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Silver Coiling For An Upside Explosion…

June 17, 2013 9:18 am est

On a personal note…

Can you really believe this? I mean really how dare they? Why would people suggest that  Obama Is Starting A War With Syria Just As A Distraction From All The Scandals? Well… I never! You have to admit, it is kind of convenient.

With all the turmoil going on in the East, something of magnitude will happen and the US will be involved in some way and in order to be involved in some way, it means we would have to print more money to be involved in any acts of war and terrorism.

Here is a very brief communication I had over the weekend with a faithful reader who wrote in:

Q: What is liquid capital?  I presume that is cash in the banks.  How much should one have in the banking system? I want avoid a disaster.  Thank you.

A: Liquid capital is the money that one has in CDs, Money Markets and Saving Accounts – this is what Jim Sinclair is referring to that can be stolen in a bail in situation.

When liquid funds are in hard assets like silver or gold, they are invested, but liquid, which means you can redeem for cash at any given time under any given circumstance in any state or country.

As far as how much should be in a bank, I always recommend a three to six month grace of living expenses and all other cash should be invested in physical things that are liquid and should be held outside the banking system, especially today –

Let’s say you had 100K in the bank for safe keeping (not) and earning a whopping 3/4% and this was your emergency cash. If today, that 100k was in silver, you would have 4,000 ounces. Let’s assume something happened and you needed to get 10K to pay for an emergency situation –

You simply sell (instantly liquidate) 454 ounces of silver and now you have US Dollars, meanwhile you still have 3,546 ounces of silver (90K) sill outside the banking system and if bail-ins do happen (and oh by the way, there will be no warning and no notice of a bail-in) you are not subject to that wealth confiscation such as the case of Cyprus.

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…


If you are wondering when you should buy silver and gold, perhaps this will help. For me, I would say the time is now and I say that for no other reason than nobody can ever pick a bottom and that is why some use the lower end of a trading channel to start to accumulate and average in.

If you don’t see or feel that we are at the bottom of this trade range, then I would like to talk to you and hear your point of view.

We are so damn close to the bottom of this market, another buck or two down (if it happens) is really insignificant because when we get our catalyst and break out and silver is up at 40, 50, 60+ is it really going to matter if it dropped another $2 from here?

Your question should not be “should I buy silver and gold”, Your question should be should I buy silver OR gold OR both. As you will see by the following two posts, the best place for your cash is out of your countries currency!

Over the weekend, I saw “Stunning Images From China: Ten Thousand People Waiting In Line To Buy Gold” I guess they know when to buy, they’ve always been a smarter, wealthier population.

My point with this is… If the bull market in gold and silver is dead (as continually shared in the MSM to scare you)  and there are no strong compelling reasons to hold silver and gold at these 3 years lows, than why would 10,000 people stand in line  for hours and hours to buy it?

Also see “Chinese Prepare For Public Flood Into Gold” 

When you see people scramble like this to buy gold, you can rest assured that silver and gold are still needed in this failing financial environment. Some people don’t want to make a move because they don’t want to be the first to buy – These posts suggest you are not the first ones to buy, you may be the last ones to buy.

This week, I’m just not sure what day, I will be presenting you with the seasonal factors that influence the price of silver and gold – maybe you know them, maybe you don’t but it is definitely worth a trip down memory lane.

Even last year with the stagnant prices of silver and gold, we still saw a 30-40% upside swing at this favorable time for silver bugs.



Please be aware that the Federal Reserve is meeting this week and we are approaching the “Triple Witching Hour” this Friday – Fasten Your Seat-belts friends, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! 

Allow me to assist you in understanding these ever changing and challenging financial markets and more importantly, how you can profit on the upside potential and protect yourself from the downside risks….

Now, onto the breaking news that matters…

Silver Is Coiling For Major Upside Explosion In Price – Inflation is increasing and the PPI that came out today is a sign of that.  We know that real inflation is much higher than published.  Any person buying food can testify to that.  And eventually (interest) rates will reach the teens at least.  Gold and silver did react positively to the PPI today, and I still believe we’ve seen the bottom in the metals.  Technically one more decline is possible, but it’s becoming less likely, Eric.  So we are not far from a major up-move in the metals.

Looking at the gold/silver ratio, it looks like silver will have a major move and will be leading the move (higher) in the metals.  The gold/silver ratio is extremely overbought.  A fall of the gold/silver ratio, which is currently at 63:1, means that silver will go up a lot faster than gold.  So there is a great potential in silver now.  Short-term I could see silver move very fast (to the upside).”

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Also posted from Matterhorn Asset Management in Switzerland – Everyone has something to protect, but if they haven’t done it already, they must act now.  Physical gold stored outside of the banking system is by far the best protection.  I implore investors to take action now.  Any assets within the financial system are at risk in whatever country the assets are held.”

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COMEX Options Interest In Super High Gold Prices By End-August – Behind the scenes we have noticed the very excited state of interest in gold at the COMEX, despite JP Morgan’s vault being almost empty of deliverable gold.

One can see for themselves with the CME Group’s Open Interest tool, below is a screenshot of August, the next delivery month, with orange representing those who are betting price will fall (puts) and green, for those who are betting price will be higher (calls) by the end of August. The higher the spikes, the more interest at that price. We selected a few to mark up, showing the interest at the $1,400, $1,775 and $1,900 price levels for August.

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This Might Not Be Breaking News That Matters, But It’s Damn Interesting To See…

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