610  again, not much of a move, but the shiny, safe haven metal is showing major signs of significant support.

This Week in Silver and Gold:

The support in the precious metals comes from the flight to safety with regards to the Cyprus fiasco. The word on the street is that the banks will remain on lock-down for several weeks!

Also, on Wednesday, the FED meeting concluded and Mr. Chairman indicated that the Central Bank will continue it’s asset purchases of $85 Billion per month and that inflation is not a threat at this point so the risks associated with the QE model are insignificant and further easing is necessary and will continue.

Furthermore, it is evident that no money is safe anywhere which as long as history is written, silver and gold have been a flight to quality and it is proven once again. Here in the US, the investors are concerned about their money in banks and fears are mounting that the Cyprus issue could come here to the US.

As stated in my video blog this week (Click Here) we should evaluate our own portfolio and be sure that it is mostly diversified out of the banks and into hard assets as a measure of protection against the uncertainty we are facing today.

Reflections and Recommendations:

With all of the news coming at us from every direction, it is very confusing for the average investor to get the “full impact” of the stories and what’s more important, how to protect yourself against the “what if’s” these events could mean for us at home.

With regard to the Cyprus wealth confiscation, you only need to ask yourself one important question… If this were to happen to me, is my family protected and is my portfolio prepared for an attack of such magnitude? That’s it folks! It doesn’t get easier than that. Similar to life insurance, you buy it to protect your family in a “worse case scenario” but you sure hope never to use it!

Having silver and gold as hard asset value has the same purpose, to protect your wealth, preserve purchasing power and create generational wealth.

Why is this so important today? The answer is so simple and it stares you in your face everyday… The US is $16 Trillion in debt (or $70 Trillion if you count the unfunded liabilities) you and I both know that this can never be repaid buy us, but that’s OK, the government has different plans… 

They know that you will have children and your children will have children and thus, the future generations will need to, in some way shape or form, pay for the mess we left behind. The question today is… If you don’t have a plan to create and leave behind generational wealth, then how will they survive? How will they make a standard of life that you would be proud of?

Because this is our mess, we are somehow obligated to ensure that our future generations are taken care of, not only financially, but also with the knowledge of how to grow their wealth and to “pay it forward” to their next generation… that is the biggest obligations we have and I for one will work diligently to get that message out to every child and young adult that crosses my path.

If you are as concerned as many others that I talk to everyday, your questions are these:

1) How will I save for retirement?

2) How will I keep up with the rising costs of health-care?

3) How will I take care of my mom & dad in their golden years as their wealth has been confiscated through all this debasing of currency?

4) How will I create generational wealth for my kids and grands?

5) How will I be able to handle the rising costs of education for my kids?

These are just the top 5 questions that I continue to hear all the time from my clients and prospects, but trust me, the list goes on and on… but somehow, my answers remain the same… Silver and gold in the physical form, both at home and in independent storage is the safest way to protect your wealth…PERIOD!


In days gone by, stocks and bonds were how people saved for the future and retirement.(how did that work out so far)  If you open your front door today you will see that the world has changed dramatically and a changing world requires changing strategies, especially as it pertains to our wealth creation and wealth preservation.

However, throughout history one thing has never changed… Silver and gold have always been money, always deserving of a place in every portfolio in both good times and bad as a way to maintain purchasing power throughout time. Please refer to the video that I composed if you have not seen it yet. (Click Here)

So even if you think silver and gold is manipulated, risky, barbaric, or even insane, the fact of the matter is that it has always been and will always be the protector of wealth and the creator of a multitudes of generational wealth! 

May Health, Wealth and Success Be Yours!