If You Have An IRA, Then You Need To See This…

August 8, 2013 9:00 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

On to the business of protecting your wealth…

The secrets out – The Silver News Surfer is bullish on silver & gold!

I may loose a reader today, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make to help all the others…

Yesterday, I received an email from a reader who asked “HAVE YOU EVER POSTED ANYTHING ACCEPT GOOD NEWS ON SLIVER. IT MUST BE BECAUSE YOU SELL IT!”

Well, there are two answers to that question –

#1 Yes I do sell it.

#2 is the reason I sell it.

I feel that I am an effective communicator and because of that, I know I can choose to do anything I want to in life and succeed at it – and I chose precious metals.

The reason is because of my morals and ethics. I sincerely enjoy helping people. (read my bio here)

I firmly believe that regardless of the ups and downs, there is a massive need for every person and investor to allocate a portion of their portfolio into physical precious metals.

The investment environment has become so damn confusing, unstable and manipulated by the powers to be that we were supposed to trust. The same people we voted into office to look out for the well-being of our country and its citizens – and more importantly – to observe and adhere to the Constitution of the United States of America..

Do you trust politicians and Bankers? Do you think they are working with ethics and morals? Watch this brief video and ask yourself again.

The only thing that has ever survived any financial or geo-political calamity is physical silver and gold – period!

Over the past few days, I have presented you with powerful and compelling reasons and solutions of why you need to own silver & gold. Sometimes we forget that between 2001 and 2008 gold and silver had been the most powerful vehicle of preserving wealth WITHOUT any Stimulus, it was only when the FED juiced the markets in 2008 & 2009 that the metal went into hyper-drive and shattered records and made all-time highs in the matter of mere months.

Moreover, what is happening now has such an erie resemblance to 2010 & 2011. I realize that past performance is not indicative to future performance, but damn! This is compelling!

This first chat is from 2010:

And this is 2011

So in closing,I can’t find anything with true justification to be negative or bearish on silver and gold – Just because the powers to be slap it around doesn’t mean its bad, as I’ve mentioned before, that makes it all that much more desirable.

The light at the end of this long dark tunnel is so bright, it’s blinding! I sincerely recommend holding your core positions and adding to your positions at this time.

If You Have An IRA, You Need To Know This… The United States government is in debt to the tune of nearly $17 trillion. What’s more, Uncle Sam has to borrow money just to pay interest on the money they’ve already borrowed… and they’re still posting trillion-dollar annual deficits. The only reason that the US government is still in business is because the Federal Reserve has been buying the vast majority of newly issued US Treasury bonds… in some cases as much as 90%.

The problem with this method, aside from being a completely fraudulent system, is that the Federal Reserve is quickly reaching the point of insolvency itself. One of the best solutions over the past few years, particularly for IRA account holders, was to set up a special type of self-directed IRA.

In this structure, your IRA exclusively owns a domestic LLC, and you as the IRA account holder become the manager of the LLC. This gives you the authority to directly manage your retirement funds, allowing you a lot of flexibility to ship your savings overseas, invest in foreign real estate, etc. as long as you stay away from a clear set of ‘prohibited transactions’ that the IRS outlines.

These IRA structures are incredibly flexible, and I think one of the best ways for people to safeguard what they’ve worked their entire lives to build. So here’s the disturbing news… and it’s something you won’t hear about anywhere else.

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The good news is that The Silver News Surfer has an aggressive plan to safeguard your retirement assets and it’s easier than you may think…


Allow me to assist you in understanding these ever changing and challenging financial markets and more importantly, how you can profit on the upside potential and protect yourself from the downside risks….

Now, onto the breaking news that matters…

2013 American Eagle Silver Bullion sales continue to shatter records – Sales of the U.S. Mint’s American Eagle Silver Bullion coins experienced their best July ever with a whopping 93.4% increase over July 2012 sales, scoring 4,406,500 one-ounce coins sold this July compared to 2,278,000 silver American Eagle one-ounce coins sold in July 2012.

For the first seven months of the year, AES bullion coins sales grew at the fastest pace ever as 2013 appears to be well on its way to setting a new annual record for the coins even though a system of coin rationing is still in place.

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Silver: The Noise is Deafening! – The weak prices for silver and gold during the past three years are a correction to the massive run-up in prices from October 2008 – mid 2011. During that time silver increased from a low of $8.53 to a high of nearly $50.00. Gold increased from a low under $700 to a high over $1,900. They have been correcting since then. The correction is, I expect, over – FINALLY.

Ignore the noise! The signal is clear: M2 will continue to increase and consequently so will prices for most everything you NEED. Are you stacking silver and gold and feeling secure? Or are you expecting central banks and politicians will take care of you with un-backed paper money, promises and more promises?

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Why I Can’t Help But Be Bullish on Gold Bullion Prices – The fundamentals of the precious metal’s charge haven’t really changed. Demand for gold bullion is strong, while supply is actually dwindling as gold miners cut back on production, adjusting for lower gold bullion prices. Central banks, which I believe will be the major force behind the rise in gold bullion prices going forward, are still buying as the decline in gold prices hasn’t scared them away. demand from consumers for the precious metal remains strong, too.

Demand for gold bullion in India is high in spite of the efforts of the government and its central bank to curb demand for the precious metal. With the wedding and festive season just around the corner, I see demand for gold bullion in India rising further. Similarly, China, which competes with India for the position of world’s biggest consumer of gold bullion, is showing increasing demand for the precious metal, as well.

But a bigger development in the gold bullion story, something few analysts are covering, is the decline in supply. As gold prices fell late this spring, companies with higher production costs closed mines and slashed exploration budgets. Hence, we now have a situation where demand remains strong and supply is declining for the precious metal—the ultimate scenario on which to build the next leg of gold’s price advancement.

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The Next Fed-created Catastrophe – a Currency Crisis And It Has Already Begun – There is no escaping the inevitable – if you aggressively debase your currency eventually you are going to have a currency crisis. The first one has now begun.

Smart money has known for months this was coming. I strongly suspect the manipulation in gold over the last 8 months was done to transfer physical metal from weak hands into strong hands in preparation for this event.

Now it’s time for gold to do its job of protecting wealth during a currency crisis. Over the next several days and weeks [we are going to see] gold breaks free of the manipulation and gets busy discounting the coming currency crisis.  The intervention is going to try hard to keep gold prices down but, ultimately, gold is going to:

1) Break free of the artificially low prices,

2) Protect wealth during an inflationary environment just as it always does and…

3) Rise much further and faster than would have occurred if it had been allowed to trade freely.

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