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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

2 Types Of Investors: Stressed Out and Not Stressed Out

September 4, 2013 8:47 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


On to the business of protecting your wealth…

I continually write about different conversations I have with callers and people who write in so to help you in your journey of this crazy investment world and how the different minds think.

Don’t think for one minute that because gold & silver has gone up so significantly since June 28th that you’ve missed it – You haven’t missed a thing! If we all realize that precious metals have been manipulated (and the real reasons for the manipulation) then we all will realize that the metals should not be at the price levels they are today.

Ask yourself this: If in April, May and June, the price was not manipulated… where would the price be today? If it was not manipulated in 2011 when silver reached $48+ and gold $1,900+, where would the price be today?

If you ask yourselves these types of questions from time to time, I believe you would recognize value over price. Don’t trip over the pennies to make the dollars folks – The “value” is in the hard assets and the “price” is irrelevant.

If people were so concerned about waiting for the market to pull back a buck or so to buy – Then where were you when the price dropped to $1,180 & $18 in June? Did you buy then? With a 38 year history of September being the strongest month of the year for metals and war drums beating, I wouldn’t wait for a couple bucks down – I just don’t think its going to happen. I could be wrong and i will eat my shorts, but the strength, momentum and the volume is going to push this market higher… in a hurry!

There are 2 types of investors – People who are looking to make money on a fast trade and then there are people who look for long term wealth preservation.

Investor number one takes risks with a high percentage of his worth, he wins some and he looses some and never seems to get ahead. Once in a while he hits the “big” score and like people who go to a casino or play the lottery, they keep giving it back to the house. This investor haggles over “price” because he wants to squeeze out every point he can, he does not focus on value, he just looks for the quick trades. This investor is always stressed out and has analysis paralysis.

Investor two has different goals. His focus is on growing his wealth over periods of time. This investor preserves 75% of his wealth and gambles with 25%. He looks to build a legacy to leave behind to his family, he understands that money is not made overnight and when money is made on his risk, he then takes that money and moves it over the the wealth preservation pile.

This is the most successful investor and this person will always have money to experience the freedoms that only money can provide. This investor is someone we admire when they are retired and travels the world and does whatever he pleases, when he pleases. He does not haggle over price and costs associated with his wealth preservation goals because he knows in due time, the value always exceeds the price.

This investor is always relaxed, having fun with life and could care less about the daily gyrations of the market – he is at peace with the world –

Although it is a difficult task, I always try to cater to both investors, one is not better than the other, just different.

There is something that’s been happening for a long time now and only a select few know about it. It is a transfer of wealth.

While most people sit confused and wondering whats happened and what’s going to happen- This follow piece is one of the best explanations of what is happening around us as we speak.

Events happen whether we take part in them or not and I strongly believe and recognize that this transfer of wealth has been going on since 2008 and is now picking up speed like a locomotive on a wide open field. Please read:

Historic Transfer of Wealth into Gold & Silver – Right now, savvy investors are stocking up on gold and silver — the only true safe havens in an otherwise volatile market and idle economy. Gold has risen 16% from a 34-month low of $1,180.71/oz on June 28 as lower prices led to physical bullion demand throughout the world.

Although you might find yourself more comfortable with more traditional investments in paper assets, those days are over. It’s time to move on.

If you want to secure the future of your wealth, you need a new investment strategy and new investments… You need precious metals. And you’ll want to get them before the mainstream majority realizes their timeless value.

Once you understand monetary history and the concept that wealth can never be destroyed, that it is merely transferred, you’ll be able to pave your own golden brick road to financial success. It’s time to take matters into your own hands so you can transform one of history’s greatest disasters into one of your greatest opportunities. Make no mistake; this window of opportunity won’t remain open for long… The longer you wait, the more insane this stampede to gold and silver will be.

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Here are four points that should be made for buying at today’s value:

Gold Surges Over $40 As COMEX Shorts Collapse To 7-Month Low 

Gold – What To Expect in September?

Silver Miners Lose Half A Billion Dollars

Thanks to the sharp decline in prices earlier this year, gold is a bargain today. Now is an excellent buying opportunity!

So whether you are a short term profit seeker or a long term wealth preservation seeker, at this “price with this “value” and at this particular time of year, I believe the vehicle of silver and gold will accomplish both for you-

Allow me to assist you in understanding these ever changing and challenging financial markets and more importantly, how you can profit on the upside potential and protect yourself from the downside risks….

