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What You Ought To Know About Gold, Silver & Your IRA

May 10, 2013 9:39 am est

On a Personal Note…

Just FYI – In case you were not aware – Aside from great advice and good reading… The Silver News Surfer does sell silver and gold also.

As you know I has been talking for sometime about a wealth building strategy that I have developed but wanted to keep exclusive to The Silver News Surfer…. And today you are going to learn what this strategy is and how powerful it can be for you.

I’m sure some days you scan through my reports as they are published everyday, but today, I will ask you to take the time and read this one word for word.

I’ve decided to release my strategy to the masses because I felt that there were not enough of you calling to inquire about this unique strategy – (I’m not sure if you knew this but… I don’t bite – I might growl sometimes, but I definitely don’t bite.) So again, putting your needs and concerns before my own, I’ve decided to take the risk of other people confiscating my idea and strategy for you… Lets just hope you see the value in the strategy and act on it quickly.

Before continuing on, it may be a good idea that you revisit the piece I wrote “Afraid You’ll Outlive Your Retirement Savings?” and also review “The Greatest Retirement Grab In History”  Because this strategy has everything to do with your retirement nest egg and the confiscation of your assets by the socialist powers at the helm.

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Help You To Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Eric Weigand

The Silver News Surfer


Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…

Regardless of your age, everyone must consider the fact that with the Government policies today and the erosion of purchasing power due to the massive money printing in the US, we who have saved for retirement still may not have enough money to live out the rest of days in the comfort we once thought.

The retirement age used to be 65 years old and today, many seniors find themselves having to work until their 70’s or even into their 80’s. just to keep up with living expenses such as medical bills, prescription medications, food and energy costs… It’s overwhelming to say the least.

Today, the laws are ever-changing with regards to what you can contribute to your IRA’s and for 2013 they cap it at $5,500 and we are also told that we should have no more than $3 million.

It is true that you can have multiple IRA accounts, but even with multiple accounts, the contribution is still $5,500 for all accounts, not individually. With that aside, the risks of retirement confiscation is extremely high, but here is what you’ve been missing… It always has been confiscated – confiscated through devaluing our currency and stock market crashes such was the case of 2008 where people that I talk to had lost 40% of they’re retirement savings.This short video from “60 Minutes” gives a great analogy of people losing their 401K plans. (Caution: This video is extremely emotional)

It’s my opinion that nobody has the right to tell me how much I can or cannot save for my personal retirement. If I am making 250K per year and can only put a maximum of $5,500 in a retirement account… what good is that?

The average person starts a retirement plan in their mid 30’s and if they contribute $5,500 per year until they are 75, that’s only $220,000 and even with an average of 6% return per year, the earnings are being confiscated through inflation and devalue dollars – Not to mention the massive systemic risks and Wall Street corruption we are facing today where systems fail and collapse and the largest trusted banks and institutions have gone bankrupt and investors are out all of their money… Does MF Global & PFG Best ring a bell to any of you?

I do realize that stocks, bonds and annuities are conventional ways of investing, however, I’m sure you’d agree that these are unconventional times we live in. So to shift your portfolio around in turbulent times like these does not make one barbaric or un-patriotic as Warren Buffet would lead you to believe.

So wouldn’t it be high time to make some changes and adapt to new times in order to truly preserve your wealth and if you’re lucky – create some generational wealth to pass on? After all, we see that the corruption from the big banks and government officials is the new norm – Whereas they blatantly and in our faces manipulate the system and the markets we invest in and when/if they are caught… they don’t go to jail?


I feel I have come up with a solution to this problem – Is it the perfect solution? Hell no! But at least I dare to think outside the box and take matters into my own hands and out of the thieves hands!

We should all know by now that the only true safe haven that has stood the test of time in any condition is physical silver and gold – However, silver and gold offer no dividends per month to live off of and is basically a lump on a log. However, this lump on a log has been for 5,000 the preserver of wealth, the protector of purchasing power and the creator of generational wealth the world has even known!

May I remind you of this brief video I put together that explains how it works – may I also remind you that in 2001 when silver was trading at only $4 an ounce you could have bought 25,000 ounces of the shiny stuff for $100,000 and put it into a corner and let the dust settle on top of it and today at $24 it would be worth $600,000.

After you let that sink in, try to remind yourself how much that you complain that “silver is down” today and you feel like it will never lift back up. Remind yourself that today and everyday, you blow $24 on useless stuff from the time you leave your home to go to work and by the time you get home from work! I look at the price of silver, the most undervalued asset in the world today and can’t believe for the life of me it’s only $24 – It’s not only a monetary metal, but its also an industrial metal in short supply! $24 bucks? Come on guys – Put your thinking caps on!

Silver and gold are similar to the IRAs you set up for yourself – they are to be utilized as IRA’s and they are to be viewed as long term holds. If you use silver and gold to do what they are designed to do… you will always win!

Also, I want you to understand the most important value that silver and gold have when utilized properly – It is stored in a 3rd party, independent depository in an allocated account just for you. It is outside of the fragile and corrupt financial system and the “bad boys” cannot confiscate it from you in the same manner they can with the IRA’s you hold today that are inside the financial system.

However, there’s even more benefits to it…

Here is the strategy you’ve been waiting for… 

I have created a plan whereas you can set up several different accounts related to each specific financial need and financial goal you have. These accounts will be designated different account numbers so as you can tell them apart and add to each one as concerns arise and one concern becomes greater that the other over time.

For example:

Lets say that you want an account set up to use as an IRA – something where nobody is telling you how much you can contribute or what your maximum account size should be. Something you don’t touch and expect the future value to be greater than today’s value… we can do that!

Lets say that you have concerns about future rising healthcare costs and you want to dedicate an account that you can contribute to from time to time, just not as heavily as the others… we can do that!

Lets say that you have the foresight to see that as your parents age, they will require more medical attention and more expenses for medication or worse… They need to move in with you and your family because they can not afford to live on their own and the funds they saved for retirement have been evaporated through rising costs and devalued dollars – now they need your help. You can either have them move in with you and your family or you could have been one of the lucky ones who has read this strategy and set up a little account to be able to put them into an assisted living facility… we can o that!

Lets assume that you want an account for trading. A strategy to buy low and sell high and buy low again to take advantage of volatility so you can make short term profits to live off of or simply accumulate additional funds to add to the other precious metals accounts… we can do that too!

You see guys, with setting up different accounts for your different investment goals, life is more simple, easier to manage as the surprises of life pop up from time to time.

This is an unconventional idea for an unconventional time and again, the further away from the financial system you are, the better off you will be. There are very low minimums and no maximums of what each account can hold… You are the owner, you are the CEO to the account!

There may come a time to shift your portfolio around again down the road, but as far as my headlights can see, that will be a considerable time down that long dark road ahead, so adjust your strategies today.

To wrap up, I want to encourage you to think about this strategy I have laid out for you and to consider the facts and numbers and also know one more piece of valuable information…

You will never be in this alone – I am here to help you, to guide you and accomplish your investment goals together with you!

Call me with any questions or to get started today!

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