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Who Can I Trust With My Investments?

March 17, 2013 8:00 am est

This is a repost of an article I wrote mid-last year. Although some of the information is dated, it is the relevancy to the information that warrants your attention.



The purpose of this Special Report is to bring to light the events over the last few weeks surrounding what will soon be known as “The Biggest Financial Scandal the World Has Ever Seen.”


Within this report, you will see that the evidence to support these allegations, both reported publicly or not is overwhelming. The question you will be left asking yourself is: “If the Wall Street Bankers and Corrupt Government Officials can’t be trusted to manage my funds or the economy, where can I place my funds that will provide me with a proven safe haven that I can trust?”


It is our belief that your conclusion will be that the only place you can have your funds at this point are in hard assets. Assets such as Gold & Silver have been proven over 5000 years to provide a safe haven during challenging, unpredictable economic times such as those we are all facing today.


First, let’s start with the Wall Street and Main Street Bankers who have proven time and time again that they can’t be trusted. The first thing you must understand when dealing with these bankers is that you are dealing with both counter-party risks and systemic risks.


It is my opinion that the facts show beyond a shadow of a doubt that there has been criminal activity throughout the banking system for decades, but the biggest scandal started back in 2008 with JP Morgan and the collapse of Lehman Brothers (Click  Here) and the Mortgage Back Securities Bubble Bursting (Click Here). Combined, these events brought the entire financial system to its knees and lost you, the investor, “Trillions of Investment Dollars.”


For an interesting review of the events of 2008 (Click Here)


Today the news headlines are filled with a new scandal. This time it involved the “LIBOR RATE”. Interestingly enough, I have found that most people really have no idea what the “LIBOR RATE” is and therefore have no idea how a scandal like this could have a negative impact on their finances so they naturally will pay no attention to it.


The worst part about this lack of understanding is that the powerful Bankers on Wall Street are working in conjunction with their powerful allies within the Treasury Department.


For example Tim Geithner, used your ignorance to allow them to make up new rules which only benefitted them, while leaving the average investor on “Main Street” in the dark and at a substantial financial risk on a daily basis. (Click Here)


Gethner was also accused of “aiding and abetting” these “LIBOR RATE CRIMES” by Jim Rickards. (Click Here)


Unfortunately, it has come to light that the very people we placed in power to represent us and to uphold the laws within our constitution both responsibly and ethically, were instead corrupting our financial system and betraying our trust for their own benefit, every chance they got.


It is truly a sad and embarrassing day for we the people of the greatest country in the world, when the truths of this unacceptable behavior are revealed and we become the laughing stock of the global financial system as we are today.


But the truth be told, the “LIBOR SCAM” is by no means the only financial scam in the spotlight today.


All one needs to do is pick up the Wall Street Journal or turn on CNBC or any financial TV news station to learn that the same pricing manipulation applied to the “LIBOR” by Wall Street and Treasury, has also been applied to the Oil Markets.

(Click Here)


As well as the “Credit Default Swap” Market. (Click Here) for information about the criminal inquiry into JP Morgan Mis-pricing Hundreds of Billions in CDS.


Last but not least, let’s not forget our favorite subject, the four year investigation into JP Morgan concerning the allegations of manipulation in the Gold and Silver markets.

(Click Here)


Also, as legendary Investor Jim Sinclair points out, how CEO’s should be responsible for standing up against this manipulation. (Click Here)




Switching gears, let’s explore the recent avalanche of global banking downgrades which are causing a panic within the global banking system.


Over the past three months alone, there have been more banks and actual countries being downgraded than ever before in the history of the world.


Starting in June, we had the world’s most reputable credit rating agencies such as S&P and Moody’s, downgrade 15 of the world’s largest investment banks (Click Here), 28 Spanish Banks (Click Here) and then most recently 13 Italian Banks. (Click Here)


Folks, are you starting to see a pattern here? If the world’s largest banks are being downgraded at a record rate, do you feel secure with your retirement and liquid capital invested into these institutions?


Did they call you to let you know ahead of time that they were going to be downgraded? Do you think they will call you when things get even worse?


Hopefully, at this point, that little voice in your head is saying “Wait a minute, there’s something seriously wrong here.”


“Why is everything that I have been taught to trust, all of a sudden being downgraded globally, and yet no one is calling me to inform me of this so I can protect myself and my assets?”


“Will they ever call me or tell me what I can do to protect myself BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE?”


“Why hasn’t anyone that I trust such as my broker, my banker, ever informed me over the years to diversify into physical Gold and Silver considering they have never been downgraded for the past 5000 years?”


When you see comments from the regulatory bodies saying: “Market Regulators Cannot Prevent Financial Fraud,”

(Click Here) how concerned do you think you should be if the financial police are admitting they have no way to stop the financial thieves?


Recently, investment bank PFG head was quoted as saying “I stole client funds in order to comply with Regulator Demands” (Click Here) and the regulatory watch dogs NFA and CFTC are both pointing fingers at PFG instead of the true monetary custodian who is none other than JP Morgan. (Click Here)


Does it make you think they may all be in it together?


Well, one thing I’ve found that does give me some comfort is the fact that the U.S. Attorneys offices are quickly building criminal cases against some of these bankers for the “LIBOR” price fixing scam (Click Here) so hopefully some day soon, these bankers who believe they are above the law, will learn that they are not and the same penalties and prison time apply to them also.


In another example of the greedy banking system, a recent news story informed the world that “HSCB says they are very sorry for helping drug and terror organizations by laundering their money at one of the largest banks on the globe.

(Click Here)


I’ll bet they are “very sorry” but not because they made a huge amount of money laundering drug and terror money, but “very sorry” that they got caught.

Also, Capital One has been fined for misleading millions of customers in deceptive marketing practices.

(Click Here)


Please understand that this type of research is NOT IN ANY WAY meant to scare the hell out of you (well, maybe just a little) but is designed to make you aware of the events surrounding the allegations of manipulation, scams and fraud pertaining to the banking system and their counterparts in the U. S. Government and how these scenarios may have a direct impact on your family and your finances.


This special report is meant to help us all raise more questions about where to place our trust going forward as it pertains to the future of our investment strategies.


It seems clear to me, that the choices are Wall Street, a Corrupt Government, or the long proven safe haven of physical Gold and Silver.


Honest Money. God’s Money. Money that has never been downgraded and has never gone to zero and has outperformed every other popular investment vehicle over the past decade by leaps and bounds.


Even today, with so many headlines and so many ways to access this information, I have found that the average investor is just too busy to stop and take the time to research this information on their own.


Therefore, I feel it is my responsibility to take my research and my knowledge in this area and share it with you in a sincere effort to educate you, so you can make intelligent investment decisions going forward to protect yourself in these challenging economic times.


In closing, I would like to ask you to (Click Here) and read this story on “The Money Changers” in its entirety. The article details the depth of the financial corruption that has been going on since B.C. Due to the intense nature of this publication, I actually put myself at risk of sharing it with you because make no mistake about it, the powers that be do not want this message getting out, but because I feel compelled at this point, I decided to take the chance by sharing this information with you.


Once You Become AWARE… Only Then Can You  PREPARE!