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And So It Begins… The Greatest Retirement Grab In History…

April 8, 2013 9:15 am est

On a personal note:

Good Morning, There is a lot of news coming off the wire that I really need you to pay attention to, because if you don’t act on this soon, it will be too late and you will kick yourself in the butt for not listening to me and the several hundred other fund managers, analysts, economists and wealth preservation advisers.

There is a head on train wreck setting up and you are in the front seat watching the on-coming train in slow motion and there is nothing you can do about the actual collision, but you can fasten your seat belt and  brace yourself in the crash position.

As strong as this sounds coming from me, this is a warning about your entire life savings, everything that you’ve worked for your whole life will transfer into the hands of Uncle Sam if you sit there and do nothing. What the heck would you be waiting for? How can you not see this coming?

Before you move on to today’s research and see what I am talking about, please take a quick glance at Fridays Report (click here)

You see folks, I see the problem clear as day and I have also created a solution that is so easy, even a cave man can do it!

May Health, Wealth & Success be Yours!

Eric Weigand

The Silver News Surfer


Now, on to the business of protecting your wealth:

This train wreck I refer to is the Cyprus fiasco. It was just the opening act of the worst horror movie you’ve ever seen. I feel my intuitiveness comes from my ability to “put myself in the shoes of”.

You see folks, when the wealth was confiscated in Cyprus, there weren’t many riots, no “blood in the streets”. Hundreds of thousand of people could have stormed the government buildings and they didn’t. There was certainly a lot of disbelief, but at the end of the day, the “people” knew that there was nothing they could do about it… What the government says, goes… period!

So the “test” run for the confiscation of wealth from citizens to bankers and governments worked out just fine for them, no uprising, not too much violence and the boys at the top got what they want… your money!

Now, shifting over to home, Prez O budget plans are due out this week and boy is he paying close attention to what’s going on over there. I have posted several pieces of research below and if you care as little as a mustard seed for your retirement accounts, you will read each one… However, even after reading each piece you maybe still confused about how it pertains to you and how you can preserve your wealth, protect your purchasing power and still leave behind some generational wealth if it’s not all stolen… i’m still here to answer your questions.

They are coming after all of your retirement accounts my friends.  I know you don’t think that it could happen, you think it would be “unconstitutional” and our government couldn’t and wouldn’t, but I’ll bet that’s what they thought over in Cyprus too. Are you really willing to take that chance with your wealth?

I don’t mean to rant on guys, but this is a very important piece and the good news is that I am still here for you. Still here to answer your questions, guide you through this mess that I and several other well know, world respected economists see coming our way… and it’s not going to be pretty. it will end very badly. But for those of you who listen up and pay attention, you will be the people who will be the leaders, not the followers. You will become the new wealth of the society when all others have been broken down because they didn’t find the time to research, take precautions and take the action.


So, as I have stated in the beginning of this piece today, I’ve seen the problem, I see how the problem has become closer to fruition and I have also created a solution to the problem (as noted in Friday’s posting)

Is this solution that I created perfect? No. Nothing in life is perfect, but If I can give you that certain edge, that dynamic intuitiveness and knowledge, then I have done my job and done it well.

Here is what surprises the heck out of me… After that post I did on Friday, telling you all that I have created a solution to the problem and have created an “edge” for you to preserve your wealth and create generational wealth and to help pay for the expenses that will arise in the way of healthcare, college tuition and retirement planning, I only got 10 phone calls from people asking me what is the strategy that I came up with… so my guess is that the rest of you have got it all figured out… without even knowing what the plan is… That’s Awesome!

However, If I am mistaken, and some of you want to dial a toll free number, please dial 877-638-2538

Obama budget to take aim at your IRAs, 401K’s & Pension Plans…

With respect to which assets governments will likely be coming for next, Jim said, ”401k plans, IRA’s, and pensions plans which the government knows about [may be next]…They’re rationale would be, ‘Well most people haven’t been doing well in their IRAs and pension plans for the past several years, so we’re going to help you. We’re going to take your pension plan and give you government bonds so that you have a guaranteed return.”

”That’s how they’ll rationalize taking our money. They know where all the pension plans are because we have to report it, so they’re easily accessible by governments. They know where they are, what they are, and they’ll be able to snatch them away. Who knows what they’ll do, but they’ll certainly find some way to take our money when things get worse, they always have.”

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Money Flows In To Gold & Silver Are About To Skyrocket

Dollar holders should find zero solace from owning a currency that is only gaining value against other pieces of confetti called euros, pounds and yen and investors will soon realize the absurdity of believing the dollar is strong simply because other fiat currencies are currently weaker.

This is why money flows into precious metals will become massive once again as the intrinsic value of the dollar continues to diminish under the weight of the $17 trillion national debt and $1 trillion yearly deficits that are being monetized by the Fed.

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Tangled Web Suppresses Gold & Silver – The artificially suppressed price levels of both gold and silver continue to offer physical buyers ample low-risk opportunities to continue accumulating metals to hedge the preservation of their wealth from the Marmion Dream Weavers.

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Look For Rebound In Undervalued Gold/Silver Bullion And Miners – Eventually, capital will flow into precious metals, especially silver, which is holding key technical support and is demonstrating increasing momentum. No one has wanted to buy silver and mining equities for over two years now, but that may change soon as governments continue to promote inflation through easy money policies. This year may mark the turning point for silver and the miners, which represent deep discounts to value investors.

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Gold & Silver: Go “Get” While the Getting is Good! Here’s Why

If you still think your money is safe in any bank, well, we cannot think of anything to say. Enjoy whatever returns your money may be getting, but just do not be surprised of not getting your money returned, at all.  What current world financial news is proving beyond a doubt is, “Anything can happen,” and what happens will not be good. We have been advocating the purchase of physical gold and silver, consistently and at any price.

The point is not to “make money,” but to preserve and/or create wealth. The purpose in buying, and personally holding, physical gold and silver is viewed much like that of essential needs, like shelter, as an example.    You buy a house to satisfy a need for shelter. Timing is not the most critical factor because it is the security and comfort of ownership that matters most.  Once that need is taken care of, it becomes less important if the value declines because it is a necessity, not something that is traded like baseball cards….

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