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The Massive Breakdown & The Mother of All Fire Sales!

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April 16, 2013 7:25 am est

On a Personal Note…


Just FYI – In case you were not aware – Aside from great advise and good reading… The Silver News Surfer does sell silver and gold also.


I received a call from a new reader who said “thanks to your reports everyday it convinced me to buy silver, I just bought some from a supply in CA” Well, that”s nice! I’m glad I was able to help him decide to protect his wealth with silver and gold, but to read my report and go somewhere else to buy? He said he didn’t realize that I sold precious metals also, he thought it was just great advice! I though this was worth a mention!


There is an old saying that “you buy when there is blood in the streets” Well today, there are oceans of blood everywhere. Myself and so many others have never seen anything like this, ever! This short video from Dennis Gartman speaks multitudes.


It seemed like the world was on fire yesterday and the panic across the globe was enormous – it had an Erie feeling of 2008. Gold fell about $130, silver fell $2.50 and the Dow and S&P fell sharply also. I was trying throughout the day to find out what was causing this to happen and actually saw an individual say that “155 Tons Of Paper Gold Sold In Just One Hour!” – There are no tons of paper guys, just tons of gold and this is the smoke and mirrors that just stole your wealth!


I think the biggest mistake that a lot of people made yesterday was selling the precious metals because they were so scared that they lost the vision of why they bought in the first place and that was for LONG-TERM WEALTH PRESERVATION! Please don’t ever forget that.


Similar to 2008, people liquidated the ONLY thing that had value to cover margin calls on paper derivatives… how does that preserve wealth for the long term? If I am faced with a panic decision of having to lose “money” I would rather have let the equities fold and hang on to the real money, the truest form of wealth and that is silver and gold!


Please understand, I don’t take this lightly at all, I know a lot of you were faced with decisions you did not want to make, but let me remind you that on a percentage basis, there were MORE people sending cash in to BUY silver and gold than there were people selling! What is the difference between the 2 investors? One can see opportunity where the other sees destruction I guess – so kudos to those of you who had dollar cost average your positions WAY down!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


Eric Weigand

The Silver News Surfer



Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…



As the smoke begins to clear today, the biggest question on peoples mind is – Is it over? How low could it go? First I will say that I cannot believe that on April 15th 2013 I saw silver selling for $23 an ounce and gold at $1,350.


This is in my opinion a chance of a lifetime to accumulate wealth and crate even more generational wealth than even I thought possible! You see guys, to buy silver in this range of 22-23, silver only has to go back up to the upper end of the trade range of $36 to bring back a $14 dollar gain and at these massive discounts you can get so many more ounces.


Example: If you invest $245,000 and acquire 10,000 ounces of silver, and silver just goes back to $36 an ounce (don’t worry about the when, who cares if it takes a year, it will go there and a lot higher!) that would result in $110,000 gain on your $245,000 that’s about a 44% gain on your money – where else would you have the opportunity to do that in a PHYSICAL DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR MARKET?


Once you realize the magnitude of the manipulation, and that is all it was. It started out as manipulation and triggered heavy stops in the paper market and all of a sudden, look out below! Once you realize that nothing on the fundamental side has changed, then you look at this precise moment as a massive buying opportunity!




If you are still unclear about all this and how you can start to protect yourself, I have outlined the perfect plan and the ultimate strategy click here Also, as noted previously, I have created a plan of how you can preserve your wealth and create massive amounts of generational wealth.


If you liked the idea of protecting your wealth with gold at $1,600 and silver at the $29 handle, then you should love it down here.


Please understand this, I think it will help. Today, the dollar index is at 82.32 and with a rally in the dollar this means that today, I have more purchasing power right?


Well if I have more purchasing power and now, my favorite thing just went on sale, I should go load up right? It’s the same thing as going to WalMart and seeing your favorite item on the clearance rack – OMG you will take them all right?


As your adviser, I would only recommend you do the same thing here. Don’t go and spend your whole paycheck or take a second mortgage on the house and don’t go clearing the kids tuition fund, but you should be looking at where you can get your hands on as much cash as you can to cost average down, buy fresh here or simply buy an ounce or two – it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something!

Now, on to the breaking news that matters…

Amid fears of plummeting gold and silver prices of recent days, precious metals investors should take note That “nothing happened this week that reversed the decade long bullish trends for gold and silver.” the reasons for owning gold and silver have never been stronger. The price of gold and silver have been “correcting since 2011,” Instead of focusing on short-term “noise,” investors need to focus on the long-term benefits of investing in precious metals.

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Precious metal expert Rick Rule is not worried about the recent smack down in gold and silver prices.  Rule is motivated by wealth protection.  So, the price decline is a “nonevent.”  “I have extreme nervousness in regards to a collapse. . . . The only way we could avoid collapse is if we inflate away the net present value of our obligations.  In both sets of circumstances, I am personally more comfortable owning precious metals than not.” I also believe precious metals would hold their value over time UNLIKE most other asset classes.”

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How the Gold Market was Crashed – There’s been a recent huge draw down of physical gold at the New York COMEX and at the JP Morgan Chase depository. Look at the physical market draw down on the charts below. It has taken a drastic plunge. HOUSTON — we have a problem. Physical inventory drawdown at JPM

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This is exactly what I told you would happen. Busy signals and refusals of orders – Why would you wait until the last minute? You must hear this warning: Open your account now! Buy your Physical Metal Now! 

Bullion Shortages Develop As Retail Demand Skyrockets –

Gold and silver buyers are still outpacing sellers by 50 to 1.

On Monday there was such chaos in the markets that some of the larger wholesale dealers had to shut down at various times because of the massive demand on the buy side.  These wholesalers simply had to quit taking orders not only because of the demand, but also because of the enormous price volatility….

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Tragedy, Panic & The Greatest Short Squeeze In History – The paper market in gold is not a real market, and at some point in the near future paper gold holders will wake up and realize they are holding are worthless pieces of paper.  This is when the world will witness one of the greatest short squeezes in history as investors panic in to physical and the price of gold explodes to the upside.”

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Sell your paper and convert it to physical!

Adding insult to injury and likely intensifying the gold and silver smash over the next 48 hours, the CME has just announced an 18.5% margin increase in both gold and silver, effective after the close Tuesday 4/16.

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