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COMEX Default – Cash Settlements – No Metal For You!

April 17, 2013 8:02 am est

On a Personal Note…


Just FYI – In case you were not aware – Aside from great advise and good reading… The Silver News Surfer does sell silver and gold.

But by the looks of things, you better hurry up and get yours! There are massive shortages of physical metal folks and even though you see the prices smashed, the premiums for purchasing physical metal are rising significantly!

As your trusted adviser, the only way to build trust is to be completely honest, with that said, if anyone has any paper gold or silver in the futures market – any financed positions in the physical market, I will warn, encourage and insist that you send in money to those firms and lower those loan balances today!

However, I will also insist that you do not sell any silver of gold, own it outright or at least 50% or better if possible! These guys are good at their game of manipulation and I don’t want to see anymore people get anymore hurt than they already are! But do not sell an ounce – own an ounce!

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May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Eric Weigand

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Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…

Sifting through all of the research in the wee hours this morning, it appears that the rumors of a COMEX default could be true. Think about it guys – if you remember the pleasure and pain of 2011 – the pleasure of seeing silver skyrocket and the pain of seeing it tank, you also saw how the CME was raising margin requirements on the way up, not on the way down!

As I shared with you on yesterdays report, the CME was raising margin requirements on the biggest smash in 30 years! Why would they do that? My feeling is that there is bigger trouble then they are letting onto. I know you know that we are always the last to know and they are the first, so why take that chance?!

People who have bought futures will not get delivery of their metal, they will be settled in cash and at a significant profit… why? because they can print the money for you, but not the metal! Follow along guys!

As I’ve noted before, if the big banks want to shake you out of your holdings, it must be for good reason! There must be more VALUE in silver and gold than we originally thought! Don’t let them have it!

Silver and gold is the only way to preserve your wealth, protect your purchasing power and is the truest form of generational wealth the world has ever known. I remember Jim Rogers wrote a piece in his book that said – if I had to put a box in the ground for my kids and grand kids to open when I die, would I rather stuff it with wads of cash, paper stock certificates, or bars of gold & silver; what will have “value” in the years ahead?

His conclusion was that we will not know if cash will have value, we don’t know if the companies of the stocks certificates will even be in business, but silver and gold for 5,000 years has always had value and will continue for 5,000 more years!


You MUST understand that silver and gold are insurance and should be viewed that way. You hope never to use it, but that is what insurance is for, it’s for the “what ifs” for the future guys, not for today and tomorrow.

Also, understand that the entire financial system is once again collapsing – so this is what the end game looks like.

Please hear my advice today – if you have financed positions, pay down those loan balances, if you have paper futures contracts, ETF’S  of other paper derivatives get out at a loss and take the losses and buy as much physical as possible. If you have already been margined out, take what is Left and preserve that by paying the loan down to own as many ounces as you can and drop those calls to the 15 handle.

Now, on to the breaking news that matters…


Why a gold bug won’t throw in the towel – The biggest rout in gold prices in decades isn’t enough to sway Canada’s chief gold bull from his faith in the metal. Eric Sprott turned his ability to call the gold and silver markets into personal wealth that once topped a billion dollars. His investment firm, Sprott Inc., has been hurt by gold’s recent plunge, but the company founder predicts gold will roar back and even hit new highs by the end of the year.

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Why Did Silver & Gold Collapse? Mike Maloney And Chris Martenson Learn how unsophisticated investors got “fleeced,” and how this price event and media blitz may go down as one of “the cruelest jokes ever played on the people who get scared away from gold and silver at this moment in history, given where we are.”  As gold and silver’s true values are realized, in the market or by revaluation, we will witness the greatest transfer of wealth ever seen in human history

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Embry – Gold & Silver Takedown & The Impact On Investors – I will say that I think it does absolutely nothing to the long-term outlook for gold, which is extraordinarily positive.  More importantly, this will be the last opportunity to buy gold and silver at bargain basement prices.  I also think the next move higher is going to take them in to new territory and we will never see these prices ever again in this current monetary system.”

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Celente Speaks Out About Largest Gold Smash In 30 Years – “The gold and silver markets in those days were very thinly traded, and mostly the trades were coming from the United States, somewhat from Japan, and a little bit in Europe. Totally different time.  Totally different era.  There is no comparison.  I’m in gold for my golden years.  I’m not a speculator.  People are getting blown out of the markets because of their margin calls.  That’s not what gold is about.

I’m buying gold because of fears of devaluation of the paper currencies, and that has not stopped … I’m holding on to gold because of what’s going on around the world.  The Americans, Europeans, Japanese, and even the Chinese, are all debasing their currencies by printing more of them to keep their economies going.”

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Don’t Panic, Buy Silver – The COMEX will default in the next week or several weeks and people will be “settled” with Dollars, no more metal will be delivered!  So, knowing that “game over” has arrived, they are dumping a massive volume of paper contracts with impunity to push the metals prices as low as possible before the “default”.  This way the “shorts” do not have to and will not be “covered” when “supply” cannot be obtained because of “an act of God”.


They will be settled in cash (at a profit no less) because these “unforeseen” disruptions in supply.  “Who could have seen it coming?” will be the mantra.  I would suspect that banking stress and “bail ins” will also become prevalent globally.  The pricing structure” will now push any and all physical sellers away from the markets and the “door” to safety is effectively being shut.  Either you own metal or you don’t. After the closure of the COMEX and LBMA doors there will be no availability and “price” will be meaningless.  Your ability to protect yourself is right now for all intents and purposes being eliminated.

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CME Group Destabilizes Precious Metals Markets – For those who don’t know it, the CME Group is the operator of the U.S.’s paper-fraud markets for commodities. The role of this crime syndicate is an important one: to keep commodity markets generally depressed, in order to hide the extreme/excessive currency dilution resulting from the out-of-control money-printing of the Western central banks.

The currency-dilution is a matter of record: official government policy for every government on the planet – “competitive devaluation.” The consequences of our governments competing to see who can drive the value of their currency to zero the fastest are obvious and unequivocal: all prices for all hard assets should be steadily (and rapidly) rising…except for real estate.

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Market Manipulation, News, and Leverage – This piece on leverage and market manipulation came out a few weeks ago. Philip Byrne reminded me about it, and he is right. Using leverage in these markets is a dangerous strategy. I was also reminded of this because of the recent ‘leak’ of the FOMC minutes by the Fed that demonstrated that they had a ‘preferred recipients’ list who receive the information ahead of the markets, although normally not by a day.

And I think one might suspect and assume that there is more ad hoc leaking going on than the Fed would care to admit, and other key data points as well, especially from non-governmental sources. So using leverage as an outsider is double deadly in a thin market based largely on policy and artificial flows of hot money.   In this case he had been speaking about shorting stocks with leverage in the stock market.  But he draws the same lesson for levered long positions in commodities.

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