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10 Signs The Paper Gold Crash Unleashed An Unprecedented Demand For Physical Gold And Silver

April 22, 2013 8:45 am est

On a Personal Note…


Today, I’ve decided to cut short the daily report so as to catch up on returning the emails and phone calls I’ve received from all of you – I truly appreciate you reaching out to me and trusting me with your purchases of physical silver & gold and more importantly, thanks for using me as your trusted precious metals adviser.


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Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…


Here is a short video with a strong message I have prepared for you today. It is in my opinion a simple to understand way to view silver and gold as a way to preserve your wealth, protect your purchasing power and to create massive amounts of generational wealth!

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The only conclusion I would have today (if you watched the video) is, buy physical silver and gold! Take you’re inflated currencies and purchase one ounce or thousands of ounces, whatever your portfolio can handle, just do it now!

As I have shown you in a previous report, there is a perfect strategy to preserve your wealth that you can use today to start and accumulate your physical precious metals.





May Health, Wealth & Success Be Yours!

Now, on to the breaking news that matters…


10 Signs The Paper Gold Crash Unleashed An Unprecedented Demand For Physical Gold And Silver – The crash of the price of paper gold on Monday has unleashed an unprecedented global frenzy to buy physical gold and silver.  All over the planet, people are recognizing that this is a unique opportunity to be able to acquire large amounts of gold and silver at a bargain price.  So precious metals dealers now find themselves being overwhelmed with orders in the United States, in Canada, in Europe and over in Asia.

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I realize that Gold Doesn’t Pay a Dividend… But It Doesn’t Commit Fraud, Steal Depositor Funds, Lie Under Oath, etc. either…

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“People Running Through The Gate” to Buy Gold Bullion – Gold is headed much higher over the next decade, investor Jim Rogers said today, adding that he may start buying after a so-called selling climax. Gold was set for a correction and recent decline may be it, he said on Bloomberg. Gold is now poised to move higher as the physical market reacts after the decline.

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MUST SEE – The Secret World Of Gold –This is an insightful documentary that shows the “inside” world of the beautiful metal. It depicts the manipulation, trading and gives a true understanding.

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Physical Gold Buyers Will Now Crush Central Planners – The biggest mistake the central planners have made is to depress paper gold, which they thought would stop the physical run on gold.  They have ignored the fact that the Cyprus plan for confiscation of depositors’ funds, originally at all levels of wealth, plus their clear call for nationalization of retirement accounts and funds, has gone viral around the entire world.  No amount of denial will now stop the average person or the wealthiest of individuals from seeking other means to privatize and protect their wealth.

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This Move To Destroy Confidence In Gold Has Failed – They are actually responding by not panicking, but they are responding quite rationally by buying more of something that is considerably cheaper today than it was a week ago.  Now, this I suspect they didn’t count on, and I think they are probably not happy about it.

If this continues, in other words we continue to see a sustained avalanche of buying, what’s going to occur is we actually are going to have shortages.  I sit here in Hong Kong and we are not seeing evidence yet of shortages, but we already had pretty good inventories out here.  I am told, anecdotally, shortages (of gold) are occurring elsewhere in the world.  Now, if we do develop widespread shortages, their bluff is called.

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