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In Light Of The Recent Events in The Precious Metals…

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  • JPM Crushing silver - How low will it go and does it really matter - They are just masking the bigger problem
  • Is this a buying opportunity of a sign to run for the exits?
  • Keep your long term financial goals in perspective - accumulate at these low levels!
April 3, 2013 8:32 am est

In light of the recent events in the precious metals markets, I will suspend the second part of my 4 part series to bring you the latest breaking news in the manipulated take downs in the metals markets.

On to the business of protecting your wealth…

First, I will state that regardless of the heavy, concentrated manipulation in the metals is nothing more than an amazing opportunity for new silver and gold buyers and existing metals holders to buy more of a good thing at a lower price!

If you are looking for a way to preserve your wealth, protect your purchasing power and create generational wealth, you are presented with a unique situation today…. How can I say this when our favorite market is getting crushed? It’s quite simple…

For many of you who may have bought silver or gold at $35/$1,650 respectively, this is an opportunity to dollar cost average your positions down, so as on a rebound, you are not waiting for the market to regain those handles to break even, you can cost average down and break even at approximately $32.00 and be in profit at $35… it’s really that simple!

When the metals were up at those prices, you bought in as a strategy to preserve your wealth, protect purchasing power and to create generational wealth. So if you bought for those reasons at a higher level, why not love more of it at these levels!

I do realize that nobody wants to see their investment go down in value, but its not – it’s only down in US dollar terms, it still have a tremendous value, also, we cannot pay too much attention to the daily gyrations and we have to continue to look at our long term wealth preservation strategy and ask ourselves this…

Regardless of the heavy, blatant manipulation, are the fundamental factors still present that support precious metals as part of my portfolio?

As a reminder and according to my series this week, the fundamentals are…

1) Debasing currency – yup, the FED still has ink and trees and $80 Billion is still being printed every month.. so check that box.

2) Inflation – yup, gas and food is virtually double from just four years ago… check that box

3) Geo political tensions – yup, Israel & Syria, No. & So Korea, No. Korea & the US among others… Check that box.

4) Supply & Demand – yup, got that one too. The US Mint has reported a record 1st quarter 2013 of silver eagle sales, junk silver premiums have sky rocketed and the silver eagle premiums are virtually through the roof… check that box.

You see guys, this is where you are being trick, lied to and shaken out of your positions because the cartel is trying to scare the hell out of you and for most, it’s working like a charm!

Don’t fall for it, stick to your guns. My readers are not dumb, you get what’s going on, I know you do!


If you have silver & gold, buy more as a long term strategy. If you have none, start accumulating here. If you have a financed position, don’t sell it, pay down that loan balance and own more of your position outright.

I suggest having a bit more testinal fortitude. The proof is right there in front of us – The reason for the heavy manipulation by governments and central banks is that they don’t want to expose the bigger problem and that is the currency problem. 

China & Brazil and China & Australia just signed an agreement to bypass the US Dollar for trade – What is that telling you? Buy physical assets and ditch the dollar like everyone else – make the trend your friend! Do what they do, not what they say to do!

If you’re still unclear or still uneasy about all this… reach out and talk to me, as your trusted precious metals adviser, that’s what I’m here for.

May Health, Wealth & Success Be Yours!

Eric Weigand

The Silver News Surfer



Onto The Breaking News That Matters…


Russia & China Loot Western Gold While JP Morgan Sells Silver – There was nothing happening in any related market, which would justify such a move. Yes, these operations are completely illegal and totally unethical and you or I would be in prison right now. This chaos is taking place as central planners conceal serious financial problems from the general public.

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West Much Closer To Collapse As Gold War Continues To Rage – Gold is being sold to mask the desperate situation the West faces going forward. “That can only continue for a certain period of time.  After that period of time you will have what is known as the greatest short squeeze the world has ever seen (in gold).

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The Great Disconnect Between Paper & Physical Silver – 

What the physical silver market is signaling is one of EXCEPTIONAL STRENGTH – I would now calculate JPMorgan’s net short position to be 23,000 contracts as of Tuesday March 26th. Simple math shows that JPMorgan held 96% of the total commercial short position of 24,000 contracts in the latest COT report.

I doubt such an extreme measure of concentration has ever occurred in any other regulated futures market. On this measure alone, it is safe to conclude that JPMorgan has manipulated the silver price in the last month(s), as there would be virtually no commercial short position in COMEX silver without this bank. That the CFTC and the CME Group can sit by and allow such an unnatural concentration to exist shows how inept and corrupt the regulators have become.

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Recent Action in Silver ETFs Is Bad News for Precious-Metals Bears – As most readers know, silver has a dual nature, serving as both a precious metal and an industrial metal. As a precious metal, it’s a store of value like gold – but since roughly half of its use is devoted to various industrial applications, its performance has a strong correlation to economic growth. And since most mainstream analysts are bullish on the global economy, the current surge in silver ETFs is likely a result of this optimism. After all, if you see economic recovery ahead, industrial demand for the metal will grow and the price would be expected to rise.

At the end of the day, we’re more inclined to buy silver for the same reasons we buy gold. While a case can be made for an improving economy, there’s an overwhelming one already built for government money-printing to result in a massive loss of purchasing power, and that argues for seeking the safe haven of precious metals – both of them. Don’t miss this opportunity: Prices are low right now, and that makes it time to buy.

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