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P/T Job Surge To All Time Highs – F/T Jobs Plunge By 240K

July 6, 2013 10:08 am est

On a personal note…

Come Monday, another 4th Of July holiday will have come and gone and we get right back to business as usual. I would ask that you entertain another review of my briefing called “Gold & Silver Seasonal Trends Approaching” I would like you to have a good understanding about what is set to happen and happen in the very near term.

If you think you have already viewed it – I would like to point out this one piece in particular. It talks about the reasons of why July is so significant in the acquisition of gold & silver.

Enjoy your weekend!

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Now, onto the business of protecting your wealth…


Good Morning friends – I wanted to make a point today and a clarification to my briefing yesterday about the unemployment numbers. The reason is two fold. One is because I want you to know that what I post is not bull – spit, and two is the importance of understanding what “lies” beneath the jobs numbers. This effects your emotions, which in turn effects you ability to make the right decisions as it relates to your investment goals for the long-term.

You see friends, the reason that I can be so calm as our market gets “temporarily” crushed is because I pay attention to the details not only for me, but for you too.

Although you might think a report on just jobs numbers is boring, I assure you it is far from it and the meaning for it is more powerful than you can even imagine.

Below, you will see some more commentary from the data released from the June jobs report and I guess it’s not just me, but virtually every other economist sees right through the mis-represented data.

It is with this in mind, that I will continue to buy hard assets such as and especially gold and silver and recommend you do the same.

Oh yes, the traders can trade off the numbers from released reports and bring the market down, but you have to realize that it is nothing more than a game and this game friends, is what is setting up for one of the greatest opportunities of our lifetimes in precious metals – I’m sure of it.

If you are in agreement that the jobs numbers are manipulated or at the very least painted mis-information… if you really believe that the way I do, then you know it’s OK to continue to accumulate G&S and with the understanding that this is a long term savings plan, a wealth protection vehicle and a generational wealth machine as it has always been. If you understand just half of that, then you know you are in the right place at the right time. Gold at $1,200 & Silver $19 Huh!

What is going to happen to the “price” when lets say 20% of the American population wakes up to see all the lies they’ve been fed from the FED have been lies and mis-directed.

This reminds me of the magician who is waving his hand high for you to look at while he is doing his magic trick with the other hand you’re not seeing… Do you like magic tricks?


Dreams come true


Remember when you saw your best magic show and you said WOW! How the heck did they do that? And just a few seconds later the magician hands you your watch back, yet he never touched your wrist? It seems although the FED chairman not only studied and mastered the great depression, he also aced magic, but this time, you don’t get your watch back!!!

Allow me to assist you in understanding these ever changing and challenging financial markets and more importantly, how you can profit on the upside potential and protect yourself from the downside risks….

Now, onto the breaking news that matters…

Peter Schiff – Jobs Report — Once Again, The Devil Is In The Details! Peter gives a great detailed description of the real unemployment data. The good, the bad and the lies.

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Part-Time Jobs Surge To All Time High; Full-Time Jobs Plunge By 240,000 – As a reminder: jobs have quantity and quality components. The quantity component was good enough to convince the 10 Year the taper is imminent (if not stocks, which continue to trade dislocated from any and all fundamentals). But how about the quality? In a word: not good. In June, the household survey reported that part-time jobs soared by 360,000 to 28,059,000 – an all time record high. Full time jobs? Down 240,000.  And looking back at the entire year, so far in 2013, just 130K Full-Time Jobs have been added, offset by a whopping 557K Part-Time jobs. And there is your jobs “quality” leading to today’s market euphoria.

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Jobs Picture Improves—but Not in Manufacturing – Despite the improvement in the overall jobs picture in the U.S— non-farm payrolls grew by 195,000 in June—employment in American manufacturing is still bleak, as the sector lost jobs for the fourth month in a row. According to the Bureau of Labor, the manufacturing sector lost 6,000 jobs in June. That follows the loss of 8,000 manufacturing jobs in May and 9,000 in April. March had a loss of 4,000 manufacturing jobs. “The economy is producing jobs, but they are, generally-speaking, lousy ones,” said Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, in a press release Friday.

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Only 47% of Adults Have a Full Time Job – Of the 144 million Americans employed last month, only 116 million were working full-time. Friday’s report showed that 58.7% of the civilian adult population of 245 million was working last month. Only 47% of Americans, however, had a full-time job. The market’s positive reaction to Friday’s report is another sign of how far our economic expectations have fallen. Just in the last year, almost 2 million Americans have left the labor force. With a majority of the population not holding a full-time job, it isn’t surprising that economic growth has been so weak.

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Paul Craig Roberts  – No Hope On The Jobs Front – Do you remember the promise of the New Economy that was going to replace the lost “dirty fingernail” manufacturing jobs with innovative highly paid New Economy jobs? Well, the promise was just another deception from the elites who have stolen Americans’ future. For the umpteenth consecutive month and year, the June BLS payroll jobs report (released on July 5) shows that the US economy has created no such jobs. The same old tired categories account for the same old lowly paid new domestic service jobs.

Of the 195,000 new private sector jobs alleged to have been created, 75,000 or 38% are accounted for by the category “leisure and hospitality.” Within this category there were 52,000 new waitresses and bartenders, and 19,000 jobs in “amusements gambling, and recreation.”

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Economic Bizarro World: Persistently High Unemployment And Skyrocketing Bond Yields Are Good? – The mainstream media is heralding today’s “fantastic” employment numbers as evidence that the U.S. economy is steadily recovering.  But is that really true?  The number of jobs created in June was just a little bit more than what is required to keep up with population growth, and the official unemployment rate remained at 7.6 percent.

And if you look deeper in the numbers, they don’t look very good at all.  The percentage of low paying part-time jobs in the economy continues to rise, the number of full-time jobs actually decreased and the U-6 unemployment number jumped from 13.8% in May to 14.3% in June.  That is a stunning increase.

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