What’s Going On In The Metals?

April 2, 2013 11:00 am est

Gold banks are flogging the paper market seeking to depress the price but without selling too much.  It is so obvious that this is a gold bank organized strategy to keep gold under $1600. Old lows will hold and the reversal will be at hand soon.  My strategy is to simply to do nothing about your current position except to add more to it at these beautiful levels!

Silver is taking a beating, but even the wounds from a beating heal and silver is no different. This is all from the big banks and not the average investor who is selling into the market.

The US mint just reported record sales for the first quarter of 2013!

The COT report showed 12 Million ounces of silver shorts covered last week!

Don’t worry guys, we are perfectly on schedule…

Be patient and keep stacking