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The FED Has Confirmed “Gold Bullish” QE To Infinity

September 19, 2013 8:38 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!



On to the business of protecting your wealth…


SURPRISE!  I Fooled You Again!


The decision from the FED yesterday has everyone stunned!

The street was positive that “taper” was in the cards, but as we all know  No taper! Did Bernanke fool the Street?

The talk and the massive volatility for months leading up to September has been because everyone thought the FED would definitely be moving forward in some fashion with at least taper lite, but even the Fed downgrades its outlook for US economy.

This cannot be good. For the FED not to pull $5 billion or $10 billion per month off the table, they must think the economy has no chance of recovery after pumping trillions into it 5 years after the crash.

All the FED has really done is postponed investors’ day of reckoning.

Again and again, we feel used, lied to and deceived. All the leaks of mis-information had people questioning… Is the gold and silver bull over? The information on the street this morning is about Why Bernanke may have ended gold’s bear market.

After the release of the statement, gold shot up more than $60 and silver jumped more than $1.50 from its low. I mentioned yesterday that I felt that there would be now taper, but I had nobody who was willing to risk buying before the announcement as everyone thought taper would ensue and metals would get smashed. We probably would have if the decision went the other way.

So after the dust settles today… what’s next? What other distractions away from the bigger issues do they have up their sleeves?

How about this...Next up for the market? Government shutdown! and see this short video October 1st is the deadline and Prez O has no intention of moving on his stance.

In fact, the new lie is that Obama: ‘Raising the Debt Ceiling…Does Not Increase Our Debt,’ Though It Has ‘Over 100 Times’

This should get even more interesting.

Yesterday, Jim Sinclair has issued the top 12 reasons to sell your gold – “QE to Infinity.” Infinity defined as the low .7000 on the USDX. Every reason for gold’s decline from $1900 so accepted by the talking heads has gone SPLAT!

1. Sell gold because the dollar is strong. Yeah, on the downside.

2. Sell gold because the Euro is weak. It looks like the euro is going to be wearing its necklace of gold valued in the market in the 1.40s.

3. Sell gold because the US central bank is going to taper, which means tighten. That turned out to be totally foolish.

4. Sell gold because the US economy is going to improve. Yes, it is improving on the downside.

5. Sell gold because the stock market is going to break and take gold with it. Break to the upside is more like it as has all stock markets in similar liquidity situations.

6. Sell gold because the bond market is going to break wide open and take gold with it. Right now 10 year bonds look more like 2% or less than the 4% all the talking heads were predicting.

7. Now gold returns and exceeds it old high.

8. Now good gold shares put on bull markets.

9. Now the shorts in gold who were fat, happy and uncaring will pay the paper for the hubris.

10. Now the gold shorts in good gold company shares that are complacent in their positions will get the spiritual experience they well deserve.

11. Now the bull market in gold is far from over.

12. Now it is clear that those in the community that verbally hammered gold with their sub $1000 predictions in their writings repeatedly tried to help it lower.



In other news and a follow up to Monday’s breaking news about the whistle-blower who accused JPM of manipulating silver and gold  – CFTC Seeks Admission Of Market Manipulation From JPM; Jamie Balks Did they expect him to roll over on his back so they could tickle his tummy?

They might not be able to be charged with manipulating the metal specifically, but they sure can be charged with manipulating the news that gives them the reason to manipulate the metal.

For those of you who really don’t understand what is going on, don’t feel embarrassed and don’t be complacent – That’s the worst thing you can do.

I recommend that you…


Allow me to assist you in understanding these ever changing and challenging financial markets and more importantly, how you can profit on the upside potential and protect yourself from the downside risks….



Now, onto the breaking news that matters…

500 Silver Eagles To Purchase A Home in the Future – In a new video, Mike Maloney explains how a person will be able to purchase a home for 500 ounces of silver or less in the future.  I actually think silver will buy even more.  Mike believes this will occur due to home valuations falling considerably as they re-balance from the huge bubble during the past decade.

In the video, Mike shows that even though the price of silver has fallen considerably from its high in May 2011 of nearly $50, it was only a correction building a base for a much higher move in the future.

