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Americans Pile into Silver, Gold Coins, Here’s Why…

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April 9, 2013 9:13 am est

On a Personal Note…

Our planned Executive Lifestyle Summit has been postponed because the word got out and bigger, more powerful opportunities have presented themselves, but schedules were clashing. Therefore, to bring you the most powerful presentation as it relates to your Health, Wealth & Success, I have decided to postpone the event. Stay tuned and I will let you know what date the event is rescheduled for. Thank you for your support and I know that when you find out why I rescheduled, you’ll be happy I did!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

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Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…

Over the past several months, both myself and well known economists have been talking about a collapse in the financial system  – a collapse that will pale in comparison to 2008.

We also state that the only way to protect your wealth from either the confiscation that will take place or the destruction that will take place is in the accumulation of hard assets such as silver & gold. So today I have 2 questions for you… First – Do you think these well known and well respected economists are crazy nay sayers, doomsdayers and plain old wack jobs? The second question is – What if we’re right? What if the house of cards really does come crashing down?

If back in early 2008 when we were at the doorstep of destruction and there were people who you respected telling you to get out of the financial system, it’s going to crash hard. Would you have listened to them? Probobly not and that’s why you got hurt.

You see, 80% of the people I talk to still feel the pain of the loss of more than 40% of their wealth and these same people today are the same people who have become complacent thinking that “they” would never let that happen again. We have learned, we have grown and the Federal Reserve has bullets left in their holster to prevent another catastrophe.

Well folks, here we go again. As I have expressed time and time again, the only ammo the FED has left is the very ammo that is eroding your wealth. You cannot solve a debt problem by creating more debt. When you use this type of ammo there are nasty consequences that arise… kind of like this…


So for the past several months and perhaps a couple years, people like Jim Sinclair, Eric Sprott, Egon Von Greyerz and so many others including myself are screaming at the top of our lungs for you to take cover and showing you ways that you can protect your wealth, preserve your purchasing power and create generational wealth… maybe we are all on to something here.

If on a percentage basis, you only believe 30% that something of a 2008 crash is likely, then you should have 10% of your wealth stored in physical precious metals. If you believe 50% of what you read and hear, you should then have 20% of your wealth stored in physical metals. if you are like me and the economists that I bring you and you think… Yup! This sucker is going to collapse and it’s going to be ugly… Then you need to store 50% of your wealth in precious metals! It’s just that simple!

If you are wondering how to get started, please refer to the plan that I laid out for you last week called “A Detailed Strategy to Protect Your Wealth, if you missed it, read it here.

This is the easiest “make sense” wealth preservation strategy and this strategy is something you can start with today.


This strategy I have outlined for you is very power… Also, as noted in a previous report, I have created a unique strategy that I feel nobody else has thought of and would be of massive benefit for everyone to know and understand. Again, what if we are all correct? What if this financial system is about to crash again? I don’t want any of my readers to be unprepared and that’s why I work my tail off for you everyday to not only give you the breaking news that matters as it related to your investment strategy, but to spend countless hours to devise proven programs and put simple, easy to understand systems in place to help you!

On to the breaking news that matters…

Jim Sinclair: You Must Exit The Financial System Now!

Legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair sent out an email alert to subscribers over the weekend, advising investors that You must now act to exit the system!  Sinclair, who as recently as 2 weeks ago advised those attending his NYC meeting that investors have 2 years to withdraw their IRA and 401k funds from the system, has changed the urgency of his call significantly, stating:

You must exit the system immediately because the Financial Nazis struck in Cyprus and now are moving directly towards you. This is simple fact, which if you ignore will be akin to the rise of the Nazis in Germany for those that knew they should, but never made the decision to leave that system.

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The US Mint Sells Nearly 1 Million Ounces of Silver Eagles Monday alone… The US Mint has updated April sales statistics for the first time since last week, and to no surprise, the Mint again reported more massive sales, with another 833,000 silver eagles reported sold Monday!   The April total through 6 business days is now 1.645 million ounces, bringing the 2013 total to a massive 15.868 million ounces.

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Chaos, Cyprus, Manipulation & How To Protect Your Money – The Central Banks have used every tool in their playbook.  They printed money.  They bought up the toxic debt.  They dropped interest rates to zero.  They drove up the popular stock indexes.  They have vigorously repressed gold and silver prices, perhaps oil, too. It is not working now.

The economic statistics are rolling over.  Employment, inflation, manufacturing activity and other indicators of the health of global economies are showing signs of instability and outright decline. Those with financial assets that are planning to convert some or all to physical metals need to act quickly.  As Jim Sinclair is saying, time is running short.”

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Americans pile into silver, gold coins – Interest in these glittery investments – which soared five years ago – has been especially hot this year. In January, the US Mint sold 7.5 million American Eagle silver bullion coins to dealers – a monthly high, and not far from the 9.9 million silver American Eagles it sold in all of 2007. Demand was so strong that the Mint temporarily ran out of supplies and had to suspend sales for roughly 10 days. In addition, sales of American Eagle gold bullion coins hit highs not seen since June 2010.

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Trust in Gold Not Bernanke as U.S. States Promote Bullion – Distrust of the Federal Reserve and concern that U.S. dollars may become worthless are fueling a push in more than a dozen states to recognize gold and silver coins as legal tender.

“I think you look at some of the things that are happening and the amount of money printed by the Federal Reserve and who has control of that money, and I think anybody would be concerned,” Crandell said. “Gold and silver have been around a long time and people are secure with it and we should give them an opportunity to use it.”

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