Now, onto the breaking news that matters…

John Embry: This Is Why The Price Of Gold & Silver Exploded Higher – I think there is a distinct shortage of physical silver that is developing.  Unlike gold, where central planners can get access to some physical gold to suppress that market, I don’t think that exists when it comes to silver.  So I wouldn’t be surprised to see silver leading gold higher in the future, just like we are seeing today.

The bottom line here is that silver is tremendously undervalued, demand is solid, and the supply/demand curve is extraordinarily positive for higher prices.  This is exactly why we are now seeing this shortage of silver developing, and if it accelerates, the price of silver will simply explode to the upside. I think this fall is going to be a really fantastic period for gold and silver.

But the thing I find so fascinating is that the sentiment is so terrible at this point, even with the recovery in prices. The Hulbert Sentiment Index, which used to be published for free, has suddenly disappeared because it was so incredibly bullish for gold.  It’s because the sentiment was so negative.  No one has even spoken about this.  So I’m very excited at this point because the fundamentals are so strong, and the sentiment is terrible.  That’s a powerful recipe for much higher prices, and that’s exactly what we are seeing today.”

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Incredibly Dramatic Developments Happening In Gold & Silver – Today one of the savviest and most well-connected hedge fund managers in the world warned KWN that increasingly desperate Western central planners have now reverted to plan “B.”  Outspoken Hong Kong hedge fund manager William Kaye also told KWN that some incredibly dramatic developments are about to take place in both the gold and silver markets.

The main thing I am focused on right now is the upward migration of gold and silver prices as we get to the seasonally strong part of the year.  I think we’ve seen exhaustion on the part of the powers that be in terms of the smashing of gold, and the more overt suppression of gold and silver prices. So now the question is, what strategy will they revert to?  It appears they have gone to plan ‘B.’  Plan ‘A’ was to smash the price to unbelievably low levels, and I think resistance from my area of the world (through massive physical gold buying) prevented that from being sustained.

So the plan they have reverted to now is one of using what physical gold they can get their hands on, and that’s getting very tight as you know, Eric, in order to cap the price, and essentially manage as best as possible the migration of gold and silver prices to inevitably higher price levels.”

You can’t digitally print physical gold.  You can’t digitally print physical silver.  So they remain scarce.  The result is that the price of gold and silver is simply going to continue to head significantly higher, but I strongly believe that in the very near future the prices of both gold and silver are going to launch much, much higher.”

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Also read part two of Kayes interview:

Coming Collapse To Usher In A Sinister “New World Order”

I myself have made the obvious choice:  I have made a major bet on physical gold and physical silver, which is safely stored outside of the banking system.  This is how my clients are positioned, this is how I’m positioned, and this is why I sleep very well at night.

I strongly believe that things are going to take an ugly turn in the fairly near future.  The policies that are in place are doomed to fail.  At that stage, there is going to be a ‘New World Order.’  It’s not going to be something that I’m probably very happy about. or that your readers are going to be very happy about, but the harsh reality is there are going to be major changes.

Part of that change will involve the gold price being reset to a much, much higher level.  Silver will obviously migrate higher as well — it has to.  And investors who have positioned themselves appropriately, as we have, will be rewarded for their patience and their endurance from having dealt with all of the nonsense (manipulation) that we have had to deal with over the last couple of years.

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The Upward Momentum in Gold Prices Looks set to Continue – If one considers all the previous disasters that have followed any US lead military intervention, it is more than likely that such action will have a similar fate and will only escalate tensions in the Middle East. As this will prompt investors to seek safe haven assets such as gold and as we enter the period where prices have tended to increase on a historical basis, I expect to see higher prices in the coming months.

Meanwhile as much of the focus of the global financial markets will be Syria, another unfolding scenario will also continue to have an enormous impact on gold prices. This is the on-going currency war caused in part by the major central banks policy of quantitative easing as well as the expansion of global debt.

The easy money policies of the major central banks in particular the US Federal Reserve, the European Central bank, and the Bank of Japan has caused a devaluation of not only the major global currencies but those of the emerging world including China, India, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, South Africa, Russia and Mexico – just to name a few. During the last few months the Indian Rupee has lost more than 25% of its value versus the US dollar causing demand for gold to soar.

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