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The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be - To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!

23 Countries Begin Setting Up Swap Lines To Bypass The US Dollar…

November 25, 2013 9:00 am est

The Mission Of The Silver News Surfer Has Always Been & Will Always Be – To Preserve Your Wealth, Protect Your Purchasing Power and Create Generational Wealth!

May Health Wealth And Success Be Yours!


Now, onto protecting your wealth…

It seems clear that we are going to retest the June lows in silver to $18.00 – $18.50, so be prepared. Prepared for what? To back up the truck and load up starting now… at this level.

The reason I remain optimistic is because everyday I pay close attention to the bigger picture –

I see The Market Signals: Stocks Topping, Precious Metals Bottoming –

So if we are about $1.50 away from the bottom of silver and about $29 away from the top, I’m in… These are numbers I know I can make money with, how about you?

Taking a look at the DOW. We are at all time highs today and with the artificial stimulation being fed by the FED, the DOW has ignored all fundamentals of when it should have a healthy pull back this year, so in essence, we have not had any “healthy correction” in the DOW and that should be a red flag right there. We are topping on the DOW at 16,000 and the bottom in 2008 was 6,500 these numbers make me extremely nervous. Besides… you also have to realize How Big Banks Make Millions By Lying to their Customers – 

Again, how can I be so optimistic on the metals as they continue to get violated week to week?

It’s easy… Just take a look around some of the headline stories (That are not reported in the Mainstream Media) every-time you get these pushes lower,(especially as of late) it sets the Physical Markets For Gold & Silver On Fire 

It seems clear to me that the metals market is so primed to launch north, that the cartel needs to push it as low as possible so as to (again) cover up the bigger problem and that my friends is the The Dying US Dollar 

I believe it is happening a lot sooner than you may think and we should have the insurance, hedge, and a backup savings  account plan just in case it does happen.

Also, we can see the Money Supply Skyrocketing As China Abandons US Dollar and the road-map for China’s Frightening Plan To Dominate The World is as clear as a sunny day.

Now, as king dollar gets dethroned China Starts Gold Swaps Trading today, November 25th to Further Liberalize Market

There is something to be said about the old expression… the man with the most gold wins!

But wait. It’s not only China snubbing the dollar…

23 countries begin setting up swap lines to bypass dollar – For several years, financial analysts, primarily those outside the mainstream of academia, have been warning that any day could be the black swan event that collapses the dollar, and ends U.S. hegemony as caretaker of the world’s reserve currency. That day has finally arrived as on Nov. 18, a former head trader for a major financial institution issued a harbinger and stated that 23 countries, and 60% of the world’s GDP, are right now setting up new swap lines which bypass the dollar, SWIFT, and the BIS, and will usher in a new global currency system which will kill the dollar.

The thoughts that are put into the minds of men that are aware of what is occurring on trading floors all over the world is when? When is also the question that I get asked about quite often by thousands of people. So what is the “when”? The “when” is what is the sure sign that this fraudulent sham that we call an economy is over? Folks the biggest sign is when those that trade in the dollar to acquire goods, no longer want the worthless paper because of US “bully” policies or they have totally lost faith in the US as a responsible steward of it’s currency and economy. That day has arrived.

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So it is with this and other CRITICAL FACTORS: The Real Reasons To Own Gold that gives me so many reasons to remain bullish on silver and gold as protection, safety and security for all of the serious financial risks we face today and I hope you do too.

Allow me to assist you in understanding these ever changing and challenging financial markets and more importantly, how you can profit on the upside potential and protect yourself from the downside risks….

Now, onto the breaking news that matters…

Man Who Predicted No Tapering Now Says 50% Increase In QE – The Fed knows, and Yellen knows, that there is no chance of stopping QE.  Stock markets would collapse.  Bond markets would collapse, and so would the whole economy.  The Chicago Fed President Evans just confirmed that QE could be $1.5 trillion next year.  In my view QE will be a lot higher thereafter.  I believe that in January and February there will be no real solution to the US debt limit, and this will trigger dollar selling and bond markets falling.

In the meantime, the West is offering the East the most priceless gift that anyone can receive by manipulating the paper price of gold lower.  This is allowing the East to acquire real physical gold at prices that will never be seen again.  And the East is gratefully taking all that is being handed to them.

I agree with your excellent interview with William Kaye.  The world is too short-term oriented.  Real wealth is created and preserved by waiting patiently for assets to reach their intrinsic value.  So the dollar will soon reach its intrinsic value of zero, and gold will reach stratospheric levels that are difficult to imagine today.

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Gold War Heats Up As Shocking Events Taking Place – As a trader, and even as an investor, technicals have to be respected.  And up to now, that’s why my clients and myself have been hedged.  Now, essentially what we’ve been doing is just averaging our prices down (through our hedge exposure).  But at the same time, we absolutely want to be fully exposed for an imminent upside surprise.

We are so deep inside of this downtrend, and we are very close to removing all of our hedge exposure.  We want to maximize ourselves to what we see as a substantial move higher, and quite imminently.  In short, the divergences between two completely separate markets have again reached extremes, and we are almost exactly back to the levels of bearishness that we saw out of the $1,180 June 28th low.

And I recall being on the phone with you at the time (June 28th low), Eric, saying almost the same thing as we’re saying now (before gold rallied $240).  The similarities are almost identical.  A very similar poll of analysts today showed we are back to a 2 to 1 bearish view on both gold and silver.  And as far as the ‘hot money’ is concerned, everybody, except the bullion banks, are again back on the same side of the short trade.

Don’t forget, back then the bullion banks and the mainstream media were giving targets as low as $800.  But those chasing price lower are naked short.  I mean, (these short positions are) completely undeliverable.  And the bullion banks are about ready to ring the register on the weak hands (shorts), just like they did in July (during that massive rally in gold).  There are some big gaps to fill on the upside, Eric, and plenty of short fuel to propel it.

Outside of this virtual casino game there is a real world, and naked shorts are blind to the fact that there is a physical demand tsunami coming.  And we are very close to the point.

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