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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

The Gold Story Is NOT Over. Far From It. Here’s Why

June 19, 2013 9:12 am est

On a personal note…

Today we sit and wait  – Wait for the fate and the direction of all markets as a whole. As I’ve said… this one man has WAY too much power – Does the FED Chairman really have the balls to pull the plug, take away the punch bowl, throw away the heroin needle?

Here we are, in the middle of “summer doldrums” and still at all time highs in equities and a 3 year low in silver – Enough said…

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!


May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…

Today is the day when we will see volatility soar, so hang on to your hat!

Art Cashin said yesterday that the Fed May Not Be Able to Tame Volatile Trading while others said that the Fed Likely to Keep Options Open on Bond Buying.  Who knows what he will say but one thing is for sure, when his lips move, we know he is fibbing!

From my perspective, I see only one outcome “if” the FED talks tampering today, but first, you must define and understand the word “taper”. This does not mean stop, it means backing off a bit.

Lets say he goes from printing $85 Billion a month to say $60 Billion a month… Does this indicate “problem solved”? Absolutely not! I know you know this.

First of all, $85B is a lot of money and so is $60B.(every month) If the decision is to taper, as I’ve said before, the equities will start to correct dramatically and I really don’t believe this is going to be the first action of choice – But lets say they do.

We can be certain that they will have to re-enter the markets with even a bigger amount of QE over the next 3-6 months to plug the hole that they once again created.

So, whichever way the decision goes, $85B, $60B or whatever, they are still printing and issuing a lot of paper that you and I are on the hook for and it still validates the necessity to acquire physical precious metals as an insurance policy on your portfolio.

Stay calm today. Here are some do’s and don’ts for you in case you don’t know what to do…

Don’t: Go near any bridges, open windows on high floors or rooftops. Don’t stand in front of speeding trains, buses or cars.

Do: Visit your local pub for happy hour 2-4-1 specials.


Allow me to assist you in understanding these ever changing and challenging financial markets and more importantly, how you can profit on the upside potential and protect yourself from the downside risks….


Now, onto the breaking news that matters…


Three Current Themes Precious Metals Investors Need to Consider – The best way to invest in precious metals is to take advantage of price drops, average into your position, and don’t stress over the daily price. Precious metals have been put on sale, Could prices go lower from here? Of course; but remember, you are investing in precious metals to bring stability to an unstable world. Owning precious metals is an insurance policy for your wealth.

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U.S. Mint Sales of Silver Coins Reach Record in First Half – Demand remains at an “unprecedented level,” and sales of gold and silver coins may reach an annual record this year, Richard Peterson, the acting director of the mint, said on June 5. Silver coin sales were suspended in January for more than a week because of a lack of inventory. In April, purchases more than doubled from a year earlier after prices tumbled.

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Embry: Banks Poised For Gold & Silver Turn As Central Planners Panic – “Yesterday was another one of those days where the stock market was up sharply and the gold market was down significantly.  It’s frustrating for anybody who recognizes what’s going on.

If they were really worried about a Fed ‘taper,’ the stock market should be getting crushed. The fact that the stock market was surging says to me that there will be no Fed tapering.  As this becomes obvious to gold market participants, the Fed will have achieved its goal of having the gold price rebound from a depressed level.  So gold remains chronically underpriced. But I think all of this is a major ‘holding’ action,  I see the second half of the year being chaotic…. At that point gold and silver will finally reflect their true values.

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Physical Gold Cannot Possibly Lose Out Over Fiat & Digital Currencies – Here’s Why – We are deceived when we consent to think about the “price of gold”. At the very outset of our thoughts regarding gold, we are wrong, just as astronomers prior to Copernicus were wrong in thinking about the solar system as geo-centric, with the Sun, Moon and planets describing perfect circles around Earth. Gold is – to follow the astronomical simile – the center of the monetary universe, and the planets – the currencies – circle the Sun, which represents gold. The correct starting point is the price of a currency expressed in terms of gold, and not the other way around.

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The Gold Story Is NOT Over. Far From It. Here’s Why – Today’s ongoing economic and fiscal crises cannot end smoothly or without unpleasant consequences. Since none of the excesses that precipitated the 2008 financial crisis have been fixed, another round of crisis is baked in the cake and will likely inflict even greater damage. When that happens, gold will again be seen as the refuge it is, regardless of current popular opinion. We’re not alone in this thinking.

As you’ve undoubtedly read, in response to the crash, global demand for physical metal soared at both the retail and wholesale levels. This reaction is extremely important: we can’t identify a single crash, collapse, or crisis that ended with retail investors stampeding to buy the asset that had just been crushed. Not one.

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