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There Is Now A Danger That “All Hell Is Going To Break Loose” A lot of those people want to believe that everything is going to be OK because they want to believe in the silly concept of ‘Goldilocks.’  So all of these people were rooting for the Fed to tighten today because they believed it would have meant that they were right, when it doesn’t.  So, now there are a lot of people that were wrong.

Today is truly shocking to the people who have had it dead wrong.  This is shocking because the Fed had been laying the groundwork for tapering for so long.

This should be a major turning point for gold because so many people have hated it for the wrong reasons.  Since gold peaked in the fall of 2011, the Fed has printed another $1 trillion.  So gold has a lot of catching up to do.  This ought to be gold’s moment, right here, right now.  Gold should start a huge leg higher.

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Marc Faber – We Are In `QE Unlimited’ – “I always buy gold & I own gold. I don’t even value it. I regard it as an insurance policy. I think responsible citizens should own gold, period.” Well, the endgame is a total collapse, but from a higher diving board. The Fed will continue to print and if the stock market goes down 10%, they will print even more. And they don’t know anything else to do. And quite frankly, they have boxed themselves into a corner where they are now kind of desperate.

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Fed Disaster To Destabilize Markets & Send Gold Soaring – It shows you that they (the Fed) don’t know what they are doing.  This also shows how off-base mainstream media is on their commentary.  I was watching financial television today and they gave this virtually no chance of taking place.

In this chaotic environment, any thinking person needs exposure to gold as a way to protect against monetary debasement.  If anyone thinks the Fed and other policy makers have the recipe to getting this economy back on track so that we can get interest levels to a point where people don’t need to own gold, they are smoking something funny.

It seems to me that the position we are in today is the same trap we are going to be in 2 or 3 years from now, and maybe even worse.  Again, I know it was hard for investors to take this stance against the prevailing mainstream media, as well as all of the brokerage-side commentary, but here we are — the Fed has chickened out.  But I do think what it means is that gold has been put to the test, it has stood the test, and we are now well positioned for a major move higher.

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Sovereign Society analysts confirm:


“By 2014, Silver Could Reach $333 An Ounce!”


There’s never been a better time to buy silver than right now!

Yes, silver is currently down from its record high of $50 in 2011.

But this presents a HUGE buying opportunity for those who are prepared to take action now.

One that could return early investors once-in-a-lifetime profits.

As John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist of Sprott Asset Management, says: “When silver breaks free, I think many people are going to be shocked by how fast and far it goes.”

And now that the white metal is back above $20, say goodbye…

Because our research shows that silver could soon climb to $30, $40 and $60…before it shoots well past $80 and then up to $200, $300…until it reaches $333.

In short, the coming silver boom will be one for the record books.

We’re talking 1340% gains – or turning every $5,000 you invested into $72,000.

And over the course of the next several months you could start using a few ounces of silver to make a house payment…or use a collection of silver coins to buy a new house.

Silver miners will work overtime to meet the soaring demand.

Mints will push out tons of new coins.

A “silver frenzy” comparable to the Spanish conquistador looting of the Americas will sweep the globe.

The silver in your attic will become a treasure chest capable of funding your whole retirement…with enough left over for a world vacation.

And this wouldn’t even be the first time silver took off like this…

The last time this happened the white metal soared from $6 to $50 over the course of several months. At the same time gold rose nearly 4-fold from just under $240 to a high of $850. The two metals reached their natural ratio of measurement of 15 to 1.

And history is about to repeat itself.

Only this time the potential upside is even greater…

The #1 Reason Why Silver Will Boom

The same force that once drove silver up 733%…and gold up 4-fold…is now in play again.

It’s the most powerful driving force for gold and silver.

Of course, I’m talking about runaway inflation.

The Fed’s trillion-dollar money printing – plus Washington’s misguided policies – is destroying the dollar and pushing up the price of everything from gas to groceries.

Any day now, hyperinflation could spiral out of control and take everything up in smoke.

But that’s not the only reason why silver will take off…

Silver may be the most undervalued asset in the world.

Incredibly, the ratio of gold to silver is 60 to 1 right now. Compare that to their historical ratio of 15 to 1.

When the gold-silver ratio corrects in the next six months, this alone will drive silver up 300%.

Once it’s all said and done, silver could rise 14-times greater than its current price.

And buyers who take advantage of the historic discount opportunity right now stand to build an entire family fortune on silver…

Erika Nolan

Executive Publisher, The Sovereign Society