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April 25, 2013 8:22 am est

On a Personal Note…


Just FYI – In case you were not aware – Aside from great advice and good reading… The Silver News Surfer does sell silver and gold also.

As I’ve noted before and can confirm today… We’ve won! Those of you who were able to hang on to your silver and gold should have a big smile on your face.

The inventories of physical silver and gold at the COMEX are at record lows and the shortages are spreading to other counties where the Mints are out of stock, delayed and have even suspended sales.

What this means for you and me is that this is very likely the bottom of the silver and gold market and as stated yesterday, my recommendation is BUY –

I would however, wait until Monday. With that said, what I am doing right now is pulling in all orders of ALL sizes – Clients from A-Z – New and Old and I have intentions of purchasing a large block order on Monday morning.

If you would like to be included in this order at any level, please contact me promptly to set aside your ounces of silver or gold. You must understand that timing is of the essence on your part to fill out the account documents and wire funds for your purchase by end of business tomorrow (Friday) to be included.

Although nobody has a crystal ball and can determine the exact bottom or top in any market, I can assure you all that we are a heck of a lot closer to the bottom than we are to the top and this is where people make money!… Serious Money!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


Eric Weigand

The Silver News Surfer



Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…


Now, in order for one to sell at or near a market top, one must first buy at or near a market bottom and as I’ve described – here we are…. let me explain.

If your goals are to preserve your wealth, protect your purchasing power and create generational wealth, this is not done by sitting on the sidelines – In any sporting event, the people who make all the money are the players, not the folks watching from the bleachers.

Look at this chart and follow along….


This chart shows that approximately 12 weeks ago, silver was trading at $32 and is now $23. On Monday, if we all pool together and hit the market and lets say we buy 4,000 ounces of silver at $26 all in. (32-26=+6)

This means that if I buy silver at $26 and we trade back up to the “normal” trade range of of just 12 weeks ago at $32, that is a full $6 gain – this means $104,000 would buy 4,000 ounces and 4,000 ounces rises $6 that is a $24,000 gain or approximately 25% return.

Please note that this is not a pie in the sky idea, this is just getting back to the usual trading range and not all time highs – So if you look at your equities portfolio and see a 6% (with inflation running about 6%) you are at a break even or even running behind –

How you you like to finish 2013 with a 25% return?!

I feel that by the end of 2013, we will be in the upper $30’s or lower $40’s, but even just getting back to the $32 range would be an amazing return right? Especially with this massive demand in the physical happening – silver won’t even break a sweat getting back to $32.

This is your opportunity guys! When your ship comes in, don’t get caught at the airport waiting for a plane!


Take this opportunity to trade your fiat currency for hard, physical currency and delight in a 25% return with virtually no risk… because at the end of the day, here is the BIG question:

Does it matter to you where your money is working for you as long as you know that its safe AND providing you a return you can be happy with?

My strongest recommendation is to get off the sidelines and get into the game! Be part of this order that will truly make a difference in your portfolio this year and allow The Silver News Surfer to guide you every step of the way –

If you are not able to be liquid to take advantage of this on Monday, simply call your equities broker and ask for a “same day settlement” and get liquid – or you can take it from a CD, Money Market or Savings Account and when your equities do become liquid, just replace those funds!

Finally, you are faced with one of the best opportunities in a long time… what are you going to do about it?

Now, on to the breaking news that matters…


“Panic” For Physical Gold Spreads To UK Where Royal Mint Sales Of Gold Coins Triple – Sales are more than 150 percent higher than last month  Things in the US have gotten so bad, not only are most online dealers backlogged weeks and months in advance for most PMs (as the CEO of Texas Precious Metals explained in detail, but respected bullion vaults are also now on the verge of running out of inventory. As Reuters described, a major U.S. coin dealer in New York, has been inundated by orders from existing and new wholesale and retail customers. “It’s panic. This is one of the busiest times in quite a while. People think gold’s at the lows and they want to take advantage.”

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Silver demand seen rising in 2013 on industries, investment-GFMS – NEW YORK, April 24 (Reuters) – A pick-up in manufacturing activities and an overall improvement in the global economy should help silver’s fabrication demand recover this year, respected precious metals research firm Thomson Reuters GFMS said in a report on Wednesday. Strong buying of silver coins and bars by bargain hunters after a sharp price fall this month is expected to underpin investment demand, which may hit an all-time record.

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Former US Treasury Official – Fed Desperate To Stop Collapse – The real concern about US bank deposits is that they are denominated in US dollars, and the supply of new dollars has been increasing by about $1,000 billion per year for the last several years.  The demand for dollars has not been increasing by the same amount.  Indeed, as more and more countries implement measures to settle their trade balances in their own currencies, the demand for dollars is falling.

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Comex Physical Drain Accelerates—With Over $7.8B In Gold Disappearing From All Depositories – As the headline battle between paper sellers and physical buyers of gold escalates, something eerily strange is continuing behind the scenes. As first reported here on April 9th, Comex gold inventories have been plummeting, demonstrating the highest levels of physical removal ever during a single quarter in Q1, 2013. Most shocking however, is that Comex warehouse inventories are accelerating their downward plunge, with dropping inventories now spreading to the world’s largest fund depositories.

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This Is The Beginning Of The End For The Gold Shorts – Here is the important point, as long as the physical market sells at a significant premium above the paper price of gold, the COMEX warehouse is going to be significantly drained.  You will also see the market, between various dealers and interbank 400-ounce gold bars, will also act like a vacuum in terms of the exchange warehouses.  Meaning that will also serve to deplete the COMEX inventory. So there is no question that the central planners’ move to take the gold market down has put the COMEX market in trouble.  Put another way, this is the beginning of the end of the paper gold market being the superior price setting mechanism.”

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From Rout to Rush—Gold Stages Quiet Rally. Gold is clawing its way back up amid signs that demand for the precious metal is soaring a week after a massive sell-off sent prices to their lowest level in more than two years.  Hopes of central bank buying and signs of surging demand for physical gold are helping the battered metal bounce back.

News on Wednesday from the International Monetary Fund that Russia and Turkey raised their gold reserves in March helped trigger the latest gains. People want to hold physical gold at this level and that’s not just in India,” he said, referring to the world’s biggest consumer of gold. “In Australia, we had a queue outside one of our bullion houses about half-a-kilometer long and I haven’t seen something like that for years.

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