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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

High Demand + Short Supply = Higher Prices It’s Just That Simple!

April 26, 2013 8:20 am est

On a Personal Note…


Just FYI – In case you were not aware – Aside from great advice and good reading… The Silver News Surfer does sell silver and gold also.

For those of you with the testinal fortitude to call in your orders yesterday, I commend you! If you are the one who have not yet done so, there is still time.

As I’ve stated many times, you are not going in this alone, I am here for you and will walk with you hand in hand – How can I do this? Simple, I have developed a strategy for you in a previous report that outlines specifically the way to accomplish your goals of preserving your wealth and creating generational wealth.

Also, if you missed yesterdays report which outlined the timing of this strategy – now you have all the tools and information to make a 25% return on your money in a fairly short period of time using the hard assets of silver and gold, which oh by the way are in massive demand with limited supply!

Because we should not be all business all of the time, I’d like you to blow off a little steam and watch this 5 minute video – hopefully it will make you laugh and release some of your stress from a long hard week. (Video courtesy of Tim M)


May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


Eric Weigand

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Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…

If the strategy is laid out for you step by step and you Silver adviser is here to guide you and facilitate your purchases… what else is missing? What could you possibly be waiting for?

I would like to hear your questions and concerns and reasons for your hesitancy regarding stepping in at this low and taking advantage of a recommendation to accumulate physical silver and gold… please write of call. I will not mention any names, I promise. The purpose of this exercise is that maybe the question or concern on your mind will be the same one on hundreds of others who are reading these daily reports.

With that said folks – We need to stick together, work together to reach and achieve our common goals and that is to preserve, protect and create wealth. By doing your part and chipping in, perhaps you will be helping others to navigate through their fears and concerns and at the end of the day – Isn’t that what we are here for? To help others? That’s why I do what I do… it’s to help you!


If you don’t start your accumulation down at this level, chances are you never will and if you do decide to get started when you see the momentum crowd coming in, you will be buying at the high of the market and that’s not what I want for you.

I would like to see everyone have an opportunity to capture as much of this move ahead of us as possible – Again, don’t go throwing everything in, but certainly start buying down at these levels. Up a dollar, down a dollar does it really matter?

I had a conversation with a caller who sold his physical gold when it broke $1,400 – he bought this gold in the $800 range. I told him not to sell but he was scared at the moment… Would you have sold your phyz that you owned outright since $800?

I talked to him again and he knows it was a mistake and that’s when I showed him the same strategy that I showed you and he said, no. I think its going lower. I believe he bought the gold at $800 for a reason, but he lost sight of his “why” when he bought it and now he will sit on the sidelines watching it go up and up and get more mad at himself rather that jumping back in after learning a valuable lesson….

High Demand + Short Supply = Higher Prices It’s Just That Simple!

Now, on to the breaking news that matters…

Gold & Silver: Go “Get” While the Getting is Good! Here’s Why…  We have been advocating the purchase of physical gold and silver, consistently and at any price.  The point is not to “make money,” but to preserve and/or create wealth. The purpose in buying, and personally holding, physical gold and silver is viewed much like that of essential needs, like shelter, as an example.

You buy a house to satisfy a need for shelter. Timing is not the most critical factor because it is the security and comfort of ownership that matters most.  Once that need is taken care of, it becomes less important if the value declines because it is a necessity, not something that is traded like baseball cards….

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The Fed’s Big Lie, Gold, Silver & The Reality Of Inflation – “The Fed is now talking about extending QE because they believe inflation has remained tame.  Well, that’s a shift because not too long ago they said they were going to cut back on QE and stop money printing altogether. At some point the actual inflation numbers will start to rise and you will really see gold’s 12-year bull market will really start to accelerate, and there will be nothing the Fed can do to stop it.  For the silver bulls, silver will act like gold on steroids as the metals surge higher.”

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5 Factors That Will Push Silver to $250 an Ounce – All bull markets go through periods of consolidations and corrections. And precious metals are no exception. There has been plenty about gold’s swan dive, but less talk about silver. And at this point there’s more potential for silver than gold… significantly more. Because the global silver market is relatively small, Silver Prices tend to be more volatile; the pounding sell-off we witnessed in silver this past month is a testament to that fact.

But volatility works both ways, so when silver rises, its price can explode higher. That’s exactly what happened in April 2011, when silver prices rose by 170% in the space of just 7 months. That’s why silver investors say investing in the white metal is like buying “gold on steroids.” And right now, it looks like the silver market is on the cusp of doing the same thing all over again. According to our research, the next stop could be $40 by year’s end, and $60 by the end of 2014. And much higher after that.

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Stunning & Massive Run On Physical Gold & Silver Continues – Keith Barron, who consults with major gold companies around the world and is responsible for one of the largest gold discoveries in the last quarter century, spoke about this remarkable situation and what it means for investors. What we have seen recently was a manufactured, but complete capitulation in the gold market.

This may surprise readers, but I firmly believe that gold will break to new all-time highs this year.  I also believe that we will continue to see a split between the paper market and the physical market, and it will be the physical market taking gold to new highs.

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JPMorgan’s Eligible Gold Plummets 65% In 24 Hours To All Time Low – We are confident that in the aftermath of our article from last night “Just What Is Going On With The Gold In JPMorgan’s Vault?” in which we showed the absolute devastation of “eligible” (aka commercial) gold warehoused in JPM’s vault just over the Manhattan bedrock at 1 Chase Manhattan Place (and also in the entire Comex vault network in the past month), we were not the only ones checking every five minutes for the Comex gold depository update for April 25 .

Moments ago we finally got it, and it’s a doozy. Because in just the past 24 hours, from April 24 to April 25, according to the Comex, JPM’s eligible gold plunged from 402.4K ounces to just 141.6K ounces, a drop of 65% in 24 hours, and the lowest amount of eligible gold held at the vault on record, since its reopening in October 2010!

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COT Data and Silver – The Commitment of Traders data is published every Friday. It lists the reportable positions of the commercial and non-commercial traders for silver contracts on the COMEX.

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