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What Are Reasonable Gold & Silver Market Expectations?

June 24, 2013 9:38 am est

On a personal Note…

I realize that some of you who have bought silver and gold before this manipulated downward pressure ensued may be questioning your decisions and I want you to know that you should not be questioning your decisions one bit. 

I do however understand that you may need some spiritual lift and some hand holding for a lack of a better term and that is why I bring you this research on a daily basis.

If these successful investors and billionaires were telling us that the economy was improving the way the FED says it is, I’d be telling you to run for the hills, but it’s not the case and the evidence is clear regardless of what the FED wants you to believe.

Along those lines, the FED NEVER said they would stop their asset purchases, they said they would slow if economic conditions remained favorable – they are not.

They also said they would increase purchases or deploy other tools necessary if economic conditions continue to deteriorate, this seems to me the most likely path.

Again, don’t question your decisions. Why? Because even some of the the bears are starting to have a Change of Heart

The following is a audio presentation about 30 minutes long, but it is the first 10 minutes you should listen to which is from David Morgan

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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…


I was up at the crack of midnight to research the recent events in the metals sector to bring you information that I think is relevant to our understanding about what is happening.

Some of your questions, concerns and fears are valid on an emotional scale, but that’s where it ends, because the fundamentals are screaming a different story. Fundamentals don’t have emotions, they just are. The most important factor that I point to is the manipulation allegations that are being said by just about everyone these days.

Just because a market is manipulated doesn’t mean the bull market is over. We have to understand that this manipulation is being done to hide the bigger problems, and for this, you simply have to put your thinking caps on…

Is the recovery that the FED is pointing to real? How can unemployment claims be down in May, yet the “official” unemployment rate goes up? How can some people say that the gold bull is dead and others say it’s alive and well? Who is right and who is wrong?

To get to the heart of the truth in this matter, I always think it is imperative to seek out people like Jim Rogers, Commodities Billionaire, Eric Sprott, Matterhorn, etc – Well, you know who the names are they I research with. It has always been my thinking that I know what I know about this market, let’s go see if there are other people, successful investors and billionaires agree with what I know.

You will see in the report today that I have found those like minded thinkers and big astute investors and again, they agree with my thinking, so I know I am on the right track and you need to know that too. We are in the right place at the right time.

The only adjustment I will make in my thinking (at this level in gold and silver) is to buy more, a lot more! Why?

I wrote a detailed strategy a couple months ago of how to start an accumulation of gold & silver. Back then I used a figure of $100,000. Silver was about $30 an ounce when I did that so I could have bought 3,300 ounces. Today, with silver at about $20. I can now buy 5,000 ounces with that same $100,000. Simply put, this is the mother of all fire sales and some of the greatest and wealthiest minds of our time are saying jump in and buy!

As far as expectations are concerned, we are not looking for $50 silver by years end, But I do believe that with fundamental factors, seasonal influences and huge physical demand, we can expect to see silver trading upwards of the $32-$35 where we were earlier in this year. That’s a full $10 gain from where we are today and gold upwards of $1,600. I feel these are reasonable expectations. So utilizing the $100k example with 5,000 ounces of silver, we would be looking for an approximate 50% gain. Heck, if we’re only half right and got a 25%, I’m sure we’d still be happy with that over the next 6 months!

Allow me to assist you in understanding these ever changing and challenging financial markets and more importantly, how you can profit on the upside potential and protect yourself from the downside risks….

Now, onto the breaking news that matters…

Jim Rogers: I Bought More Gold Today, The Bull Market Far From Over – When Jim Rogers talks, investors listen. Rogers may be the world’s best-known commodity investor. He says “I bought a little bit over the last few days in case this was the bottom. I would not be surprised if there’s another chance to buy lower later on, but I’m buying and I own it. I haven’t sold any.

When asked how he picks investments to make money, he replies… I Just find out whatever is down the most and find out where the most bears are.. I don’t know whether there are more bears on silver and gold or on sugar right now. But wherever the most bears are, that’s where you should look.

