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Gold and Silver Will Go Through a Short Squeeze Unlike Any Other Ever Seen

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  • This is How You Are Being Lied To, Mis-Informed and Here is How To Profit From It!
  • Silver & Gold Ready For A Short Squeeze
April 11, 2013 10:31 am est

On a Personal Note…

Today I hope to shed some light on some ways that you as an investor, trying your hardest to protect your wealth, preserve your purchasing power and create generational wealth are being tricked, fed mis-information to confuse you and straight up being lied to by the same people you are supposed to trust!

Please pay particular attention to the first and last article posted below and you will say… yup! He’s right, I’m being lied to but I’m still scared Eric, what do I do about these feelings of inertia?

It’s investor Psychology 101. The fear of making the wrong decision. One way of overcoming that fear is to follow your gut instinct. You know that the US debt is unsustainable, you know that the true numbers speak for themselves with respect to unemployment, inflation and GDP.

So if we know in our gut that the numbers the officials are feeding us are false, then you are not making the wrong decision, the fundamentals are stronger today than they were in 2011 when silver went as high as $48+ and gold to $1,900+. The price of gold and silver are just being manipulated, but you need to understand that this is in your favor!

Would you rather be buying silver at $60 and gold at $2,500 or $28 and $1,500? If you’d rather buy it higher, I can sell it to you at that price if you’d like. (joking of course)

As promised, I am seeking counsel for you to help you deal with these investor emotions. I have acquired the help of a well known, well respected and educated Psychologist who will allow me to interview him and share the information with you, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I am here to take your calls and answer your questions and address your concerns!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Eric Weigand

The Silver News Surfer


Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…

I’ve said before and I will say it again, that throughout history, the best way to preserve wealth has been through the accumulation of physical assets and silver and gold are the best assets to hold regardless of what the MSM tells you.

The reason that the MSM and the “officials” bash silver and gold is because it covers up the bigger problem and that is the unfortunate fate of the US dollar and the unsustainable US debt (as well as other major problems) So, if the problems are there yet being covered up, your decisions are clear… protect yourself by acquiring your share of hard assets before it’s too late.

We WILL have a short squeeze in the precious metals markets and silver and gold WILL prevail as the “flight to safety” the only thing we can’t provide is the time that this will happen, but it will happen! That’s why this is considered to be accumulation time.


If you are still unclear about all this and how you can start to protect yourself, I have outlined the perfect plan and the ultimate strategy.  Also, as noted previously, I have created a plan of how you can preserve your wealth and create massive amounts of generational wealth but a lot of you still have not called in to ask what is this plan… therefore, you are putting my back against the wall and forcing me to share it openly. I didn’t want to do that because I want it to be unique to The Silver News Surfer, but as always, I will put your needs before my own and share it in tomorrows Friday Report.

I have a few thousand followers on my daily reports and a few thousand clicks daily on my website My point is that you read my research everyday which tells me you trust me as your precious metals adviser and for that I am truly grateful and will never abuse that trust or take it for granted.

However, If it were me and my trusted adviser said “I have devised a plan” for you of how you will be able to save for the unexpected events that will happen in life such as healthcare needs, college education expenses, taking care of mom & dad in their golden years expenses… bet your a@# I would call him to ask what is this plan all about! I want an adviser who “thinks outside the box” in such an unsafe, unpredictable and financially challenging time.

Now, on to the breaking news that matters…


The BIGGEST and BEST Lesson You Can Learn Today – The Golden Ratio – Using Gold To Price Market Data – This is in my opinion, one of the best visual explanations you can see to understand government manipulation of data and the facts!

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John Embry – Why I like both gold and silver. I’m a great proponent of the fact that gold is money. It’s been money for centuries and the fact that our current FIAT currency system is breaking down, makes it even more important that the fact that gold is money. most people that think that the gold price isn’t going to go up, that’s tantamount to saying they think the value of paper money is going to go up and in view of what’s happening in the world of zero interest rates and unlimited printing I just think that that’s a preposterous assumption, so the gold price will be going up in terms of all these devaluing currencies.

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Gold and silver will go through a short squeeze unlike any other ever seen. History will call this “hyperinflation”.  Once started, just as in a wildfire everything will burn until there is nothing left as fuel for the fire!  Supply is less than finite and demand will include those who “thought” they owned Gold through empty ETF’s and the like.  Greed, fear, forced short covering and every other reason on Earth will line up as demand for Gold.  Gold will be priced far above the ability for the common man to purchase, even governments (think China and Russia) will not receive much “weight” for their purchases.  It will be a different game.

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Gold’s base is very strong but, Silver has put in a larger base than gold and it will move quickly to $50.  After silver breaks the $50 all-time high the sky is the limit.  When we see silver in triple digits then we will all know that bull market is finally stampeding.”

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In reference to my comment yesterday about why do investors buy at the top and want to sell at the bottom, this should clarify some things….As noted on the gold and silver graph below that the start of the mania phase could begin around May 1st, 2013.  This date and the current build in fundamentals are aligning perfectly.  If this continues to unfold as I expect, the upside for gold and silver will be, as Norcini says, “100’s of percent higher.”

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