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Japan Overnight Stock Market Crash Leads To Global Sell Off

May 23, 2013 9:19 am est

On a Personal Note…


Just FYI – In case you were not aware – Aside from great advice and good reading… The Silver News Surfer does sell silver and gold also.

It looks like I got it spot on yesterday when I stated that the FED has way too much power over the markets, Michael Pento for one agreed with my statement – Read Here. – After Bernanke’s statement that the FED would stay highly accomodative (print money) to policy, both silver, gold and stocks moved up significantly, then “traders” read the minutes of the meeting of last week and found that the FED hinted at pulling back on easing as soon as June and of course, the market tumbled…. Up Down Up Down, it’s getting me dizzy!

Which is it Ben? He reminds me of an economist that I read from time to time who says in his summery that the market could go up big or could come down big. I mean, which is it? Again, does it even matter? All you have to do is sit quiet for 60 minutes and think about the entire economy as a whole and the what ifs – What would happen to the stock market if the FED did pull back the juice? I think it would tumble similar to what we saw overnight last night in the Nikkei, then interest rates would spike and the buzz about hyperinflation would kick in like we’ve never seen and silver and gold would explode!

Either way, print or don’t print, it shouldn’t change your mind one bit about being involved on a portfolio percentage basis in the physical precious metals in today’s environment.

I will be taking a break from sending the reports from Friday through Monday and will resume on Tuesday morning.

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Help You To Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


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Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…

I would encourage you to take a quick glance at these very powerful and very informative previous posts I’ve presented to you – if knowledge is power, after reviewing these posts, you should feel like superman with all the information to make an educated decision related to your silver and gold investments.

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The only thing I can say today about protecting your wealth is the same thing I say over and over – Not because I am a broken record or a one way thinker, it’s because I take the time to research the facts – How is this done? With countless hours of surfing the Internet for the worlds most trusted sources and that means tuning out the garbage from the talking heads in the  “mainstream media”.

Getting down to the facts is not an easy task, it takes a tremendous amount of time and valuable resources. With that in mind, it is the core reason that so many of you follow my research everday and I truly appreciate that.

The question is… how important is this research to you the end user? How am I to know if you enjoy it – would change it – get bored of it or even have topped reading it?

I would like to ask you – all of you to take just 5 minutes and email me or call me with any questions, concerns, comments. I spend countless hours on this research for you everyday, week, month and year – all I would ask is that you take just 5 minutes and give me some feedback.

There are no stupid questions or comments – I can only imagine how many of you may be thinking the same thing and are afraid (or too busy) to ask… Here’s your chance!


In closing, I would like to pay a special tribute to the victims of the tornado in Oklahoma that has taken the lives of children and adults in places that are supposed to be safe – I cannot imagine what they are going through right now with the loss of life and the loss of the very places they called home.

There are a lot of people left with absolutely nothing and if you are like me and your heart goes out to those families, I think we can all reach in together to help – to help them and to help yourselves at the same time, so here is what I have decided to do…

For all of you or any of you considering purchasing physical silver and gold from The Silver News Surfer, I will commit 10% of my proceeds to helping the victims of this unthinkable tragedy – So when you are buying silver and gold at these phenomenal entry points with our phenomenal pricing structure, you are also helping the victims of the tornado devastation in Oklahoma. I will continue with this financial dedication until June 5th and when a check is presented it will have the names of all who have purchased and contributed to the financial relief efforts through The Silver News Surfer!

As stated above, we can’t do everything alone, but if we stand together as one, we CAN make a difference!

May Health, Wealth & Success Be Yours, and Theirs!

Now, on to the breaking news that matters…

Japan Stock Market Crash Leads To Global Sell Off – We had no idea how right we would be because the second Japan opened, its bond futures market was halted on a circuit breaker as the 10 Year bond plunged to their lowest level since early 2012, hitting 1% and leading to massive Mark to Market losses for Japanese banks, as we also warned would happen.

That was just the beginning, and suddenly the realization crept in that the plunging yen at this point is not only negative for banks, but for the entire stock market, leading to what until that point was a solid up session for the Nikkei to the first rumblings of a risk-off.

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The Government Theft of Retirement Accounts Has Begun – First of all, our government is not the enemy. This is not the government we are dealing with. We are battling organized crime in the form of corporations like Goldman Sachs who have hijacked our government. They are lining up for the last great garage sale before they collapse the economy and roll out martial law. There are forces lining up to steal everything that you and I own. It has already begun but this country is so dumbed down, we do not see that it has already started.

The Treasury Department once again is taking federal retirement programs to buy the government more time to increase the nation’s debt ceiling. And why does the government need to raise the debt ceiling?

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Mandatory Savings Accounts Are Coming Your Way – The retirement savings crisis in America has brought us to this point: It’s a near certainty that mandatory savings accounts are in the future of anyone with a full- or part-time job. 73% of investors agree that keeping money safe is more important than seeking returns. This level of safety is understandable, given the turmoil that portfolios have endured the last dozen years.

But it also speaks to the need for a mandatory savings program, as the relatively few who are saving anything on their own are doing so in ways that are unlikely to produce the nest egg they’ll need later in life.

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Systemic Breakdown? Financial Bubbles Creating Conditions for New Crash – t is a sure sign of the systemic breakdown of the global capitalist system that the very measures put in place to try to prevent a crisis are creating the conditions for a financial meltdown beyond even the scale of 2008. For almost five years the world’s major central banks have pumped an estimated $7 trillion into financial markets with the stated aim of trying to spark an economic recovery.

Economic data from around the world indicate that it has been a manifest failure. In other words, a new financial shock could call the stability of the central banks themselves into question. Unlike the situation in 2008-2009, they would be unable to mount a rescue operation.

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Warren Buffett ready for a stock market crash with a record $49bn in cash – Of course, it would then have to reverse course again after a stock market crash to stop the world falling apart. But the message would have gotten home. Stocks are no win-win when the US economy is barely expanding and the rest of the world is slowing down. The market climb back up would be against a steeper wall of worry than we now face, which everybody assumes, is a one-way bet.

That would not worry our old friend the Sage of Omaha with his cash mountain. As we saw in 2008 when Mr. Buffett even managed a nice turn on the rescue of Goldman Sachs the old boy knows how to play a crash brilliantly. Then again you can only do this if you have the cash to do it. He has it and would the world’s greatest investor be sat on cash if he really thought there was more money to be made in stocks?

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Gold To Advance A Stunning $2,000+ From Current Levels – Top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick’s team sent KWN three extraordinary gold charts illustrating why gold is headed for a massive $2,000+ gain from current levels.  KWN is pleased to share this information with our global readers.  Below is what top Citi analyst Fitzpatrick’s team had to say along with three very powerful charts.

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Paper Gold Being Sold & Metal Gold Being Bought – Here’s Why It Makes Sense – If you remember, there are two types of ‘gold’ for sale. One is metal, the other is paper. It is paper gold that is being dumped not the metal. Paper gold is being sold and those selling it are the likes of Soros Fund Management LLC and BlackRock Inc….Does that mean Soros and BlackRock no longer want gold? No, it does not. It says they don’t want paper gold. They don’t want paper claims of gold. They want the real stuff!

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