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Marc Faber – Likes Gold More Than Equities – “If you believe that [Bernanke] means what he says, then you believe in Father Christmas.”   “We are going to see QE99,”  “the S&P could drop 20-30%from the recent highs – easily.” “The only thing that I know is that I want to own some physical gold because I don’t want all of my assets in financial assets.”

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Reasons to Buy Gold and Silver Bullion – For a long time now I’ve been telling friends to buy gold and especially silver bullion. I haven’t really had time to explain why but I think now I should make an effort. This is a massive story but I will try to be brief.

I believe that gold and silver are seriously undervalued. I also believe that there is going to be a crisis in confidence in the money we currently use, which will cause a sudden and serious loss of value (very high inflation). Ownership of gold and silver are an insurance against this happening. Once it does happen it will be too late to take out that insurance policy.

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World Just Witnessed Massive Shift In Physical Gold – This is 2001 type of spike bottoming action with hot money bearish sentiment off the scale.  I still expect that Thursday marked a historic bottom.  We are below the true costs of production for both gold and silver and it makes a good deal of sense for the central banks to be taking all that is offered.  Fundamentally this will have a significant catch-up impact.

I still maintain we marked a historic bottom on Thursday and aside from some misplaced margin gaming, the risk now is actually to the shorts.  The power (to move prices higher) is all in the bullion banks’ hands and will be exercised at a time of their choosing, which, given the structural shifts and global imbalances, I believe is imminent.”

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Greyerz, who is founder of Matterhorn Asset Management out of Switzerland, had to say in this powerful interview. –  Of course the orchestrated plunge in gold coincided with Bernanke’s speech.  But because we know that fundamentally gold is the absolute best way for investors to protect themselves from the coming chaos, this simply means that despite the pullback, gold will continue with its long-term bullish trend. Investors were shocked at the roughly $100 downdraft last Thursday, but as the gold price soars we will see trading days where gold moves hundreds of dollars a day, not just one hundred dollars.

Investors should simply buy physical gold, store it outside the banking system and not be frightened by the turbulence because the reality is the world is now on the edge of total collapse, and gold is one of the only financial instruments that will survive the coming financial disintegration.”

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Former US Treasury Official says Fed Orchestrated Gold Plunge – In his latest Q&A, Dr Roberts was asked – “What do you say to people who have tried to do the right thing?  They are saving money, trying to invest in hard assets such as gold and silver and they just feel like they’ve had their teeth kicked in?” Dr Roberts:  “They should persevere … Eventually the manipulators lose control.  And at that time what price could go up other than gold and silver?  I can’t think of one.  Certainly not bonds or stocks.  Certainly not the dollar’s exchange rate.

So in the end, if you can survive the stress, unless you believe a full-fledged recovery is on its way and will be here by June of next year (laughter ensues), unless you believe that, sticking with gold and silver is the only option you have.”

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Casey Research What Are Reasonable Gold Market Expectations?  Emotional investment decisions rarely pay off, so don’t succumb. Easy to say, hard to do, I know. We at Casey Research understand the fear – but giving up and selling is the worst thing to do right now. It locks in a loss and leaves one wondering when to buy back in – if at all.

We heard emotional outbursts in late 2008, too – and that was the best time to buy in years, precisely because so many people were giving up. The bottom line is that we’re looking for onramps, not exits. The best onramps, profit-wise, come when most other investors are heading out of a sector.

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Gold bears ignore half the world – the half that buy gold – Since the middle of April we have all heard the gold bear cry of ‘it’s over, gold is done with…the bubble has burst.’ But not many of these so-called expert commentators have really looked into the strength of demand in the East.

Jeff Nichols wrote in a note to investors recently that he believed gold bears ‘have a fairly provincial view and limited understanding of gold’s increasingly bullish long-term fundamentals.’ He went onto define ‘provincial’: ‘they are ignoring more than half the world.’ I couldn’t agree more.

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