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Massive Selling On One Side & Massive Buying On The Other, Who is Right?

June 25, 2013 9:30 am est

On a personal note…

Because I receive a lot of calls and emails from my readers, I get a pretty good idea of what is on your minds and valid concerns that you have.  It is with this in mind that I have decided that over the next few days, I will use this section of my personal note to answer the questions and address the concerns of my readers.

With that said, I welcome you to write in or call with your issues so we can together, help others – It’s my feeling that if it’s on your mind, then how many other people have the same questions or concerns, so drop me a note.

Today’s concern is “I want to wait to buy until I see silver reverse and head higher”

My response is: I completely understand how you feel after watching silver’s performance over the past few months.

However, what generally will happen to people like this is they won’t buy at all for two reasons.

1) When silver start to turn around and go up it generally happens very quickly, then they will think the price is too high and will want to wait until it comes back down and when it doesn’t come back down, they will feel they missed out and never enter the market until silver is topping and they jump in with the momentum crowd – Big Mistake!

2) If silver does come down the way they wanted it to, they get too scared about “how low will it go” and again, never step into buy. Another Mistake!

These mistakes can be averted by simply dollar cost averaging their purchases and “keeping the powder dry” if silver does come down to what they “think” it might.

You see friends, silver and gold are assets that can be purchased outright and owned, stocks cannot.

With all the systemic risks in the financial markets today, wouldn’t you rather own an “undervalued” asset outright or continue with the massive risks that are so clear and evident today?

Also see this article I posed several weeks ago as it related to a dollar cost average strategy. 


The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth… 

My consensus of the big question on people’s minds today is should I or shouldn’t I. That’s why when given a choice, I will always choose to follow the big money and pay less attention to the news. The reason is primarily directed towards “insider information” and friends in high places. 

These days it becomes more obvious that corruption is everywhere and with that said, you have to use a bit of imagination. If you were Jim Rogers, George Soros or someone of that stature… Who are your friends? What positions do they hold? What and who do they know? 

It’s my observation that these folks get information on what’s really happening or what’s getting ready to happen from people in high places waaaay before you or I. The information that the “media” gives us on a daily basis does not line up with what the big money is doing and again, you have to put your feet in the shoes of others.

If the recovery and the information we are given was truth in fact, would these big money people still be buying or at the very least not selling their PHYSICAL gold? If things were A OK, wouldn’t central banks stop buying gold and start selling?

These are questions I ask myself everyday and you should too. I think research like this little piece Massive selling on one side and massive buying on the other. So who’s right? has some answers to the questions on your mind.

Also, What’s an Investor to do in Markets like These? may help to answer some questions on your mind.

The reason I post this research along with my personal commentary is because I want you to know that the Surfer is not just trying to get you to buy and that the research I do is in search of the facts; thus presenting you with 3rd party sources may enable you to realize that what I say and post is so you can have all the information to make an educated decision as it relates to your investment goals.


Allow me to assist you in understanding these ever changing and challenging financial markets and more importantly, how you can profit on the upside potential and protect yourself from the downside risks….


Now, onto the breaking news that matters…


BIS warns banks dangerously exposed to $10tn bond market crash, so buy gold! – Banks face another global financial crisis worse than 2007-8 warns the normally conservative Swiss-based Bank of International Settlements as a $10 trillion central bank bond mountain leaves them perilously exposed to higher interest rates.

Where can you put your money if you cannot trust bonds or the global banking system? You end up back with precious metals as George Soros’ ‘ultimate financial bubble,’ and the only place for investors to hide when things go seriously wrong.Old sages like Dr. Marc Faber are personally buying up precious metals while prices are temporarily depressed, knowing that the real crisis is around the corner. And you don’t have to believe him. The BIS report says it all very clearly. No wonder many bankers are themselves very nervous these days.

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Schroders’ Wyke Sees Gold Bull Market Intact in Bond Selloff – Gold’s bull market is intact and prices will reach a new high as declines in bonds and equities boost demand and investors seek insurance against economic and political risk, according to Schroder Investment Management Ltd. Gold may gain even if the dollar strengthens and inflation remains subdued, according to Wyke.

Bullion usually moves inversely to the greenback. Expectations for increases in consumer prices, as measured by the break-even rate for 10-year Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, fell 24 percent this year, earlier today extending a decline to the lowest since Oct. 6, 2011. “Historically, the dollar going down, inflation going up has been good for gold,” Wyke said. “Even if those two things didn’t happen, all the risks the world is facing mean that outlook for gold is good, and the fall in the gold price below $1,300 will provoke demand. People will be able to buy more.”

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What Kind of Fools Are Buying Gold? –  On the whole, the world’s central banks are now net buyers of gold, and have been for some time, after being net sellers for over twenty years. Russia is one example. Why do you think they are buying it?   They don’t understand money? They don’t know what they, and some of their associated central banks, are planning to do to recapitalize the deteriorating global financial system and dollar reserve trade regime?  Did they forget to watch CNBC to find out what they really ought to be doing?

I hear that J P Morgan has stealthily gone net long gold now after beating down the price.   Would having the biggest banks go long gold and then letting it be revalued higher be one way to recapitalize them?  It seems as though recapitalizing them through insider information is the mode du jour.

The only ones who seem to be saying that gold is not a good investment are the Anglo-American banking cartel and their enablers and supporters. They wish to maintain the confidence, and the buying of their paper which they are selling.   But who knows what they are doing for themselves in private. Such strange times. Such deception and disappointment.  One can only wonder.

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11 Things You Need To Know About Silver Right Now… With even the most die-hard metals investors wondering when the pain will finally end in the wake of last week’s post FOMC smash, Silver Bullet/ Silver Shield’s Chris Duane has released a MUST WATCH video discussing 11 facts and fundamentals about the silver market.

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Silver Shorts Are In Deep Trouble – The $600 Trillion pile of interest rate derivatives scaffold that was used to prop up treasury prices (at very low physical volume) is threatened London Whale Style. When QE5 is announced soon to right these treasury prices, Bullion prices will jump like a grasshopper.

The weekly close at $20.10 in Silver this last Friday is dangerous for the shorts…  When we open up / break up through the $20.20-20.30 area, the Shorts are in deep trouble as price will head straight back to the strongest value control point in the area which is $23.50.  It is not really conceivable that $18.20 will fail due to the volume of business done here since 2005.

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What’s Next For Gold? Bear vs. Bull Debate An Info-graphic. 

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