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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

Is Your IRA The Shelter It Should Be? Here’s Some Answers…

October 4, 2013 9:36 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

On to the business of protecting your wealth…

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It’s that important!

When it comes to long term “retirement” investment strategy, most people don’t want to even think about it, let alone talk about it today, but the fact of the matter is that it needs to be addressed right now more than ever before.

People are so confused about what to do that they have analysis paralysis or even complacency bias. When you don’t know what to do, many times you don’t do anything at all and this is the worst mistake you can make, especially now.

Back in 2008 when as the equities started to crash and the economy spiraled out of any ones control and imagination, most people did not know what to do so they did nothing and watched their portfolio melt away. They were in disbelief.

Nobody thought something of that magnitude could happen here in the United States… As we know, it did happen and it destroyed about 3/4 of the American population as they lost about 40% of their wealth.

Now that we know that this type of event can happen (by experience) we must adjust our thinking and re-evaluate our investment strategy going forward… it’s called “changing with the times” and if you have only one eye to see and only one ear to hear, you would agree that times are a changin!

Some may think this guy is a nut job, but you don’t get a TV show on an investment network and celebrate you’re 2,000th episode and not know what the heck you’re talking about…

Cramer: Is stock market about to get ugly?

Now I’m not sure what your personal view on Cramer is – But I can virtually guarantee this next gentleman has a place in the heart of every investor across the globe, and this is what he has to say – Jim Rogers: An ‘even worse catastrophe’ is coming

With all the talk from these well known and influential people about a collapse that will be even bigger than 2008, most people are ignoring the warnings from even the most respected economists out there – It’s like they are challenging these guys and saying… I will wait to see what happens. The biggest issue I hear is that “the don’t see any signs of that happening – but yet their question on their mind is…

When Will The Economy Collapse?

To be proactive and adjust is easier than most people think and I wanted to share some findings with you in my pursuit of helping as many people I can to protect themselves with different strategies that you can use right now today to make a difference in your life and the life of you’re family.

This is a great info-graphic everyone should see, if you only look at one thing today, let it be this…

How a Physical Gold IRA Can Protect Your Wealth

I think that we are so focused on “making it through the today” that we sometimes forget that we should be more focused on “making it through our future retirement”. No doubt that with medical science being what it is today, people are living longer, thus the need to be sure we are financially prepared for it is crucial.

The reason I say that is because today we can work and make money, but how do we preserve it and put it away safely so it can make more babies?

When we retire, we can’t – or shouldn’t work and if we do, its working as a grocery bagger at our local food store – that is not how we imagined our retirement years to be. The other unfortunate fact is that the income from social security and that pension that was promised to be there for you when you retire… may not be there at all.

With all that said, I’d like to present to you the bigger problems we are facing and how I thing we can navigate through them using physical assets instead of paper liabilities.

If you look at this info-graphic The Dangers of an All-powerful Federal Reserve you will understand why we are in this mess. Do you remember the answer Ben Bernanke gave when he was asked Do you think gold is money?” 

If you saw the 2 video’s I posted yesterday, you have a more clear understanding of what mess I am referring to and why we are so helpless against it. We are being lied to and strong-armed by the very people who were supposed to watch our back.

On another note, the biggest holders and custodians of your IRA’s are the big banks right? Yeah… They’re safe… Not! Remember, it was these same banks that caused the economy to collapse in ’08

With $$Trillions$$ of dollars in derivatives (another word for funny money) they float around the risks of an explosion in the depravities market is enormous today – and this is YOUR retirement money they are playing with.

Watch “Your Money Is Not Safe In The Big Banks”

This is why we need to have a portion of our assets held away from Wall Street and that is what physical gold and silver represent – A portion of your wealth held outside the banking system and YOU standing up and saying.. No Thank You! I will do some of this on my own!

Nowadays, many investors are taking interest in gold and silver. Why has gold and silver investment become so popular? Is investing in gold and silver profitable? There are many questions that people may have before investing in precious metals. All your questions and doubts will be put to rest if you seek the advice of an expert. If one would like to know more about the gold and silver IRA rollover, one would be advised to read this report at it’s entirety.

There are many important things that one has to take into consideration before investing in gold and silver. First of all one should know the benefits of the investing in the metal. One should also know the various facts about a gold and silver IRA rollover. One of the benefits of investing in physical metal is that it does not involve any significant risks, either systemic or counter-party. Whether there is inflation or deflation in the economy, it will still prove to be very beneficial for you investing in gold.

These days a large number of people are investing in gold and silver because of the high returns that it gives to people over time. I’ve previously posted SILVER: The Best Performing Asset Since Lehman and oh by the way… coming in at number 2 was gold!

Even with that compelling evidence, some people still say Buying Silver Was The Stupidest Move I Ever Made!

You will never regret your decision of investing in gold and silver. In fact it is one of the only assets on the planet that preserve your wealth and has a 5,000 year track record of doing so. Silver and gold will preserve your wealth, protect your purchasing power and is a great source of generational wealth when held outside the fragile financial system.

It’s no secret that putting all your assets in one basket, whether it be stocks, cash, bonds, real estate, or something else, is a risky way to invest. This is even truer when all those assets are closely tied to the value of the US Dollar, that’s why we recommend diversity, only a portion of your wealth should be allocated to physical precious metals.

Adding precious metals to your retirement portfolio is an excellent way to protect yourself and your family from risks like price inflation, currency decline, or even collapse. While it may be a little far-fetched that the US Dollar will collapse in the near future, it is quite clear that inflation is definitely a risk we all face as investors.

Adding physical gold and silver in a self-directed IRA is a pretty simple process and very passive on your part. Just a couple quick forms to fill out and whala! Your done and the process is underway.

If you decide to take part in the greatest wealth transfer the world has ever seen or not, you will also want to understand that there is a secret world of gold that the elite powers to be don’t want you to know about, and today, you have been made fully aware of it.

I hope you have enjoyed this segment and the massive amounts of research and work that went into presenting it… Now the next step is yours, and it’s much easier than you think.

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