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The Healthy Gold & Silver Bull & The Sick Dollar Bear

May 31, 2013 9:28 am est

On a Personal Note…

Just FYI – In case you were not aware – Aside from great advice and good reading… The Silver News Surfer does sell silver and gold also.

I wanted to point out 3 things today…

One: We are at an all time high in the Dow & S&P 500 and at a major resistance in the US Dollar index – Thus, the question becomes “Why Is The Smart Money Suddenly Getting Out Of Stocks And Real Estate?”  Do they know something you don’t? Do the wealthy and the elite have friends in high places that tell them things before they happen? Heck no – That would be insider trading and that would be illegal right?

Two: The striking similarities between the correction of 2008 and 2013 both in price and media attention.

Three: I asked last week to name one thing… just one thing that I can purchase today that is cheaper than it was 3 years ago and nobody responded. I think its because you know what is right – Everything today is much more expensive than it was 3 years ago… gas is more than double, my food bill is up more than double, restaurants, movies, you name it.

So if we are at all time highs in the equities and 3 year lows in silver and gold, wouldn’t it make sense to rotate your portfolio?

It appears that the USD is no longer the cleanest dirty shirt – but precious metals, perhaps? And amid all this chaos in fiat and non-fiat currency markets, equities and bonds remain somewhat stoic. This is the biggest 2-day drop in the USD in 19 months. These are chaotic movements in colossal markets (that dwarf equity market capitalization) – but of course, none of that matters.

The Great Rotation


The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Help You To Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


Eric Weigand

The Silver News Surfer


Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…

Stocks are melting down courtesy of the exact issues I’ve outlined over the last month, namely:

1) The Japanese bond market is imploding.

2) Stocks are in a bubble and ready to burst.

3) The US Dollar Index is at a 52 week high and losing steam.

4) Central Banks are losing control of the system.

5) The FED continues to print $85 Billion per month – I repeat $5 BILLION PER MONTH.

If you’ve not already prepared for the next Crash, you need to get going now.

I can show you how… Please, allow me to help you! A Savvy, smart investor will take a recommendation when it is given, not after the move is over. As long as the recommendation is sound and has a specific goal attached to it both for the upside potential as the downside risks.

Indeed, while 99.9% of investors lost their shirts in 2008, the “smart” money bought silver and gold when everybody hated it the most and as we well know the story – Silver went from $10 an ounce in the beginning of 2009 to a staggering $48 in the beginning of 2011.

So, if you had the financial wherewithal to purchase just 10,000 ounces of silver for $100k in ’09 and sold it in ‘11 for $480k you would have a profit of $380K in only 2 years! What did your stocks do? … Want to do it again? Here is your chance!

The similarities are incredibly eye popping and too obvious to miss.

’08 – Bears were coming out of the woodwork yelling that silver and gold were dropping to $200 & $2 and there was never any need for physical money when the FED has it all under control.

’13 – Bears coming out of the woodwork and yelling silver and gold Bull Run is over when it hasn’t even gotten started yet. Saying there is never any need for physical money when the FED has it all under control.

’08 – Silver dropped from $21 an ounce to $9, which lost a little over 50% of its price (never value)

’13 – Silver dropped from $48 an ounce to the lowest of $20.80, which is a little over half of its price (but again, never value)

What will the future hold?… Will silver continue to drop further from here? Nobody knows where the bottom is even though some may try to “pick it” But I can tell you we are a heck of a lot closer to the bottom of this correction than we are to the top and this is where you want your entry points!

Now, on to the breaking news that matters…

The Dying Dollar and the Rise of a New Currency Order -For years now, the collapse of the dollar has been in the cards. Recent developments show mounting pressure on the dollar’s reserve currency status. The problem for the United States will be to manage the transition. Trillions of dollars that will no longer be needed will have to be repatriated and this will lead to very strong inflationary pressures at home. It is unclear how the Fed is going to deal with that. It probably can’t. Furthermore, the US is probably in the worst of positions to deal with a new Gold standard. They claim to have 8,000 tonnes of Gold in Fort Knox, but nobody really believes that…People Don’t Believe anything they say anymore!

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The Death Of The Dollar? Some experts are saying that the problems of the dollar are like a time-bomb ready to explode. Some are predicting that the dollar will shrink rapidly over the next two years and it will lose its top place as the world’s reserve currency by 2015. In the 1950s the dollar was 90% of total foreign currency holdings around the world. The dollar has definitely lost out to other currencies that are stronger. If there is a continued move and the dollar shrinks, then the resulting catastrophe that will ensue will have a spiral effect on the already enormous US budget deficit (over $1 trillion a year on average).

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Is the Dollar Dying? Why US Currency Is in Danger – “The No. 1 security issue we have as a nation is the preservation of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency,” said Michael Pento, president of Pento Portfolio Strategies. “It’s a thousand times more important than a nuclear bomb being tested by North Korea. It’s a thousand times more important that we keep the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and yet we are doing everything to abuse that status.” The dollar’s seemingly precarious status is why Pento remains bullish on gold and believes the dollar’s demise as the premier reserve currency could end even sooner than Bove predicts perhaps by 2015.

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Huge Rally Fuel in Place for Gold Futures – HOUSTON — Sometimes the data we gold analysts track tells a story that looks unbelievable in the current environment.  That’s assuming we apply our usual analysis to it and ignore the flood of news flowing at us by the minute.  By unbelievable we mean in an epic, potentially explosive sort of way.  The one thing we are pretty confident in predicting is that the current downward impulse for gold will exhaust itself at some point.  When it does, there is a tremendous amount of “high octane rally fuel” already in place to make watching for it very interesting.

We have to admire the courage of those willing to sell gold short in this, very imbalanced environment, knowing that a reversal could occur any moment and that it could be epic in its violence.  Rest assured we have neither the courage nor the inclination to do so ourselves.

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5 Signs Of An Imminent Gold & Silver Price Rally – While the markets have been very volatile lately, hence difficult to predict, it is reasonable to expect a bounce in the price of gold and silver. We hasten to say that nobody can predict the future, so our expectation could turn out to be wrong. To be more precise, the probability of higher prices is higher than the probability of lower prices, at least in the short run. Here is why…

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You Gotta See this Puppy – The Long Wait (nearly 21 months) is Almost Over. We’ve either seen the bottom in this long correction, or we’re extremely close.  Worldwide money printing is ongoing.  Unless and until monetary inflation (monetary destruction) turns into price inflation (and it will), the expectation is that the printing presses will continue to produce paper.

The longer the stand-off between central banks adding to the money supply, and the gold price being suppressed by bullion banks selling contracts that represent nothing but ‘I-owe-U’s, the higher the price of physical gold and silver will ultimately rise.

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Why This Summer May See Huge Upside For Gold & Silver – “I had been telling you about the enormous physical demand for both gold and silver and now these markets are beginning to respond.  Both markets are doing very well today on continued US dollar weakness.  We are also continuing to see tremendous physical demand around the world for both gold and silver.

We are getting into the summer and what is considered to be a slower time period, but there is a lot of European debt that is coming due this summer.  “The fundamentals for both gold and silver are incredibly powerful and extremely bullish for the metals going forward.  It seems the worst may be behind us and it will be very interesting to see how the next leg higher in this secular bull market in gold and silver unfolds.”

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Jim Rogers hasn’t sold any of his gold (GLD, IAU), calling the metal’s correction “overdue” and…

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