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Trend Alert: War! Both Financial & Geopolitical

June 18, 2013 8:59 am est

On a personal note…
There are a lot of people out there with bull horns that are screaming at the top of their lungs… should we listen? I think the answer comes from knowing the people who are sounding the warnings and that’s why I follow only the well-known fund managers, economists and “smart money” who have been in these markets for 20 years of more.
Although some of the things I post or write about might sound crazy to some people or “end of the world” kind of stuff, but you will have to agree – In 2007 when people were making money hand over fist in housing, stocks, metals, etc…
If anyone came out and said the kind of things that are being said today, we would have been looked at as alarmists, lunatics and outright idiots (such as the case of Peter Schiff when he called the collapse of the economy) Please review the short video.
The red flags and warning signs are everywhere guys and they are coming from more and more well know and well respected economists.
In ’08 all that happened seemed to happen with no warning and everyone was caught off guard, thus losing about 40% of their wealth.
Are you prepared for a redux?  This time around, we cannot say we had no warnings, All we can say is “I told you so.
The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…

Each time the US goes to war, do you know what happens to the money supply? It spikes and spikes BIG! What would happen to money supply if we were to go to war being a couple Trillion in debt?

In an unconventional type of post, I wanted to share this story with you and ask that you read every detail. It comes from Gerald Celente, Editor in Chief of Trends Research Journal.

If you don’t know who he is, you should, if not, learn about him and the predictions he has made over the past 20 years or so and you will see how each one has come to fruition and his accuracy is bone chilling – He is like a modern day Nostradamus. Here is an excerpt of his latest release…


Gerald Celente Trends Research Journal  –


Trend Alert: War!  Today, the headlines are beginning to write the history we forecasted:


BBC: “Assad forces used chemical weapons –

White House” AP: Russia questions Syrian chemical weapons evidence

The Washington Post: CIA preparing to deliver rebels arms through Turkey and Jordan

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Military Proposal to Arm Rebels Includes No-Fly Zone in Syria

The New York Times: Assad Warns Israel, Claiming a Stockpile of Russian Weapons

The Times of India: Don’t repeat Iraq mistake in Syria, Russia warns America Al Jazeera:

Egypt cuts diplomatic ties with Syria Prepare yourself.

President Obama warned Syria not to cross that chemical “red line.” If it did, the Commander-in-Chief made it clear “all options” would be in play. And those options include war.

As he repeatedly warned on the air, in print and in the Trends Journal since the Panic of ’08, President Obama’s economic recovery plan, with its “shovel ready” jobs, was a sham and the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing/cheap money/bond buying/low-interest rate schemes would all end in failure.

And he warned: “When all else fails, they’ll take us to war.” All else has failed and now “they” are taking us to war. –

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Allow me to assist you in understanding these ever changing and challenging financial markets and more importantly, how you can profit on the upside potential and protect yourself from the downside risks….

Now, onto the breaking news that matters…

“PLEASE Get your Assets out of the Banking System.”

by Egon von Greyerz Matterhorn Asset Management Switzerland  June 17 2013

For well over ten years I have advised investors to get their assets out of the banking system. This doesn’t mean just their money but also all other investments (stocks, bonds, gold etc) which are likely to be lost when banks go bankrupt.

Wealth preservation is now absolutely critical. This involves eliminating counter-party risk whenever possible. Everything within the banking system has counter-party risk even if it is segregated or allocated. Lehman, MF Global and Sentinel are all examples of client assets being lost in the financial system.

Gold (and silver) will continue to reflect the total destruction of paper money that the unlimited money printing will lead to. But investors must hold physical precious metals and they must be stored outside the banking system.

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Gold COT Data Show Bottoming Condition – Commercial traders of gold futures are showing one of the most bullish conditions in years. They are usually presumed to be the “smart money”, and so when commercial traders move to a lopsided net position as a group, it usually means that prices are going to be moving in their chosen direction.

In this chart, the current reading is the commercials’ lowest net short position (as a percentage of total open interest) since 2001, which was when gold prices were just starting a multi-year uptrend from below $300/oz. The message here is that commercial traders as a group are convinced that gold prices are heading higher.

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Massive Demand To Send Price Of Silver Skyrocketing – Ahead of the two-day Fed meeting, today acclaimed money manager Stephen Leeb told King World News that massive demand will send silver soaring above $330 an ounce. Silver is going to have a role as a monetary metal, and it’s also going to continue to have a major, major role as an industrial metal.  If gold is going to go up 10-fold (above $13,000), silver will go up at least 15-fold ($330).  The silver bulls just need to hang in there and continue accumulating.

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Gold-Bashing Mythology Hits New Crescendo – Anyone wanting to attach any credibility at all to anything asserted by the mainstream media (or their banker “experts”) on the gold market needs to first attempt to reconcile the following contradictions:

1) Why is the demand for (real) gold, in general, currently at an all-time high?

2) Why is the demand for gold by central banks (in particular) at an all-time high; or to be even more specific, why are the creators of our paper currencies swapping their own paper for gold at the fastest rate in history?

3) How can there be a (long-term) “bear market” for gold with (already) a 1,500+ ton/year supply deficit and mine-supply about to start spiraling downward?

Anyone who even made it part-way through Economics 101 knows that the only way in which any market with a massive supply-deficit and nearly insatiable demand can be cooled-off is through (much) higher prices. Period. Much higher prices for gold (and silver) must come, and they must come soon.

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Whenever Margin Debt Goes Over 2.25% Of GDP The Stock Market Always Crashes – What do 1929, 2000 and 2007 all have in common?

Those were all years in which we saw a dramatic spike in margin debt.  In all three instances, investors became highly leveraged in order to “take advantage” of a soaring stock market.


But of course we all know what happened each time.  The spike in margin debt was rapidly followed by a horrifying stock market crash.

Well guess what?  It is happening again. That certainly does not mean that the market is going to crash this week, but it is a major red flag.

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