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Afraid You’ll Outlive Your Retirement Savings?

May 3, 2013 9:14 am est

On a personal note…

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After reading this report today, I challenge you to take the test at the very bottom of the report – Afraid you’ll outlive your savings?

I will keep my commentary short today as I would like to call your attention to the research provided with regard to the potential threat to your retirement accounts. I have outlined the retirement threat in the past and as I feel that we are getting closer to the point of no return, I feel it’s worth a second, third and forth review.

It is my understanding and assumptions by my research that Uncle Sam and his friends will come after our retirement plans and not just the IRA’s either… 401K’s, savings, pensions… heck, they just want it all. This is a report that I hope wakes you up and I feel that this should be sifted through all weekend long – There is just too much supporting evidence, and if you act fast, you don’t have to be the victim of this confiscation of retirement wealth.

If you recall, I had written a piece about this unique strategy that is exclusive to The Silver News Surfer and maybe after reading through the research presented today, it may be worth a second look too… and maybe a phone call to allow me to explain – because there are solutions.

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Help You To Create Generational Wealth!

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Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…

Imagine for a moment that this retirement confiscation happened and you are in a panic and stricken with anger because you can’t believe this happened here in America – you realize that you could have taken action before, but you didn’t because you didn’t think it would come down to this…

Imagine that this retirement plan that I had devised would have saved you from the heartache of the unthinkable act by own government – The only problem is that you never even called to inquire as to what the detailed plan was and now your retirement is under the GRA plan (Government Retirement Plan)

How would that make you feel? How would you feel that you didn’t even call to give it a chance? A chance to find out what the heck The Silver News Surfer could have come up with that your own retirement planner hasn’t – Could it be a good viable solution? I guess you will have to call to find out.

Now, on to the breaking news that matters…

Ron Paul + Jim Rogers on the government: “They’ll use force and they’ll use intimidation…They won’t take our bank accounts…they will take our retirement accounts.” Someone please find this whole seminar video! I’ve seen a couple clips of it the past few days and with a panel like Rogers, Paul and Farge looks like a dream team.

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Retirement Crisis: Impoverished Seniors on the Horizon – The Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) has published its annual Retirement Confidence Survey which confirms what virtually all such surveys have concluded: 1) that Americans are living longer; and 2) that they do not have anywhere near enough saved for retirement.

The sad truth is, Americans do almost no thinking about what kind of retirement they want. They mistakenly assume that Social Security is a retirement program, when in fact it is a supplemental retirement program. The three legs of the retirement “stool”—Social Security, a pension, and private savings—have all seen some shrinkage in the past few years.

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Obama Turns America’s Retirement Dreams into Nightmares – If you think the U.S. government will not – or cannot – seize your money the way the government in Cyprus is doing, check out page 18 of the President’s Proposed Fiscal Year 2014 Budget of the U.S. Government. That’s exactly what he intends to do. Not years from now. Not decades from now. Today.  This is organized crime on an incomprehensible scale and, if it passes, it will be legal, too.

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Will Obama Really Confiscate Your Retirement Savings?  CNBC’s Larry Kudlow described the measure in a special editorial in the New York Sun as an “incredible and arbitrary limit or tax on — or even possible confiscation of — IRA-type tax-advantaged savings accounts.

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The Social Security Default – Obama just put out a budget with a de facto default. His new budget has a rule change that will unhook Social Security from one inflation data set to a “Chained CPI” that will reduce purchasing power.What this means is Social Security won’t keep up with inflation.

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Loans Borrowed Against Pensions Squeeze Retirees – To retirees, the offers can sound like the answer to every money worry: convert tomorrow’s pension checks into today’s hard cash. But these offers, known as pension advances, are having devastating financial consequences for a growing number of older Americans, threatening their retirement savings and plunging them further into debt.

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U.S. Government to Decide How Much is Enough For Your Retirement – The US government has had a multi-decade long monopoly on retirement savings (IRAs). Since they get to make the rules they get to decide just how much is enough for your retirement and that is exactly what will be happening next week when President Obama will be releasing his budget plan which will limit how much a wealthy individual can keep in those tax-reducing IRA plans and other retirement accounts.

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Is Retirement Nothing But a Pipe Dream for Americans?  The Employee Benefit Research Institute’s latest survey on retirement confidence shows that the majority of workers have saved for their golden years, but the piggybank is quite slim. Excluding the value of a primary home and any defined benefit plans, 57 percent of households say they have less than $25,000 in savings and investments. Twenty-eight percent say they have less than $1,000.

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2013 Tax Law Changes Affecting Your 401(k) And IRA – The thought of inflation strikes terror in the hearts of many Americans. For most of us, times are tough enough as it is. The last thing anyone wants is for the things they buy on a regular basis — milk, gas, bread, toothpaste, whatever — to get more expensive. But that’s what seems to be happening. The latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly Consumer Price Index — for January 2013 — show that the “all items index” increased by 1.6% in the past year before seasonal adjustment.

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Afraid you’ll outlive your savings? Here’s how to find out – if you fear that you will live on while your nest egg evaporates. Be very scared. That could well happen for several reasons. One, fewer workers have company pension plans of any kind. Two, incomes have not kept up with real inflation, not the goofy inflation numbers the government publishes. And, three, the rate of return on savings is, after taxes, flat-to-negative.

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