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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

SILVER: The King Of Future Investment Gains…

July 26, 2013 8:56 am est

On a personal note…

When you see some things over and over again, and you really study the technicals and the clear fundamentals they start to make sense.

If you don’t feel like they make sense due to a lack of understanding them, simply pick up the phone and call someone – That is certainly what I am here for.

Sometimes, when people call, we get into heated debates about what is or is not… this is part of the fun and what creates my passion for what I do. It’s almost like judge and jury.

You state you case and I state mine and at the end, we reach a verdict or we become deadlocked, but either way, we both learn different points of view.

When people call me, I can tell that in the beginning, their guard is up, they are expecting to feel sales pressure.

The best compliment I receive from you folks that I talk to is that there is no sales pressure, you good conversation and good information exchanging hands.

Yes, I’ve made it clear time and time again – I would love to earn your business, but the key word here is earn. You can’t earn something if you are pushy or use greasy sales tactics,  Today’s consumer can see right through the BS. People don’t want to be “sold”, they want to be informed.

However, like me, if you come off as a consultant, with a true desire to help people, then you “earn” their business rather than fighting for their business and I believe it is with this approach, that my services are in high demand.

Be well and have a great weekend!

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

On to the business of protecting your wealth…

I wanted to make something clear today. Up a dollar, down a dollar is absolutely irrelevant. This is accumulation time. Don’t try to chase bottoms – nobody wins.

Regardless of what you may think, nobody knows an exact bottom and those who try to pick it, always miss out. The bottom of any market is a range, not a price.

When we look back in a year from now, gold at $1,300 & silver at $20 will look like a bargain. Will it really matter if you bought silver at $19 or $20? I really don’t think so…. here’s why:

Respectfully speaking, people who want to “pick the bottom” have ego problems and it is with these ego problems, they end up losing near the top of a market because they think they might be able to squeeze out another point or two.

The “range” is the most important indicator in any market.

Similar to the equities, people should be scaling back on their positions, but some are waiting for what they think is the exact top, again, trying to squeeze out another point or two. This is playing with fire and regardless of you being wealthy or not, nobody should be gambling in this fashion.

It’s almost as if they want to stand on a mountain and yell… Ha! I did it! I picked the top (or bottom) There are no rewards for anyone when ego is involved and that’s why I continue to promote “accumulation and dollar cost averaging” – This activity best supports a logical business plan for long term success.

Allow me to assist you in understanding these ever changing and challenging financial markets and more importantly, how you can profit on the upside potential and protect yourself from the downside risks….

Now, onto the breaking news that matters…

SILVER: The King of Future Investment Gains – Silver Eagle sales for the first seven months of the year are a staggering 45% higher than they were in 2012.  If we look at the chart below, we can see that silver eagle sales are setting new all time records: I would imagine as the world’s fiat monetary system continues to disintegrate, the demand for precious metals will increase exponentially.

This is when silver will outshine gold.  We are currently witnessing a run on the Global Gold banks of the world.  Rumors are that gold is being drained from the GLD ETF to help meet the insatiable demand since the price of the yellow metal has declined nearly $400 in 2013.

At some point in time, the availability of physical gold bullion will dry up, forcing large and small investors to purchase the next best precious metal… silver. Silver will be the KING precious metal as it pertains to investment gains.  Only a few realize this potential… but I bet my bottom silver dollar that in time, the world will find out this hidden secret.

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Crude Oil & Silver Price – Interesting Parallels – Both crude and silver took about 9.5 years to rally from a significant low to an important high.  The high to low ratios were similar – over 13 and over 12.  Both collapsed after their blow-off highs and fell 76% and 62% from their highs.  Crude rallied during the next four years and is now over triple its crash low.  Silver, a much smaller and more volatile market, seems likely to do something even more dramatic.

I think it is quite reasonable to expect that silver will also rally substantially from here.  In fact an explosive rally would not be surprising.  What seems likely is a multi-year rally (that culminates in another price blow-off) to four or six (or ten) times the low price in June, the inevitable price collapse, and then some months or years in a trading range at prices that make sub-$20 silver look like an absolute bargain.  I suppose that if the US congress balances the budget AND world peace is confirmed, then silver prices are unlikely to rally… but I would rather bet on higher silver prices.

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Here Is Why The Price Of Gold & Silver Turned Around Yesterday – Keith Barron, who consults with major companies around the world and is responsible for one of the largest gold discoveries in the last quarter century, also spoke about the plunging gold inventories, collapsing future gold production, and how this developing crisis will impact the future gold price. Silver is back above $20 and the gold price is nicely over $1,300.  As we are speaking gold is roughly $150 off its lows and I don’t think gold will see those lows again….

There have also been a lot of bullion banks which have been arbitraging gold, and really taking it from North America and sending it to places like China where they have been getting a $40 or $50 premium above the spot price in some cases.

So it makes a lot of sense for the bullion banks to buy gold here in North America, take delivery, and then send the gold over to Asia and capture the spread.  This is what is happening to a lot of the Western gold:  It’s going to Asia.  And the harsh reality is that it’s not coming back.

Even though the Chinese have been getting a lot of negative press lately, they still keep taking the large surplus of US dollars and turning them into hard assets, and that includes an enormous amount of gold.

So all of this leads me to believe that gold will eclipse its all-time high this year or very early next year.

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Gold & Silver Continue To Climb “The Stairway To Hell”(Shown With Charts) – Today top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick sent King World News ten absolutely fantastic charts showing that gold and silver continue to climb what Fitzpatrick calls “The Stairway to Hell.”  Fitzpatrick also indicated that both markets are set to have massive price surges from current levels.

You are about to read one of the greatest reports on exactly where gold and silver are at this point in their bull markets, and where they are headed. It certainly appears to us that the precious metals are building a base off of which the next rally higher will begin and we continue to expect Gold to move towards $3400-$3500 by 2016 (and Silver should do even better on a percent change basis).”

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The printing will continue, and gold will go up – Ron Paul was on CNBC Wednesday, discussing the recent drama at the Federal Reserve of whether to taper or not to taper, as well as the recent smash in gold. When asked about his view on gold after the recent correction Paul stated: “Gold is a real good long term identifier on the value of a currency and the value of our dollar… we’re printing money faster than EVER, and there’s pretty good evidence right now there’s a shortage of physical gold.”

In a brief but perfectly succinct interview on CNBC yesterday, Ron Paul shared his opinion on the need to own gold (and the physical demand for the manipulated metal) and the Detroit bankruptcy (“we’re going to see more Detroits”). He concludes that “long term, you can expect governments not to change”and that they’ll keep taking on more debt and printing more money until people lose confidence in both the U.S. dollar and the U.S. military, both of which will be shake the foundation of a fiat/dollar system.

The former Republican Presidential candidate’s full interview with CNBC on The Fed & gold is below:

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