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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Get Ready For Stupid, Crazy, Ridiculously Low Silver Prices!

June 21, 2013 9:01 am est

On a personal note...

Regardless of the reason for the price smash, either manipulated or technical – The fundamentals for ownership have not changed one bit, in fact, they have only got stronger.

If you have bought silver and gold at 28, 30, 32 or 35, do not question your decision.

I would say that if you bought up there and you bought for the right reasons (long term ownership) than you will love this opportunity to cost average lower… a lot lower.

At the end of the day, you have two choices… You can either wait until silver gets back to that range just to break even on your purchase, or you can load up with even more of a good thing at these levels and make money on the way back up to your purchase price – It’s really that simple!

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…


Well that sucked for some and for others it seemed like an early Christmas gift! My phone was ringing off the hook with orders like I’ve never seen before – Sorry if I didn’t get your call, but today is another day, please try again.

Everyone, even your kids need to get ready for ridiculously low buy prices for silver. Heck, my kids walk around with $19 bucks in their pocket on a daily basis.

Seriously friends, Here is where BIG money will be made. This is a phenomenal buying opportunity and anyone that doesn’t buy down here really doesn’t understand about silver and gold, protecting purchasing power and creating generational wealth.

I’d like you to put today’s report in your email archives so we can refer back to it over the next 6-12 months because I want you to mark my words… Silver & Gold will be multitudes higher when people realize they’ve been tricked, lied to and herded like sheep by the FED and their ridiculous statements.

Just look at interest rates rising, look at the bond market… and some don’t think they should buy silver and gold down here?

Maybe I was asleep when the FED statement was released, but I thought I heard them say that we will continue with ultra low interest rates, we will continue to buy $85 billion in securities every month and that unemployment was still elevated. I also heard that that may increase or decrease asset purchases based on economic conditions. Then, correct me if I’m wrong, but Thursday’s job data sucked pond water!

Remember, It is these fundamental factors that you cannot lose sight of guys, not for one minute. This economy is not improving at the rate they want you to believe it is. I wish it were.

After watching Bloomberg last night, John Hummel said Gold Coming Back As A Store Of Value – Coming back? I never knew it left! It was a good listen, but again… coming back?

Gold and silver investors should realize that these are long term investments and the daily gyrations are nothing to be concerned with because over time and through all the manipulation, real money – Honest money and true wealth will prevail.

Also on Bloomberg, Sri-Kumar, he said it right –  Get Out Of Paper And Get Into Physical Gold As A Store Of Wealth 

On May 27th, Matterhorn Asset Management released a story called Major shocks will become the norm from now on” Damn! Did they nail that statement! If they were right about that, maybe they are right about this… View Here 

You see guys, all I can do is do my best in trying to teach, educate and prove beyond ANY reasonable doubt that silver and gold should represent anywhere from 15%-30% (some more) of your over-all portfolio. I hope I’m doing an OK job!

Allow me to assist you in understanding these ever changing and challenging financial markets and more importantly, how you can profit on the upside potential and protect yourself from the downside risks….

Now, Onto The Breaking News That Matters…


Schiff – ‘Vicious’ Gold Rally Is Coming – Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital argues that the Fed won’t be able to taper quantitative easing — actually, they’ll have to increase it. He expects that will cause a “vicious” rally in gold.

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Marc Faber – Personally Buying Physical Gold Here – Some technical factors would suggest that we are approaching at least an intermediate low because the commercials which are essentially hedgers, they are people that produce gold and so continuously hedge at the present time they have an extremely low short exposure. In other words, basically they’re accumulating gold.

Secondly, gold is close to $1300 compared to, say, $700 in 2008; the conditions in the mining industry are horrible. The exploration companies are running out of money, and industry conditions are worse than they were in 2008. So I think that a lot of supply that potentially would have come to the markets through new exploration will simply not be there. In addition to that, I think that in emerging economies, selling funds, central banks and individuals who continue to accumulate gold, physical gold is very bullish.

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“Criminal” Paper Derivative Selling Used To Crush Gold Market – What’s being done here is criminal, but there won’t be any investigation by the SEC, CFTC or the powers that be because they are sanctioning it. “This is a manipulation of the paper market, not of the physical market. You don’t go and trade out of gold and try to time the market because JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs decide they are going to take down the price by $70 to $75 in order to try to scare you out of the market.

So investors have to hang in there and weather these lows.  We have seen this all before.  And who really gives a damn about what Bernanke says?  The Fed is buying up $85 billion worth of bonds every month.  The world has witnessed an unprecedented amount of money creation and at some point it’s going to have an impact. It’s going to create massive inflation and the gold price is going to soar    The bottom line is we are going to see the price of gold many thousands of dollars higher.”

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And here is where the fun starts! – CME Hikes Gold Margins By 25% – This is why I will stand my ground and be stern with you everytime you mention paper gold to me…