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4 Stunning & Incredibly Powerful Gold Charts

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  • Here we go again with big bank intervention
  • Go to your nearest bank and get cash that they will steal and buy physical assets
April 12, 2013 9:23 am est

On a personal note:


I have been advised by a trusted friend and colleague not to divulge my “secret strategy” here today as I said I would in yesterday’s report.

Although it’s killing me inside to tell everyone so that I can help you in your pursuit of preserving your wealth, protecting your purchasing power and creating generational wealth, I will follow the advise from my trusted friend and colleague. The reason? To keep this strategy unique and special to The Silver News Surfer Brand and proprietary to you the followers.

Just because I am not sharing this information today, which I believe is instrumental to your wealth preservation and generational wealth building strategy I want you to know that this important information is still available to all who seek it simply by calling me personally.

I promise, it won’t take long to describe and as always, there is never any pressure… just honest, strategic, “make sense” advice.

May Health, Wealth & Success be Yours! 


Eric Weigand

The Silver News Surfer



Now, on to the business of protecting your wealth:

You will see by my research today that there are massive quantities of both silver and gold literally vaporizing from inventories. Why is that? I mean if everyone in the MSM is telling us to sell and that the gold era is over, why the heck is it flying off the shelves and slow to be replaced? I know this will require wearing your thinking caps this morning guys, but follow along…

In this short video, Paul Craig Roberts and Greg Hunter explain that if Bullion was not a threat, the government would not attack it – So if something is a threat to the government whereas they go to massive lengths to attack it, doesn’t that mean that the very “thing” they are attacking would be good for us?

Let’s face it together guys, when is the last time YOU feel that the government and the mega-banks did anything to benefit you and not them? This is some crazy s*^! that we are witnessing right before our eyes and this will be know as one of the worst crimes in the history of the US. If you or I were to do anything even remotely close to what they are doing, we would be thrown in federal prison for life!

But what can we do as citizens? Nothing right? We are powerless against the powers to be! No! Not at all!

You see friends, we can reach for the very thing that they are trying to keep from us, the very thing that they want the most and that is physical silver and gold! You can put your concerns aside, ignore the MSM and the officials and start accumulating your share of silver and gold to be part of the greatest transfer of wealth that the world has ever seen!


If we now know that this is their plan and we also know that they are trying to keep it from us by scaring the heck out of us, then you know it is good for us and we should be buying here. Again, I will encourage you to focus on the VALUE of silver and gold, not the PRICE of silver and gold.

Once you understand that the value is not equal to the price and that the US dollar is significantly down in anything that we price in gold just as the research from yesterday suggested, then your decision is clear! Who gives a hoot what the price is of silver and gold in US Dollars, the currency is being destroyed by the FED!






Get It – Got It – Good!

Now, Onto the breaking news that matters…

4 Stunning & Incredibly Powerful Gold Charts – The fundamental case for owning gold has improved since year end 2011.  Real interest rates remain negative, worldwide quantitative easing has proliferated, and the events in Cyprus demonstrate that uninsured deposits in the commercial banking system are at risk in any resolution scenario.  Gold bullion has withstood intense liquidation by holders of GLD and Comex traders in paper gold as well as withering and intensely adverse commentary by media, brokerage, technicians and assorted soothsayers, especially during the past 90 days.  However, the December 2011 low of $1523 has not been breached, despite three successive assaults.

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Why Are The Banksters Telling Us To Sell Our Gold When They Are Hoarding Gold Like Crazy? – The big banks are breathlessly proclaiming that now is the time to sell your gold.  They are warning that we have now entered a “bear market” for gold and that the price of gold will continue to decline for the rest of the year.  So should we believe them?  Well, their warnings might be more credible if the central banks of the world were not hoarding gold like crazy.  During 2012, central bank gold buying was at the highest level that we have seen in almost 50 years.  Meanwhile, insider buying of gold stocks has now reached multi-year highs and the U.S. Mint cannot even keep up with the insatiable demand for silver eagle coins.  So what in the world is actually going on here?

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Stay Away From This Ticking Time Bomb -The GLD reported a total withdrawal of 16.84 metric tonnes of gold. This brings the total “gold” in “inventory” down to 1,183.53 metric tonnes. Year-to-date, the GLD “inventory” has been depleted by 12.33%. Stated another way, for every eight bars there used to be in “inventory”, there are now seven.

Do you trust yourself, your brain and your instincts? Do you wonder where all of is this gold is going? Are you curious as to why this is happening? Everyone from the financial media down to your friends and neighbors may not care. But you should. You most definitely should! And you should buy this dip. You should have bought the last dip. And you should buy the next dip. And every dip. And take delivery. While you still can and while there’s still time.

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Epic drainage of physical silver inventories continued Tuesday, as 17.3% of CNT’s physical silver inventories vaporized for the 2nd consecutive day, cutting CNT’s physical silver inventories by 1/3 in only 48 hours! Brinks’, CNT, Delaware, HSBC, & Scotia (every vault except JPM) all saw significant physical withdrawals, as a massive 2.7 million ounces of physical metal fled COMEX depositories.

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Why is the US dollar rallying? Did Bernanke fix it? Come on guys… Put your thinking caps on! The recent rally in the US dollar was more a product of the fall in other currencies than a strengthening of the dollar. The value of a position in the precious metals sector would have increased for those living in the UK or Japan, but for investors living in the United States the strength of the dollar has eroded the value of their holdings in the gold and silver space… But not for long!

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