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Bullion Coin Demand Still At ‘Unprecedented’ Levels

June 6, 2013 9:20 am est

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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Help You To Create Generational Wealth!

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Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…

As you know, we as a nation are about $17 Trillion in debt, $73 Trillion if you include unfunded liabilities – I get a sick feeling in my gut when I am reminded about those staggering numbers, it’s shameful.

We used to be a nation of innovative builders, developers, and producing some of the worlds best products and now we’ve become a nation of borrowers, in debt “up to our eyeballs” as mom used to say. We are in a situation where our own FED, our Central bank has to buy up our own bonds because nobody else wants them.

Why do I mention this? I stumbled upon this research this morning that said “US Is Secretly Collecting Records of Verizon Calls”  Really guys? Really? For what reason? We already know they monitor emails… and now phone records?

With this kind of debt and this kind of unfavorable market intervention, manipulation, joblessness, homelessness, bankruptcy, hungry children, unemployed military VETS, college students – and the list goes on……. and on….. We are spending more money that we don’t have on someone sifting through phone records of millions and millions of people?

Sorry about the rant guys, but this really ticks me off – Also, I stumbled upon this lovely piece of research that I’m sure you will appreciate “View Source Here”

Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-government,(just in case they are monitoring this email)  I just want to back to a time where George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln were presidents and what they and that honor stood for.

A time when our kids could pray in schools instead of bringing guns to school – a time where my kids could “pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Now, on to the breaking news that matters…

U.S. bullion coin demand still at ‘unprecedented’ levels – US Mint “Demand right now is unprecedented. We are buying all the coin (blanks) they can make,” Richard Peterson, acting director of the U.S. Mint, said in an interview referring to the Mint’s suppliers. So while physical demand for gold and silver remain unprecedented while the US Mint continues to set sales record after sales record (not to mention the physical gold premium touching $120/oz in Shanghai in April), the MSM would have you believe the gold and silver bull markets have ended.

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You thought central bank money printing was at an end? Don’t bet on it – The world economy is still in a very deep hole, with major structural imbalances still largely unaddressed. Any attempt to apply the brakes would only choke off what remains a very fragile and unconvincing recovery, tipping some major economies back into recession.

As if to prove the point, there were two absolute shockers in the data from the world’s two leading economies on Monday. Both the US and China saw a contraction in manufacturing activity in May. But worry not. In the “through the looking glass” world occupied by financial markets, what for the real economy looks like unadulterated bad news can, in fact, be seen as good news, for it may mean that central banks are forced into another burst of money printing after all.

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Gold To Surge As Fed Pursues Radical New Policy – “It feels like the market is starting to turn more positive for gold and precious metals.  We’ve had this very sharp correction in Japan and the Japanese bond market is in shambles.  We’ve seen interest rates here start to edge higher, and of course in the last few days the stock market has started to falter. While it’s still early in the whole process, I have a sense that this is approaching some critical points for gold….

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Gold Will Be Damn Explosive To The Upside – You’ve got a very powerful, explosive setup.  Meanwhile, all of this paper gold that’s short has all been shipped to the Chinese and the Indians, and the physical buyers, they are not puking that back out.  You’ve seen this massive transfer of gold, from paper gold in the West, to physical gold in the East.

And the next time the bears, who are wrong to be short, have to cover, and the sold-out bulls have to pile back in, it’s going to be pretty damn explosive.  Then the market will be going up when the news is constructive, and who knows how high the market may decide to go?

Everybody and his brother is bearish.  I get sent two articles a day about some knucklehead who’s bearish on gold.  Well, you know what?  They are all bearish for the same two reasons:  The chart looks bad, and the price is wrong.  Like they know what the price (should be).  How do any of us know what the price is supposed to be?  It’s just a price.

But in any case, the fundamentals dictate you have to own gold to protect yourself.  How much is up to you … Maybe we are going to explode out of here.  The setup is explosive.  Gold has been going down for 18 months now or just about.  So, essentially it’s been in a bear market since the fall of 2011.

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Comex Gold Registered Ounces Available Nearing All Time Low – The Risk of Rehypothecation – This is a great piece to help you understand the meaning and the process of Rehypothecation…

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JPMorgan Parts With Another 21,000 Ounces Of Gold, Holdings Drop To New Record Low – Those tens of thousands of outstanding delivery requests against JPM are finally starting to make their way through the pipeline: following the withdrawal of 28,380 ounces of gold after nearly one month of radiosilence out of the vault located below 1 CMP, today the CME reported [2]that another 21k troy ounces of eligible gold were withdrawn from the bank (coupled with the reallocation of another 8.8K registered into eligible), taking the total to a fresh record low of 767,752 ounces. In the meantime the delivery notices keep climbing [4], and in the month of June, JPM accounts for over 80% of all delivery activity:

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