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When Nothing Seems Normal, Here’s What to Do…

May 20, 2013 8:47 am est

On a Personal Note…

Just FYI – In case you were not aware – Aside from great advice and good reading… The Silver News Surfer does sell silver and gold also.

I spent an entire weekend researching my tail off and with silver being treated to a massive smash to $20.69 on Globex Open in the East, (6pm EST, US) we can throw all that hard work out the window and start a new this morning…


Last week I asked you folks to try and come up with one, just one item that you can buy today that is cheaper in price than it was 3 years ago… You couldn’t do it could you? This should tell you how truly undervalued silver is right now – People who look at silver and gold at these levels and are still “thinking about it” probably did the same thing in 2010 and into 2011 and missed a 100% return in the matter of 6 months.

Investors make money when the have the keen eye to spot something that is undervalued and in high demand… But let me make one thing crystal clear – If I thought for one minute that there were a change in the fundamentals and the core reasons for ownership of silver and gold, I would not be trying to “trick” you into buying them, I would simply turn my website into an American success story – “How America Went From $17 Trillion in Debt, To Complete Solvency in Under 5 Years.” or something like that.

The unfortunate truth is that we can no longer trust the powers to be to tell us the truth – The reports coming at us like the Silver COT – The Day the Numbers Lied and the language used by the FED about stopping the Bond purchases by the end of 2013 is in my opinion just chatter to try to control and manipulate the markets to their gain – When the IMF warns… Exiting QE could ‘undermine the recovery’ who do we believe?

One last thought is this – If the FED did stop the QE’s and the economy had to stand on it’s own 2 feet after 5 years of being dosed with the strongest drug every day, how do you think the markets would react? Think about it for just a minute… Don’t you think there would be a massive run to safety? To quality? And where do you think that safety and quality would be? I don’t think it would be the bond market or treasuries…

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Help You To Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Eric Weigand

The Silver News Surfer


Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…

When all else fails and nothing seems normal and you can’t believe anything anyone is saying anymore what can an investor do? Simple, Stick with the fundamentals like these Gold Bullion: 4 Fundamental Facts  and The Last Investable Moment For Silver as well as The Sell-Off In The Precious Metals and Mining Stocks Is Just Plain Silly Now – they will never let you down.

The reason I say stick to the fundamentals is because when a specific market is being manipulated like silver and gold, you might as well throw your charts out the window, they become useless! I pointed out in last weeks report where Bo Polny was calling for Tuesday to mark the bottom in the silver price – In fact he said that the price was insignificant, it was the date that was most important… and even he got it wrong… very wrong! Does that mean he doesn’t know what he is talking about? No! It just means the cartel is stronger than any chart available.

One thing is for certain, as I’ve said before, we are a lot closer to the bottom of this market, than we are to the top and that’s why, if you are a smart investor, or you want to be, you will start to average in and stay with physical metal not paper proxies.


There is a lot to say about the thought process of an investor – We are glued to the screens, sweating like we’re in a sauna, worried about losing our life savings and the feelings are justified because we read things like It’s Official: Gold Is Now The Most Hated Asset Class.

As we’ve said before, we are in uncharted territory and this is where we must look and learn from the past and focus our eyes on the future and tune out the daily noise – How will you feel when all this corruption that is going on (starting from the very top) is exposed and then you realize how bad you were lied to ?

There is more strength in ownership ladies and gentlemen. Again, I stand before you and urge you to dump those margined ETF’s, SLV’s, Futures contracts – even at a loss! I know it sounds crazy, but in the words of a very wise Mark Twain, “I am more concerned with the return OF my money, than the return ON my money”.

For those of you who were completely wiped out and lost everything in this massive decline, I would still recommend buying PHYSICAL silver and gold down here on a one-to-one, dollar for dollar basis because I believe that the only way for you to make up for any losses is going to be with physical silver, especially at these levels.

Keep in mind, silver and gold will never go to zero and as soon as the cartel is done raping and pillaging silver and gold, it will resume it’s bull market trend…

Now, on to the breaking news that matters…

Silver Market Update: May 19, 2013 – The latest COTs and sentiment indicators are now strongly bullish, so that although it may well break to lower lows soon, it is thought unlikely that there will be much downside follow through before it hits bottom. We can see all this on its 9-month chart below, and how it is clinging on by its fingernails to the support at the April lows. Before leaving this chart, notice the large gap between the price and the 200-day moving average, which just by itself is a positive factor.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these two info-graphics are worth a bullion – They are very short and definitely worth a quick look….

Visualizing The Silver Squeeze

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The Great Gold Rout

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BREAKING NEWS – HKMEx has announced it will voluntarily cease trading, and all open positions will be closed out and financially (cash) settled on Monday 5/20! 

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Gold Supply And Demand Fundamentals: Q1 2013 –  It is somewhat odd to see that investment demand in the form of bars and coins climbed by a healthy 10.3%, while ETF investment demand turned negative and total holdings dropped by over 7%. Some of this divergence can be explained by investors exiting paper positions in precious metals in favor of taking possession of the physical metal.

This decision stems from a growing distrust of the banks and financial institutions that act as custodians for the popular gold and silver ETFs. Many precious metals investors do not believe that the funds actually hold all of the physical to back up the paper claims.

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Gold & Silver Smash & What Soros & Major Players Are Doing – Today one of the savviest and well connected hedge fund managers in the world spoke with King World News about the high volume takedown in the gold and silver markets and what major players such as Soros and other are doing right now.  Outspoken Hong Kong hedge fund manager William Kaye also discussed who is on the buy side of all of this selling.  Kaye, who 25 years ago worked for Goldman Sachs in mergers and acquisitions, had this to say in this tremendous interview.

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Submitted by Deepcaster: “Nothing is normal: not the economy, not the financial system, not the financial markets and not the political system.  The system remains still in the throes and aftershocks of the 2008 panic and the near-systemic collapse, and from the ongoing responses to same by the Federal Reserve and federal government.  Further panic is possible and hyperinflation is inevitable.   What continues to unfold in the systemic and economic crises is just an ongoing part of the 2008 turmoil.

All the extraordinary actions and interventions bought a little time, but they did not resolve the various crises.  That the crises continue can be seen in deteriorating economic activity and in the panicked actions by the Federal Reserve, where it proactively is monetizing U.S. Treasury debt at a pace suggestive of a Treasury that is unable to borrow otherwise. -John Williams, ShadowStats

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