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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

US Bank Gold Positions Explode By Highest Rate On Record…

June 11, 2013 9:15 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

On a personal note… 

Some people I’ve talked to as of late say they like my work, but who the heck am I and why should they listen to me. For those people who want to get to know me… here is who I am and what I stand for…

I always mean what I say and say what I mean, even if it means losing some readers from time to time – for that I am sorry. However, for the people who know me and follow my work, you do so because I tell it like it is and I think that is what you appreciate the most.

I am just a regular guy, grinding it out about 12 hours a day to bring the best research and commentary to who ever will listen because I see the importance of what is ahead and I feel I also have some of the answers about how to protect yourself from it.

If you are a fairly new reader and would like to know who I am and why I do this and why you should take my advise, please click on “about” right here or at the top of the page.

In short, “it’s because I’m passionate about my research and my findings concern me. I feel a strong sense of duty to share what the research reveals to me and bring that information to you.  From an ethical and moral standpoint, I don’t have the right to keep it to myself.”

I know I am not perfect, nor are my writings, I don’t have a crystal ball that most of you wish I did and you will always find mistakes in grammar, spelling and mis-use of some words. You will also find that sometimes I get pissed like everyone else and will go off on a subject just like anyone else.

It is these attributes, both good and bad that make me who I am and again, that is just a regular guy, working his fingers to the bone to help people to preserve their wealth, protect their purchasing power and to create generational wealth!

I don’t wear ties or suits, I am business casual. I will always make mistakes on video and in my writings – however, if the mistakes are in the way of information I have brought to you, I will admit it, learn from it and correct it….


I am Eric Weigand,

The Silver News Surfer! 


Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…


When I wrote yesterday about “things” that are higher in price today than they were 3 years ago, I said it because it was alarming to me that a lot of people still feel like there is no inflation because all the data out of the FED said inflation is at the base line – I want you to be informed that all is not what it seems.

First of all, I’ve asked some people if they knew the definition of stealth inflation and 90% said no. So to sum it up, stealth inflation is just as it’s termed… stealth – “under the radar” As I pointed out, our necessities and incidentals have either been rising in price, getting smaller in size or more fillers are being added, (which by the way, contain massive health risks) either way, we are paying a lot more today than we were just 3 years ago. In fact, look at 10 Items Whose Prices Have Jumped the Most in the Past 10 Years This report highlights that the cost of school/college has risen dramatically as well as hospitals, veterinarians and tax preparers – so if you have kids or grands getting ready for college this fall, point them in this direction.

I do agree that right now we are in a stagflation environment, but you also have to realize that there really is no velocity of money, this is different then the money being “printed”. The money being printed has gone to banks and stocks and not to the street in the way of loans, businesses and “real construction” to truly rebuild an economy… heck no! In this corrupt environment the 1%’ers want it all for themselves, the heck with building a strong economy, thus the banks are the holders of this digital money and holding onto it tight using it for risky derivative investments….

The true inflation will come when the velocity of that money hits the streets and that will create the massive inflation that you read about everyday and this is what you should be preparing yourself for – Inflation (if not hyperinflation) and a currency collapse that will happen simultaneously.

Allow me to assist you in understanding these ever changing and challenging financial markets and more importantly, how you can profit on the upside potential and protect yourself from the downside risks….


Now, onto the breaking news that matters…


US Bank Gold Positions Explode By Highest Rate On Record; Short Positions Collapse – In a fascinating reaffirmation of the fundamentals of the gold bull market, US Banks & Large Traders as defined by the CFTC as being, “commercially engaged in business activities hedged by use of the futures or option markets,” have quietly flipped from being tremendously short gold in late 2012, to now being tremendously long. Furthermore, the speed of this change in positioning has occurred at the fastest rate since the data set began in mid-2000. Investors, start your engines!

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Gold Investor’s Stress Test – Casey Research– We’ve monitored political risk, reassessed the viability of projects, and examined past corrections to determine when gold might bottom. But there’s one factor that trumps all these.

The investor’s attitude. More specifically, his or her emotional reaction to the gold industry’s current retreat. After all, even if a company has high-grade projects, top management, low political risk, and below-average costs, it doesn’t do the investor any good if they don’t own the stock.

The realities of gold’s price action over the past couple months dictate that our emotions not control our investment actions. We should coolly evaluate the circumstances based on facts, trends, and historical similarities.

Let’s look at some of those facts and consider their implications… In spite of the downtrend in the price, the conditions that support owning gold are increasing in importance. The US and Japan alone will flood the world with almost 2 trillion new currency units (dollars and yen) over the next 12 months. Europe’s problems have not been solved, and the Eurozone continues flirting with recession. As of last month, not one G20 country had a balanced budget. The current fiscal and monetary paths of many major countries remain unsustainable. No amount of gold selling by short-sighted traders and hedge fund managers has changed any of these facts.

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When the bond markets crash then gold and silver prices will go ballistic – You need to have some imagination to understand the bull market case for gold and silver. Not very much imagination, a little will do. The bears do tend to be traders rather than economists. Why can we be so sure that the bond markets of the world are going to correct or more probably crash? And as bonds are inversely related to interest rates that means much higher interest rates. Higher interest rates and higher gold and silver prices are hardly incompatible, by the way.

That is how we got to the peak precious metal prices of the late 1970s when inflation and interest rates hit the roof. We are not there yet. Gold would be $5,000 an ounce and silver $250 if adjusted for real inflation since then. But that is the whole point, that is where we are most definitely headed.

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Inside Story: Gold, Trust, And The Federal Reserve – The Video Documentary by National Geographic – “for thousands of years people used gold as money… it’s the perfect recyclable money….” The must-watch video then progresses to the reality of our financial world where he explains, the trillions in money that is transacted every day “used to be backed gold, but is now supported by the promise of our government…

The fact that it all works based on trust alone is simply taken for granted,” leaving the ominous question of “who is in charge” of that ‘trust’? Cue Ben Bernanke – who answers the question of what the world would look like without a Fed… bank runs, stock market crashes, and financial chaos.

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David Morgan – The Silver Bull is Not Over, The Best Move is Ahead Of Us! Great 7 minute video and explanation.

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